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  1. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney. The hotel was just OK, but the location was great. I was able to easily walk with my bags to the cruise terminal.
  2. I have not been in B733 on the Majestic, but I have stayed in cabin R730 on this ship. Cabin R730 is also an aft cabin. There was soot daily on the balcony. The room steward was very good about mopping the balcony deck and cleaning the balcony furniture.
  3. My husband I were in Riviera 730 on the Majestic. We loved the size of the balcony and the proximity to the Concierge Lounge. I would recommend this location to anyone who is not concerned about possible soot on the balcony. Also, you will be visible to the decks above you while out on the balcony.
  4. I liked the food on my Carnival cruises. I thought on average the food was better than Princess. I would still choose Carnival if sailing with my adult children or grandchildren. I think Princess offers more amenities/benefits to suite passengers than Carnival.
  5. There was at least one pub lunch on my Majestic cruise. It was very popular. There was a line to get in. The wait staff were very rushed trying to serve everyone.
  6. It is interesting that you mentioned NCL Haven. I have not yet sailed on NCL, but if cutbacks continue, I would definitely be interested in the Haven.
  7. Suites also work for me. I appreciate the extra space...the larger shower & balcony.
  8. This is one of the irritating things about cruising, along with chair hogs and saving a row of seats in the theater. I tend to go to the IC during less busy times so that I can find a seat.
  9. Although this may be true for some, many people view cruising in a suite as a one time event. People discuss suites because they are curious about this type of cabin category and want to know about the available suite amenities
  10. LSGDRG


    We stayed at the Salisbury YMCA in Hong Kong for 3 nights post cruise. We made our reservation for their harbor view suite a year in advance. It was worth it. We had a lovely view of the Hong Kong skyline and the nightly light show. The hotel was close to the ferry, hoho bus, and MTR station.
  11. Thanks for providing this information. I will be on the Grand in October so this is really timely and helpful.
  12. On our last cruise, the only available time interfered with sail away. We were allowed to switch our reservation to another night.
  13. I am sorry to see your photo & hope that the problem is being fixed. May I ask on what deck/section of the ship is this leak occurring? I will be on the Grand in October, also in a suite.
  14. I thought that there was also a book club? I am hoping that it will be available on my upcoming cruise in October. I know that I am in the minority but I get tired of trivia.
  15. LSGDRG

    Let Mer

    I ate once at Le Mer on the Majestic. It was Ok. Service was good but the food was not something I would choose again. I am hoping that the location on the Sky will offer a little more privacy. I chose an early reservation time and still heard quite a bit of noise from the Piazza.
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