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  1. misty57

    Finally a 55+ cruiser!

    If it's a Caribbean I book it myself. If we ever do a Mediterranean I'd go,with an agent. I'm sure there are some great agents who give great service and perks, but I quit using one when I do all the footwork and she just raked in the commission with no perks and no follow up.
  2. misty57

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    We're hoping for the best of course, but if he's having problems close to final payment we will just forfeit our deposit and plan for next year. I don't want to,take any chances and he won't either. We hear from so many people that they have done so well after surgery, but even the surgeon doesn't know for sure what he will find when he gets in there. :eek:
  3. misty57

    Why did you decide to retire when you did?

    Those are some awesome benefits boltnut! I get nothing for medical at retirement and I too am noticing a shift in my work environment that has me counting the weeks...199 to be exact :) I sometimes feel guilty about wanting to retire but I will,be 65 then and my own mother passed away at 68. We are busy paring down our cost of living by getting rid of things like satellite TV and radio. We still want to travel and look forward to being able to go when we want and stay as long as we desire ( and can afford). I look forward to not dreading returning to work after a day off. :D
  4. misty57

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    Looking forward to it as much as he is:)
  5. misty57

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    It'll be from the first week in Nov to the last day of Feb so he should be ok if all goes well. We have until the end of Nov before final payment. DH just wants the pain gone, and will not be taking any crazy risks with activities. We'll be in the solarium most of the time but hope he can get some pain free walking in:)
  6. misty57

    Did you plan a special retirement cruise?

    Our retirement cruise ( well mine anyway) is going to be an Alaskan cruise tour August of 2022 Lord willing of course. Life can throw some curves so it might be earlier or later too. I’d love to do a British Isles cruise and visit some places I haven’t seen in 42 years! That’s the only way I’ll get DH to come along. I think I need to work some more shifts:)
  7. I'm counting weeks instead of days or years, although I know what those numbers are as well. 210 weeks to go. I'll fit vacation hours in there too. As they say, the days are long but the years are short. I'm looking forward to no weekend shifts and no holiday shifts. No more staff meetings and no required continuing education. No committees and no scrubs to launder. No mid year evaluations and no performance evaluations with peer reviews. No accreditation visits, and no calls begging for me to work extra, and no call offs with standby status. No ridiculous assignment configurations and no restrictions on when I can take vacation or how much I can take. My schedule will be my own choosing, not someone else's . No having to travel in bad weather or staying overnight in case I can't get there because of the weather 45 miles away. I might be able to find some decent health insurance. The only thing I will miss is the work that matters and the pay!
  8. misty57

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    I looked at so many policies that they are all muddled up in my head:o But yes it is the one at least within 24 hours of final payment. Bottom line is we have the coverage with the waiver. Learn something new all the time.
  9. misty57

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    You’re right, it’s related to final payment though since we are way past the first deposit date. It’s CSA freestyle and it’s the only one that gave us that window. We spoke with Kim and she said if it’s in his medical record then we’re good. I’ll make sure I have a written note in hand though. So many hoops to jump through between this and FMLA, of course we hope we don’t need to make a claim but can’t see leaving home without it in place. Thanks again for your help!
  10. misty57

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    Update: DH is scheduled for one replacement (yay) in early November. His surgeon said he should be fine to travel in February, so I contacted the insurance store and we were able to get the ONE policy that offers the PEC waiver if taken within 20 days of final payment. The coverage is actually better than the cruise line vacation protection plan so I was able to remove that fee as we haven't paid any more than the deposits. GeezerCouple thank you so much for your information. I wouldn't have known to connect with the company you suggested. I told DH that we will have the policy in place ASAP next time! :)
  11. As long as you enjoy it, why not :)
  12. misty57

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    Thank you for the reply. We hope to find out more in the coming week, but I'll definitely use the travel insurance you mentioned. I guess I really have until final payment date to decide about canceling, but I'm leaning toward that myself:loudcry:.
  13. DH is looking at a hip replacement possibly in November. He needs both done but we don't know if he'll have a bilateral done or just one for now. We have a 7 night cruise booked at the end of February. Final payment is due end of November so we really won't know how he is going to be by that time. He thinks he'll be able to travel without problems but I'm concerned about the flight and about insurance eligibility for the trip. I think we should cancel now ( we have the dreaded non refundable deposit too!) but he's not convinced. Has anyone had experience with this, or insight as to the travel medical insurance eligibility? We have the cruise line insurance but not the medical travel insurance yet. I'm thinking it will not be possible since we already know about his impending surgery. I know the surgeon will have something to say about his going, but I already have my vacation time reserved and want to cancel that as soon as we decide what to do. "Fun times:( "
  14. misty57

    Anytime dining or set time?

    That's hilarious,,as the saying around here for men who are married to a nurse is that they have a "nurse with a purse". It's usually a pretty solid career, but so incredibly stressful these days.
  15. So you started counting the days today :) When did I start counting the days? When I met with my financial planner and decided when it would be most feasible and when my work life became more frustrating.