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  1. We had a Havana cabana in April on the Vista. I was glad we didn't have the aft balcony. It was one floor up from the Havana area and our room was so much closer to the pool. I would pick the Havana intterior before I would choose the aft balcony.
  2. No flaming here. I appreciate your foreright responses. Not my cup of tea but this is truly fascinating.
  3. I'm sure you can do it. I have done it several times. The only stickler should be if there is a fee to do so. I never buy Early Saver so I have never had to pay a fee to cancel and re-book. If you have an Early Saver option, you will have to pay a fee.
  4. We were in Havana area on Vista in April. There were no snacks. However, the area was so quick by stairs or elevator to the buffet, snacks were easily accessible.
  5. I agree with this. I can book more cruises if I have to tie up less money on deposits. Great points.
  6. Fantastic logic, Joanne!
  7. I don't know about that. But I WILL never sail from Galveston without FTTF. Our embarkation in April was a pure nightmare. It's normally not worth it to me but I will buy it from Galveston.
  8. Actually, you can't. I never bring my own shampoo or conditioner and I have no problems with their products. I have long hair so I would definitely notice. I think a lot people just prefer their own but for me, its one less thing to pack. I can bring more shoes. 🙂
  9. Anytime I leave the country, I always have the original container. Of course, I have never had any issues or even had my drugs looked at so you should do whatever advice you find most sound.
  10. The only place, so far, that I will buy FTTF is Galveston. Our embarkation in April was a nightmare. I'm paying the money to avoid that again. JMHO.
  11. FTTF has been really wierd. Sometimes it's available, sometimes, not. I just booked a Nov 2020 cruise yet I was able to book FTTF pm 6/7/19. I had always heard it was only available 6-9 mos out. I booked 1 1/2 years out.
  12. We got a Capital One account (no transaction fees) and funded it for our trip. We would use the ATM and deduct 500 euros at a time. We made sure we had two cards, just in case, one got caught in the machine. Each of us would hold cash. We almost got pickpocketed in the Greece airport. Hubby was very pleased that I had bought him a theft proof fanny pack. We never had any issues. I don't even recall that we had any fees at all to use our account this way. This worked for us. We closed the account when we got home. That way if we got skimmed, it wouldn't affect our family account at home. HTH.
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