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  1. sandancer

    Christmas eve/day on board.

    We are on the same cruise this year. I'll post when we get back, hopefully with the info you are looking for.
  2. sandancer

    Last Minute Booking - Embarkation Time?

    Fancy dress is not the very lovely outfit you describe but the sort you rent from a fancy dress shop. We are also about to embark on our first P&O cruise and lots of people are warning us that it will be very different from our usual US cruise line. However, it’s a ship, in the Caribbean, in December. It would have to be really bad for us to not enjoy it.
  3. sandancer

    P & O Revised Dress/Alcohol Code

    First cruise on P&O coming up and we are very happy with the alcohol policy of one bottle of spirits each. That’s very generous compared to the US cruise lines who allow one bottle of wine each and nothing at all at ports of call. Anything you take on board is confiscated and returned on the last night. However, I can understand why long time P&O cruisers would be unhappy about the change. As for the fancy dress and offensive t -shirts, couldn’t be happier to see them banned.
  4. sandancer

    Caribbean Sailaway?

    We are doing this tour on Christmas Eve. Very pleased to hear the positive comments above.
  5. sandancer

    Sea Screen on Azura

    Unfortunately the email gave no idea about when it will be fixed. Hopefully you won’t get the same message and it will be up and running when you go.
  6. sandancer

    Sea Screen on Azura

    I actually never even thought about noise. The only other ship we have been on with an outdoor screen is NCL Epic and we didn’t see any films.
  7. sandancer

    Sea Screen on Azura

    Having read some posts here about the poor display on the sea screen on Azura it came as no surprise to be sent an email via our travel agent that the screen will not be working at all on our Christmas Azura cruise. To be fair it’s not a big deal for us but I know that some people do enjoy it. However, at least they have given some notice. So if you are cruising on Azura in the near future you won’t be watching movies on deck.
  8. sandancer


    So in other words if you book in the US you can book tomorrow but if you book in the UK you have to wait until 6th December.
  9. sandancer


    Yes that’s true but NOT Transatlantics only European Itineraries. The TA’s go on sale on 6th Dec.
  10. sandancer


    Dec 6th according to Celebrity UK
  11. sandancer


    Just spoke to Celebrity UK and the Transatlantic cruises will not go on sale here until 6th Dec for Captains Club. The rep was so dismissive. It really is a nuisance for them if people actually want information.
  12. sandancer


    That’s great. Can I ask where you got that information. Celebrity in the UK are rubbish at sending email notifications despite us being Elite plus. I called our TA today and was told there is nothing yet for these sailings.
  13. sandancer


    Can anyone say when the Transatlantic cruises for Spring 2020 will be on sale.
  14. sandancer

    Cruise Personaliser down?

    It’s working this morning.
  15. sandancer

    Cruise Personaliser down?

    Was that tonight Jean?