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  1. We were on the Havana level on the Vista and never heard a thing. It was extremely insulated from sound.
  2. I do not use Expedia anymore. Had a big problem with them several years ago. Too many other choices out there.
  3. I used Capital One in Europe with no fees or any other problems.
  4. We just withdrew money once we got to Europe. Had some US dollars and used them as we could or needed to.
  5. To me, it depends. I booked a cruise on the Vista over a year out because I wanted a Havana Cabana but I recently booked a four day with my daughter as a last minute inside guarantee. So for me, it depended on what I was looking for on my cruise. HTH.
  6. Yes I fell in love with ATD while on the Vista. We decided to eat at different times every night. It was awesome to check on the app .
  7. My advice for Galveston, buy FFTF. I will never board generally at Galveston. No one observes the correct check in time. People just break in the line in front of you. The lines are crazy. Just my experience. Others may have differing opinions but I have found the Galveston boarding process to be maddening. I've sailed out of there three times. Each time has been the same way each time. I have learned my lesson.
  8. I agree with this. Our experience in Galveston is that it's crazy at debarkation. Wait until the last to avoid the crowds.
  9. Thanks everyone! Appreciate your help!
  10. Didn't know much but Cucino del Capitano is great for lunch. As is the BBQ. The sushi place (name escapes me) is very affordable and lots of it. Went there for dinner one night.
  11. Great review. I loved the Vista. Got it booked for next Thanksgiving. We were in the Havana Cabana and now it's so tempting to book there again. Which I did. Loved the sushi for dinner one night. Very affordable too. I expected it would be overpriced. Got a Bento box for under $10, I believe and it was a lot of food. Red Frog had a half price drink sale the day we were in Cayman. Great deal.
  12. Taking a last minute cruise with my daughter (only 69 days left). It's only four days so we opted for a guarantee inside to save some dough. Once your cabin is assigned, how are you notified? I really could care less which cabin we get. IT'S A CRUISE!! Four nights, I can deal with anything. Just want to be on the look out. Thanks in advance....
  13. I have gotten plenty of upgrades without a fee. I cannot for the life of me get on board credit. I had $25 and had to pull teeth to get that. I don't think I am slopping sugar well enough.
  14. Didn't happen to us at Long Beach, CA. We were an hour early due to shuttle and flights and fully expected to wait around but they waved us right on. I would expect they prefer to keep things moving than to let it bottle up.
  15. Same here. I loved being close to the bar and pool in the Havana Cabana cabin. I saw those balconies and you didn't seem very close the action. We did use our patio area, but not a lot. We did get tired of people coming in through the locked door to "look around".
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