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  1. I would love to claim superior knowledge but actually it was Martin Lewis on one of his Money shows. He seems to know everything and more about credit cards,!
  2. As long as you have made part payment i.e. the deposit you still get the credit card protection.
  3. It’s so much better than the way it’s done here in the UK where you pay the travel agent and they pass on the payment to the cruise line.
  4. Same here. Recommended by fellow cruisers. I particularly like that the payment is made to the cruise line and appears on your credit card as that. On the rare occasions that we have cancelled the refund has made directly back to the credit card. Only word of caution is the gamble you take with the currency exchange rates but even when they are not great the other advantages outweigh that. I would love to share but unfortunately this is against the rules of the board so can’t do that.
  5. Agreed. They are willing to move the booking but we lose the perks we got for booking onboard. We have another reservation also booked onboard but passed to our US TA which we have transferred to another cruise and kept the perks plus the $300 OBC given to us by our TA.
  6. Have to agree with Frajilek. We also now book only with a US TA. We have one reservation ongoing with a large UK High St TA. We booked with future cruise desk onboard. We now want to change the booking to a differerent cruise and Celebrity are adamant that if we do that we will forfeit the perks we got for booking onboard. I am not sure that would be the case if we had booked in the US. My advice to the OP is call Celebrity several times and hope you might get lucky and in future us a US TA.
  7. Not if the OP booked in the UK. No upgrades, no OBC.
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  9. Yes it is the scenario. I was thinking along the lines of booking onboard to get the perks and cancelling the original reservation. We definitely can’t do that with UK bookings without losing the deposit. But in the US?
  10. Although we are from the UK we sometimes book with a US based agency. So my question will apply to a booking made in the US so with US T&Cs. I would like to know if anyone has ever booked a cruise for a future date and then when onboard a current cruise, rebooked with Future Cruises to get a better deal. (Hope that makes sense). The booking would then be passed over to the TA we used for the original cruise.
  11. If you booked with a UK TA you need to get them to see what can be done. If it is just a case of changing cabin, especially if you are willing to upgrade it should be ok. I can tell you that we have a booking for later this year that we want to change to another cruise and Celebrity UK won’t allow us to keep the perks even though it was booked with the future cruise desk on our last cruise. They told us onboard that we could change and take the perks with us. Celebrity won’t budge on this. In future all our cruises will be booked with a US TA. Much more flexibility. Hopefully you might have more success.
  12. On our Christmas cruise (so maybe more dressy) I would say more guests dressed up almost every night than did the smart casual thing. I loved that and never felt overdressed even though I dressed up much more than on our usual cruise line.
  13. Just off Azura and the cabin was serviced twice a day.
  14. As promised, update on the Azura Christmas cruise. Christmas Day was a sea day and it felt very Christmassy to us. Christmas dinner was a little chaotic but not earthshattering. Overall we thought there was a nice Christmas vibe but were told several times by others that they had been doing this same cruise for several years and it had all gone downhill. Nothing was as good as it has been in the past. As it was our first P&O cruise we had nothing to measure it by. We enjoyed it anyway.
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