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  1. From a different perspective, consider the sea conditions of the Drake passage. We were on the Infinity in Jan 2010. On the traverse from the Falklands to Antarctica Peninsula we encountered a 75 mph storm with cross wise 38 ft seas. More than minor damage to the ship and injuries. Waves blew out windows on some of the lifeboats, the top forward lounge had the roof peeled back. The captain altered the itinerary and we landed at Ushaia. We then resumed our journey to Paradise Bay. Great time and great excitement. Recommend the lowest cabin in the middle of the ship. Definitely not the suites, forward or aft. Some Vista suite pax reported being lifted off their beds
  2. This subject of this thread is the reason I won't be flying anywhere to catch a cruise in 2021. I'll invest the 3 hours trip down to Port of Miami, with the chance that we will be denied boarding, but no more. As long as we, for certain, will get a full refund of the cruise, it's worth the risk. And the probability there will be difficulty in making our own excursions, makes it even less enticing. If we just go for a long on board cruise, then we might as well take a ferry boat ride somewhere. Disillusioned to say the least.
  3. FYI. we received (on Friday) our refund in full for our 4/1/21 cruise around Japan. We cancelled on 3/30, so it took 66 days. I am impressed that the refund came through since it was hefty.
  4. We are more wait and see. We will glean from others reporting through CC on their experiences. We have a FCC that expires at the end of the year so if there are any interesting Caribbean cruises for early 2021, we might go for it. We are only going to sail out of Miami. No air or overseas destinations for us until 2022.
  5. Are the ships lit up at night? Must be a pretty sight.
  6. Dr Gottlieb is off my list of people to pay attention to. His growing list of clients and media appearances makes me wary about his ultimate goal. The post Government service consulting business is lucrative and he is striking while the iron is hot. It's now in his best interest to perpetuate the paranoia.
  7. I have a more pessimistic view. NCL will use the money to pay the lawyers (and management) to enter bankruptcy. If there is any money left, they will use it for cash flow. I don't see any money left for refunding deposits. It's not a high priority to pay obligations.
  8. I can understand the fervor for bonds. When bankruptcy occurs the bondholders will be first in line for control of the ships - the major asset. The vessels can be resold for huge profits versus the bondholders' investment. It's a win -win for the Hedge Funds.
  9. I have to agree with you. I chuckle at all those retirement articles that purport the cheap and charmed life in a lot of South American countries "Medical treatment is far superior and cheap" Yet the hoards of expats streaming back to the US as a result of the Covid 19 kind of defeats that claim.
  10. We were on the Infinity, from Ushaia on the way to the Antarctic Peninsula when we were hit by a storm - 75 mph winds and 38 ft seas. The ship listed to the point the shower curtain bottom was outside the shower stall, the veranda sliders were vibrating like reeds, and there was damage to a number of life boats. An expedition ship was a hundred miles away and the pax suffered several ortho injuries and damage. This was Jan 2010. Great trip but would not consider a small ship unless departing from Invercargill, in NZ
  11. I got the same 90 days today. It's a race for a refund vs bankruptcy. We had a hi end suite which we cancelled, so if we lose the money, this is the last cruise on Oceania and maybe all others. We've been most everywhere except Asia and that region is not on my wish list anymore.
  12. Ditto for me. We cancelled our Asian trips for next year and will ride it out. Domestic destinations are attractive, but they will also be attractive to the throngs of people who are thinking the same thing. Instead of cruises, Disneyworld, NYC and the like, the masses will congregate at the beaches, National Parks, other points of interest. This all sounds unpleasant to me. We live in Florida so our pastimes will be our usual activities and daytrips. We are over 70, but in no hurry to resume cruising, since we have seen most of the world.
  13. As one of those grey hairs, I see my days of cruising coming to an end. The harsh CDC mandates will cause the cruiselines to adjust their pax populations to meet new health guidelines. Sort of like auto manufacturers to offer hi mpg cars to allow their best selling gas guzzling trucks to be sold without restrictions. It's the average that counts. So IMHO, high health risk pax will be discouraged from sailing either by actual restrictions or super high fares. Never mind the cost of travel insurance will sky rocket if not disappear altogether. Sailing itself will be stressful with masks, gloves, etc everywhere. And in-cruise testing could lead to pax getting kicked off ships in isolated places. Yes I am pessimistic about my future cruising. The younger pax will have the best of all worlds, with lower fares, etc. To them I say enjoy the ride.
  14. Besides the extension, the details are pretty stringent for Cruiselines. Health oversight, not only on embarkation, but also during the cruise; social distancing on board ( like maybe cutting back the theatre attendance, medical facilities upgraded to life saving from stabilizing; evacuation of diseased pax at cruiseline expense (not Coast Guard). I hope the smaller ships will be economically viable.
  15. I might have missed it, but what happened to the crews on the O ships? For instance, I noticed Sirena is berthed at it's usual "J" position on Miami. I assume the Captain, staff and operating crew are on board, but what about the hotel staff, entertainers, food service workers?. I don;t recall if the entire ship is on quarantine. Are they free to debark the ship?
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