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  1. I just checked the rate for our August 2020 Alaska Cruise & there are still tons of Aqua2 cabins but the price is $400pp higher than when we booked a month and a half ago. We have passed final payment. With that many cabins available I would have thought the price might have dropped. Especially with the new promo.
  2. Hi Jimbo. Are you (or anyone else for that matter) interested in selling your 2020 book? Looks like we will be going in August even if its just a land vacation. Still hoping for the cruise though.
  3. This interests me too. For those of you who took Dyea Dave or other tour companies, did you get to ride behind the sled dogs or just see the camp and pet the dogs?
  4. Thank you everyone! I wondered why no one was talking about the Olympic anymore. We have some great memories from that restaurant. Alas, they will remain great memories. Sounds like we will just go ahead and book Aqua class so we can enjoy Blu instead of the MDR and specialties with them being so limited. Best wishes for great health to everyone!
  5. We are planning a week long cruise on Mille and have not been on Celebrity in a while. I have searched their website and this one, but can not find accurate info on the costs for specialty restaurants onboard. We are trying to decide between Aqua and regular balcony. I know Aqua comes with Blu for breakfast and dinner, which we have done before and loved, but we will still want to do a specialty or two for dinner on Mille even if we have Aqua. What would be the cost if we did a package for a specialty every night of the cruise? I found there are 3 night specialty pkgs and 5 nights, but I'm not sure about other quantities. I have also been unable to find consistent pricing on any of the new packages if we book ahead of sailing. Anyone with experience in the last 6 months or so know the prices? (I'm not really a wait and gamble for a discounted price once on board kind of person.) What specialty restaurants are available on this ship? I'm assuming the Olympic is still an option. Am I correct? What are the per restaurant prices if we were to just book day by day onboard without a package? We have not enjoyed the MDR in the past because it is so big and loud and prefer the atmosphere of Blu and the specialty restaurants. So, even if we do not do Aqua Class, we will still dine in the specialty restaurants in the evening.
  6. If anyone is wondering, we tried the Wok at JiJi's for lunch to get a feel for the place before spending money to dine there in the evening. My food was good but my husband did not enjoy his choice. Either way, the tables for two were so close together it was more like sitting at a communal table you shared with strangers. No elegance or privacy at all unlike at Cucina so we decided to skip JiJi's for dinner. I appreciate everyone who gave feedback!
  7. I want to try JiJi’s for dinner one night on our Vista cruise. My husband is not a very adventurous eater & doesn’t think he will like. He does like going to Chinese buffets and PeiWei but usually gets the standard Sweet & Sour chicken or fried rice. Any suggestions for what would be a safe bet for him to order? He doesn’t do seafood.
  8. We live in a suburb north of Houston & love visiting & cruising from Galveston. Our favorite “secret gem” would be the Boliver Ferry. You can skip the car line & park your car and walk into the ferry for a round trip. If you take break or crackers you can feed the seagulls from the back of the ferry. It is quite an adventure. You can also stand at the front of the ferry and more often than not have dolphins swimming & jumping up around playing very close by. We’ve even seen dinner plate size jelly fish a few times. It’s a fun experIence & completely free. We always stay at the Four Points by Sheraton. The price is lower than most, fresh off a remodel, has a pool, and is directly on the sea wall overlooking the beach. It is at a light with a protected crosswalk too. They have a cruise shuttle and let you park your car for free if you are staying before or after the cruise. It is next to Chic-fil-a & Wendy’s if you want a quick bite & across from Murdoch’s gift store where you can grab a rocker on their back deck & watch the ocean while drinking a margarita or pina colada. It’s also a short walk to Paradise Pier. Our favorite store in the Strand area is the Nautical Salvage store. This shop has something for everyone and is a great place to spend time searching for that unique ship related item, flag, or decor item. And you can never go wrong by stopping in at La Kings on The Strand. Old fashioned ice cream sundaes & candies in a historic building. What’s not to enjoy?
  9. I wish they would replace her with a newer ship! She has been in Galveston WAY too long. We need the variety. Having to fly home from a cruise takes all my built up relaxation and throws it out the window! We can drive to Galveston easy peasy. And the other ships they sail from Galveston are ancient! Glad they are planning on the new terminal, but that will take years and they should show this port more love sooner.
  10. I am assuming Carnival hasn't joined the coconut water craze yet, but does anyone know if I can bring it onboard? Their website says nothing in bottles, like sodas or waters, but small quantities of canned drinks are allowed. Coconut water comes in cardboard containers and provides electrolytes that give me energy and help me feel better. Any chance someone has tried this before and knows first hand? We will be cruising out of Galveston on the Vista.
  11. Those were great videos! You look like a fun couple! Thank you for providing those links.
  12. The idea to youtube it was excellent & gave me the perfect sense of what the Thermal Suites offers. I never would have thought of that. So Vista doesn’t have a real Thelosotherapy pool but does have some type of large hot tub in the room with the warmed tile loungers that has minerals & salt in the water that is suppose to be soothing. (According to the clever youtube video). Now my only issue is whether I can hear the water with my balcony door cracked open at night if I’m way up on the 14th deck. I’m thinking I likely won’t be able to & that is my favorite part. (Don’t worry, I don’t run the ac when the balcony door is open for anyone who might be worried about the energy waste.) Decisions decisions.
  13. I can upgrade my standard balcony to a spa balcony on the Vista for $100. The location I have & the new one are both good but with the Vista not having the Thelassatherapy pool is is really worth it? The Carnival website is not really clear on what types of specialty climate rooms (Thermal Suites) Cloud 9 offers on this ship. Are they elegant, quiet, & free from kids running around? We probably will not buy spa treatments and the free metabolic testing, yoga, & pilates classes included with the room will go unused. We love the Spa staterooms & Thermal Suites on Celebrity Cruises but have not experienced them on Carnival.
  14. If you fly, booking your cruise thru your preferred airline (they all have it available on their website) will get you a ton of miles for that airline. You can book it yourself using their online system or call their 800 number and let an agent do the booking. I always do all my own research, pick my ship, date, and cabin and then call the agent I like with my airline's cruise department. I have a credit card with my airline so I get even more miles. Using the airline's branded credit card I get a minimum of 7 miles per dollar spent (pre tax and port fees) and up to 10 miles/$1 when they are doing a promotion. If you don't have the credit card it is usually 4 to 7 miles/$1 spent. Basically if you spend $2000 on a cruise (pre tax/fees) at 7mls/$1 you get 14,000 airline miles. On my particular airline, it only takes 20,000 for a free domestic flight. That is a pretty great bonus in my book and the overall cruise price is the exact same as going thru the cruise line. Worth using an airline booking sight in my opinion.
  15. It was an exciting learning experience. I'll take the bait every time now to see what is being offered and crossing my fingers it is a suite. We have had the L-shaped bowling alley cabins on Magic before and we love them. We always book them when we see them open for our sailing. They just feel roomier and they have a nice gigantic balcony usually with loungers instead of just chairs. Enjoy!
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