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  1. In Miami, you must get off the ship. US rules.
  2. Not only has your cruise final payment been pushed back to 60 days, Oceania has not been giving 125% FCC for several months now. If they cancel you get your money back or you get the same FCC than you had used to pay for the cruise.
  3. Looks link Canada has suspended flight from India https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/04/22/coronavirus-covid-live-updates-us/#link-KQ5MQINKCFCPZHHGUULL2QZGPU
  4. Yes, it does look similar. The lack of lifeboats does prove the ship is a CGI/photoshop created ship though.
  5. Non- video explanation https://www.travelweek.ca/news/norway-building-worlds-first-ship-tunnel/
  6. For some non-covid cruise ship news. The Stad ship tunnel. Plan for your 2024 Norway cruise now. https://laughingsquid.com/norway-cruise-ship-tunnel/
  7. I canceled a cruise a month ago. Was told it could take 90 days. It took less than a week.
  8. I cruised in January 2020 and I would hold my card, barcode up, close to them and the handheld scanner and 90% of the time they would take it from my hand. I supposed it depends on who is doing the scanning. Glad to hear that going forward it will likely be touchless.
  9. I hope that Oceania does the touchless checkin that was shown as well. Even before all of this I never liked Oceania's way of scanning your card while getting on and off the ship. The Security person would always take it from you then hand it back. I just sanitized my hands before getting on board and now I have to touch this card that was handled by someone who has handled hundreds of other cards. It never seemed very sanitary before and now I really don't like that.
  10. I agree September cruises are iffy at this point. However, I am on a two cruises scheduled for 2022 and they are also both waitlisted. They are not waiting to be canceled, but are just full. So don't lose hope.
  11. Does anyone know what is happening to Marina during April 21-25, 2022? She ends a cruise in Rome on April 21 and the next cruise is not until the 25 and starts in Monte Carlo. I assume some work is going to be done, but unsure.
  12. NEXT happened fairly recently. Those tubs were removed a while ago. At least that is how I recall it.
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