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  1. We have gone on over 25 Carnival cruises and love them! We are in our 60's now and definitely not partiers but IMO you can always find quieter places on the ship (especially Serenity deck). We usually go with 3 or 4 other couples and have an awesome time! That said we don't cruise in the summer generally. We did go on one Holland America cruise and that was too quiet for me.
  2. Has anyone stayed there? Looking for a hotel in New York prior to a cruise. Thanks!
  3. Thanks all! We will be there early June 2020. I'll look further away then. We have never visited NY.
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations of hotels around the Cruise Terminal? And near public transportation? Are there any hotels with 2 bedroom suites? Thanks!
  5. We just were on a B2B on the Conquest and went to Grand Turk both cruises. We had no problem using the green umbrellas and relaxing. I didn't find that there were a lot of people asking us to buy things at all. I love Grand Turk! I also don't believe it's dangerous. Just be aware!
  6. So what about gel? I would like my nails to look better for the trip.
  7. I used to get acrylics and it was awful for my nails. I have broken and awful nails. Is powder dip as hard on them? I would just like to get for my upcoming cruise. How hard are they to remove?
  8. We are booked on the cruise from NY TO Dover in June. Love these cruises. Have done 28 cruises with Carnival and never seen a party cruise. People who have never done Carnival stereotype them. Love Carnival!
  9. I've been offered two upgrades recently from interior to balcony but it was over $600! Not a good deal to me.
  10. It's been worth it for me definitely! But I bought almost 9 years ago.
  11. I have no problem with this at all! They all work so hard!
  12. We are in a BF balcony on Coral Princess
  13. Sorry! It will be on the Coral Princess.
  14. We have always cruised Carnival but booked a Princess South American cruise on Aloha deck. How does Princess cabins compare to Carnival? I've always heard Carnival cabins more square footage? Does anyone have photos? Thanks all!
  15. I have one of these and it's gone on a lot of trips with us. https://www.walmart.com/ip/O2-Cool-8-Battery-or-Electric-Portable-Fan/15992438
  16. Thanks all! I'm excited! That said I'll continue to book Carnival because of the price - I could go on 5 Carnival cruises for the price of this one cruise on Princess :). It will be nice to try something different. I will miss my free laundry though :).
  17. Does Princess ever sell discounted gift cards?
  18. We have done several 2 week cruises on Carnival and definitely an older crowd. Another question......Does Princess ever sell discounted gift cards?
  19. Another question......Carnival has Early Saver where if there are any price drops you will get either money taken off balance or OBC if paid in full. Does Princess do that?
  20. Thanks for all the responses - please keep them coming! I'm excited to try Princess and I too have heard Carnival has the bigger cabins. What about the Sanctuary? I guess that is like the Serenity deck on Carnival but more upscale and you have to reserve and pay? Is that correct? Thanks for your help! Again any tips would be appreciated!
  21. We have mainly cruised Carnival and just booked a South American cruise on Princess in 2020. We love Carnival but they don't go to SA. For those who have cruised both, what is different? Any tips ? Thanks !
  22. I have a question - we have never cruised Princess before but have cruised other Carnival Cruise line ships. Will they count us as a past guest?
  23. Has anyone stayed there before cruise? Comments
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