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  1. Costa and MSC, totally agree. Royal, I think maybe more a good number US. I assume you’re an American by your screen name so you will know how much our US friends love the history and wonderful sightseeing in Europe. All our American cruising friends love Med cruises.
  2. First of all you have to get to Greece and that means a flight. No desire to fly personally but I’m very happy that the opportunity is there for anyone for who wants to. Can’t wait for the same thing from a UK port
  3. In the UK you make payment to the TA, usually 3 weeks before the cruise line final payment date. Our TA in the US does not hold on to the money, our credit card is charged by the cruise line. After the Thomas Cook situation we are very happy to work this way. I’m sure all the TC clients got a refund eventually but who wants the hassle.
  4. I can’t answer the question but this post really made me smile. Among all the angst about face masks on ships, temps being taken at the dock etc. here is a post sounding totally normal, wanting info on a cruise they are obviously planning to take. What a nice change. Thank you.
  5. I think maybe Jimbo meant that as Americans are by far the majority of cruisers the cruise lines may not restart European cruises until the travel ban for Europe is lifted. Agree with him, no mainstream cruising in 2020.
  6. Given that the air bridge between UK and Spain has collapsed and the Government are saying this could apply to any country on the list I would be reluctant to book anything for October.
  7. I was also surprised to hear about the dangerous situation on Reflection as we were on the previous cruise and heard of no Illness or infection. We were encouraged to wash hands and use sanitizer and I would say there was a heightened level of cleaning. We were not turned away from any port and had a great cruise. We would have happily stayed on if we had booked b2b.
  8. I have to wear a mask at work (hospital) for 8 hours a day, with one short break. I have yet to pass out or even feel faint.
  9. “Guests in the same staterooms must select the same option(s).” This is a change. Normally I stick with the Classic and my DH upgrades to the Premium in order to have the malt whisky he enjoys. It has never been a problem.
  10. We have 4 cruises booked for 2021, all with classic beverage packages included. No gratuities charged on any of them. If you choose to upgrade to the Premium package you will be charged a gratuity on the cost of the upgrade. If you stick with the Classic and order any drink with a higher value then you pay a gratuity on the extra cost.
  11. So today the Foreign and Commonwealth announced that British Citizens should not travel by cruise ship. This applies to both Ocean and River Cruises. We also have a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale in April so fingers crossed this restriction is lifted by then as travel insurance is invalidated for travel against FCO advice. Then of course we have to hope that the US will lift the ban on Brits entering the country by then. I’m glad we have no earlier plans. April is a long way off.
  12. Today the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against cruise ship travel for all British citizens at the present time. I wouldn’t want to try to make any insurance claim for travel after this announcement.
  13. I don’t think it’s relevant now. We use both a UK and US travel agent to book our cruises. We research every cruise and compare price, perks, refundable or non refundable deposits. Like that the deposit goes directly to the cruise line in the US and is not held by the travel agent who could go out of business. We sometimes book with future cruise desks to get the extra OBC or whatever they are offering. They usually ask which travel agent we want the booking to go to. If you don’t specify, they automatically send it to the agent you have used for the current cruise. We have never used any other address than our own home UK address. Some years ago we were refused by 2 different large US cruise agencies but I think that has changed now. The currency exchange rate is a big consideration but if the cost becomes out of the budget we are willing to pay, then cancel and get the deposit back if booked in the US. I must stress that this is for Royal and Celebrity. Other cruise lines, don’t know their policy.
  14. Well I watched and certainly felt like a cruise bashing programme. Princess mainly.
  15. Thanks everyone for your input. I have learned something new. I did not know 100.5 was the upper temp limit. I was interested to hear if the cruise lines would assist financially and again, I now know that some, if not all will. I agree totally about the arrival the day before the cruise. At least one day. I am hoping that the travel insurance business will be willing to underwrite Covid Cover if an additional supplement is paid. Much as the supplement for over 75 yr old cover or extended trips. I believe this is available now in the US.
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