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  1. In addition to inappropriate treatment with abtibioitics, a contributing factor to development of resistant bacteria is sharing of prescriptions and also not completing a proper course of appropriately prescribed antibiotics. Once you've seen a death or two from this you will never take antibiotic stewardship lightly! Like you, I am only guessing, but assuming there were other factors for the treatment given. The facility may have specific protocols for such things but won't necessarily be what you would find in a clinic here.
  2. We came off Symphony over a week ago. While we did not become ill on the ship we did see some poor food handling practices. DH noted someone ( I think itwas in Jamie's Italian but it could have been Chops) using their cell phone and then proceeding to prepare food without hand washing and no gloves. I know it happens all the time, but it's hard to see. If OP hadn't seen the food handling that way she may not have made the connection. Hopefully Royal will step up and increase their training and compliance.
  3. It's just human nature to want to know. Do you ever read the obituaries in the newspaper ? I don't always, but when I do I look at names to see if I know the person, and then I look at the age and hints as to cause of death. If I'm going on a. cruise and I know that someone has died I might want to know if it was related to an avoidable event such as the zip line or falling down a. certain staircase or excursion related. I don't think there is reason to scold someone for asking a question Grandma.
  4. It makes it easier to get to the early seating for shows. We pull up the sidewalk by 10-11pm so that works for us.
  5. We're on Symphony right now. DH did not want to bring any dress clothes so we are going sort of dressy casual every evening. I'll report back on the degree of formality as tonight is the first formal night. If it were up to me we would dress to the nines but oh well. Follow up... Consensus applies. I saw no tux but quite a few jackets shirt and tie... Most in kaki and shirt. A few in shorts and tee. Wear what you want.. No one will care.
  6. We're on Symphony right now. DH did not want to bring any dress clothes so we are going sort of dressy casual every evening. I'll report back on the degree of formality as tonight is the first formal night. If it were up to me we would dress to the nines but oh well.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations! I've ordered them and look forward to having an easier way to attach the tags.
  8. Since different cruise lines have different sized luggage tags I was wondering... which clear tag holders have others used? Looking on line I found some specific for royal but some of the reviews claimed they were too narrow. I need something that is easy to attach too. Arthritic hands don't work as well as they used to . I'm done with using packing tape and borrowing a stapler from the hotel on embarkation day.
  9. Wonderful review! We've cruised over 20 times and find it to be one of the best types of vacation for us "old farts". The loud conversations bother us as well, but I am especially sensitive since I work in an area where we speak only just above a whisper. We take noise canceling earphones to the solarium but that doesn't help in other venues. We're on Symphony in Februrary and we are eagerly anticipating ! The quantum class is really nice too, but Oasis class is our favorite.
  10. We've booked .Central Park balcony staterooms for the past several years. Our muster station was right by guest services. Get there early and you can find cushioned seating. Wait until,the crowd disperses before leaving.
  11. Migraines are the worst! Feel better :)
  12. We're on Symphony in a few months. Has anyone had experience with accessing Prime Video or DirectTV Now from an app on their Apple device using the Vroom onboard?
  13. If it's a Caribbean I book it myself. If we ever do a Mediterranean I'd go,with an agent. I'm sure there are some great agents who give great service and perks, but I quit using one when I do all the footwork and she just raked in the commission with no perks and no follow up.
  14. We're hoping for the best of course, but if he's having problems close to final payment we will just forfeit our deposit and plan for next year. I don't want to,take any chances and he won't either. We hear from so many people that they have done so well after surgery, but even the surgeon doesn't know for sure what he will find when he gets in there. :eek:
  15. Those are some awesome benefits boltnut! I get nothing for medical at retirement and I too am noticing a shift in my work environment that has me counting the weeks...199 to be exact :) I sometimes feel guilty about wanting to retire but I will,be 65 then and my own mother passed away at 68. We are busy paring down our cost of living by getting rid of things like satellite TV and radio. We still want to travel and look forward to being able to go when we want and stay as long as we desire ( and can afford). I look forward to not dreading returning to work after a day off. :D
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