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  1. While we too prefer to cruise to interesting locals that are difficult to do by land, we have taken a couple Caribbean cruises on Oceania. Many, many people on those trips said they don't get off the ship or if they do it is only on one particular island fo the bunch. Oceania has more than one ship doing these itineraries, so there are obviously a lot of people who probably want to get out of the winter cold and will be happy to do it on a ship.
  2. I have no desire to cruise during this transition time. (In fairness, cruising is not my main way to vacation so easy for me to not do it.) However, many are biting at the bit. There is no need for them to lower prices with all this pent up demand. Starting with only one ship at 50% capacity, they will find enough people who will take the product that is offered. Especially since that is the only product on the table. It is not like you can go to Azamara and they will let you do anything different. Fair? Nothing about this whole situation is fair.
  3. There is mixing with locals and mixing with locals. With an organized tour the ship has control of just how much mixing you are doing. Organized ships tours are one of the 72(?) conditions that are required in order for the CDC to lift the no sail order. The ships know it is not ideal, but the ships want to sail even if the conditions are less than ideal.
  4. Double check with your TA, but I believe it does. This is the one case where booking the Oceania hotel *might* be worth it. You pay for an overpriced hotel, but get the deviation fee thrown in. This only works if you only stay one night. Also, ask about transfers. Not sure if you get those as well.
  5. I do believe PAULMCO was being sarcastic.
  6. I'm going to believe Jan's post. However, for those still debating this, there is this comment on the Azamara boards about this topic to add to the mix.
  7. KS&JW

    For sale?

    It say Glasgow here.
  8. At this point I will just have to wait and see. Antartica was not the only reason I booked this cruise, but a major factor.
  9. This thread makes me sad. I have a deposit on the January 2022 cruise. I knew the 'drive by' is not the same as an expedition cruise, but I don't have the $25k/pp for a 'true' experience. No way to move up the cruise as nothing on Oceania comes close to this in 2021. Plus, I don't really see how any of the January 2021 cruises on any lines will happen, as least for this part of the world. Now it seems I have missed my chance and this part of the world will be effectively out of reach forever.
  10. So the currently itinerary on the Marina for the January 2022 polar cruise will not come anywhere near the islands they are scheduled to 'drive by'?
  11. I was following the thread just fine. Thanks. I was commenting on your post " What surprises me is they allowed Americans at this time" I was pointing out that there were no Americans on the Covid filled Norwegian cruise, so it is not just an American problem.
  12. The original post was a Norwegian cruise filled with Norwegians. So it is not just a problem with Americans.
  13. This is really bad news. I assumed if you could just get tested prior things would work out.
  14. https://thepointsguy.com/news/covid-outbreak-hurtigruten-norway/?fbclid=IwAR3vtCpcrG1hxNU0WxilPAOVgjepvEoPX8BLhXcXNGsUMv6xPAlGy3JFQx4 If they can't pull it off, nobody can.
  15. I have been on a deck three cabin on the R ships. It is VERY quiet down there. Nobody is ever walking past the rooms so no noise. Our cruise hit a patch of rough seas and many people were sea sick. We had no issues in our cabin due to its location. The biggest downside in my opinion is the small porthole makes for a dark cabin.
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