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  1. I’ve tried asking my question on the restaurant sticky but with no response so trying again. My question is for anyone who has dined recently at the Bimini Boatyard. It’s several years since we were there and I’d like the know how it is now. Anyone got any recent experience?
  2. Anyone had recent experience of the Bimini Boatyard?
  3. Does anyone have an email address for the Embassy Suites?
  4. Thanks John. Hotel cancelled and Homewood Suites booked.
  5. We are cruising next day from Port Everglades so don’t to go downtown. I’ll check out the Homewood Suites. If we buy you a pint it’ll have to be Newcastle Brown Ale.
  6. Thanks. I think maybe I’ll put up with the taxi/transfer and stay somewhere else. Been looking at Hilton Blue Lagoon as an alternative.
  7. Could anyone advise if they have stayed at this hotel which is actually part of the MIA terminal. It appeared to be an ideal place to stay after a long flight with no taxi or airport shuttle involved, or so I thought. After booking I foolishly checked TripAdvisor and some of the reviews make nasty reading. So, anyone out there got any experience or comments, I’d love to hear them. I don’t need anyone to tell me how daft I am for not checking first, I know that, just some “tell it as it is” from fellow cruisers.
  8. Have you cruised with P&O by any chance. They actually have a ban on fancy dress and rude t shirts. I’ve never seen an offensive t shirt on Celebrity in the many years we’ve been cruising with them.
  9. When were on the Millie and docked in Phu My we booked a 2 day private tour which I organised for our roll call with an overnight at the Rex Hotel which has a great roof terrace. It was “Tet” - New Year, the city was decorated with flowers everywhere. We booked the New Year Gala at the hotel. This tour was unforgettable and we were so glad we did it. The tour operator took care of everything, transport, hotel, restaurants, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Once in a lifetime event.
  10. That’s on our bucket list. Watched a tv show last week about Star Clippers and got straight on the internet to check out costs. Pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to be way more than our usual Celebrity/Royal/NCL cruise and found the fares very comparable. Def giving them a try.
  11. I would love to know what these special protections are. I’ve never heard of anyone benefiting from them. Only protection we’ve ever had was to purchase travel insurance and pay by credit card.
  12. You’re right about the currency gamble. Fortunately we booked our Cruises more or less as soon as they were available and even with the rubbish currency rates we are still paying less than our UK TA could get for us. Of course US TA’s offer OBC so that is also worth having.
  13. Yes. This is a UK thing. I’m amazed they gave you the OBC. Booking in the UK means accepting the terms and conditions that apply here. Very restrictive. That’s why we use a US based TA these days.
  14. Problem resolved. I realised that even if I left a small amount to be paid by final payment date then we are still eligible for price drops before that date. Thanks to everyone for the advice.
  15. It occurs to me that rather than pay it in full I could make a large payment off the balance and leave a small amount owing. That would mean it would not be paid in full until the due date. Is that feasible or is it at the TAs discretion?
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