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  1. Take subjective original posts and their subjective posts on CC with a grain of salt. We have been baffled over the last 20 years by pax posting here (from our same cruise) who had strong opinions which vastly differed from our experience. We were always surprised as though we were on the antimatter version of the cruise! Experience you cruise for yourself. It beats sitting at home doing the same ole thing. Factual representations of noisy cabins, etc should be taken for the truth.
  2. Troubled waters is such a subjective descriptor. If they miscalculated, would they go bankrupt? -no, would they adjust their offerings and thrive - sure. Celebrity and Royal took a big hit after 9/11 and did ok, by dropping pricing and offering value and promotions The last six years, they gradually took back some of their promotions and services which have been discussed thoroughly on this forum. In general, we long time Celebrity veterans have a limited runway to cruise and I cannot fault Celebrity to change with it's Customer base. But for my DW and myself, we will chase the other Cruiselines that offer up what we want to cling to and pay for. From our travels we have seen many Celebrity "refugees" since we voted with our wallet.
  3. To recent cruisers, how is the Vero water working out on board. I'm especially interested in the quality of the water, sanitation issues, and convenience. w
  4. The State Dept is the authority on what and what cannot be sent into a country, prescribed, etc. If the Rx are not Class 3 Narcotics, meds can be Fed Ex'd. This would be the cheapest, but not fast enough for 2 week cruise. US Rx sent to a enlightened pharmacy, knowledgeable of its country's regs is the fastest, but finding one is the problem. State might be able to help. Again this is not the first time for this occurrence.
  5. I just don't understand why Celebrity doesn't charge a delay fee for waiting for these people. Put it in the terms of carriage and charge $500-1000 penalty. That should motivate all but the cases due to accident. It's easy to validate such a fee for extra time for the dock hands standing by and fuel burned waiting and speeding up to make up time.
  6. I would call the State Dept in the next port. This is not the first time this has happened to a tourist.
  7. The complications are the reason we are hesitant about taking the YF vaccine. Not worth it to us.
  8. Oceania stated they would not deny non vaccinated pax from embarking or debarking off the ship at Miami. With respect to St Lucia, it's the call of the port officials.
  9. As the OP, I finally got to ask Oceania. For us it's a non event. Since we've been there before, we won't get off the ship at St Lucia. Don't need a vaccination if you don't debark at St Lucia. With respect to returning to Miami, no worries. Just as a precaution, we'll spray Deet on board during our day on the docked ship. We normally carry this with us anyway when we go to the beaches or forested areas. It saved us many times from sand fleas and mosquitos bites.
  10. Our TA forwarded an Advisory for St Lucia that they may require a YF vaccine proof to enter the country. The advisory is mealy mouthed and does not state this is mandatory. Oceania will let us embark at Miami but is silent as to debarkation at Miami. We plan not to enter ST Lucia and stay on the ship we have been there before. We also don't want to get a shot for one country. We have had several vaccinations recently for pneumonia, flu and shingles in recent years and the reactions are getting worst. Any one have any first hand experience about what is really going on? The TA is not helpful. I will be calling Oceania tomw, but I expect no definite answer.
  11. However they commit fraud by not advising schedule changes (apparently known to them, as current members are stating) PRIOR TO Final Payment , the contract can be voided, if they subsequently change the schedules they had prior knowledge about.
  12. I can see the OP's point on a Florida Disney cruise, where there are so many little ones. But on an Oceania cruise, less likely. However we don't cruise during holidays, school vacations where families are more common.
  13. Our Jan 2020 Sirena Southern Caribbean cruise is coming up for final payment. I am going to check tomw with my TA if there are any short sheets on our port days and then after payment. Since Oceania knows about this now, I think we have a class action suit coming if they pull this stunt on a Southern Carribean cruise.
  14. Golly, splitting hairs already. Small to me means it fits under the Tampa Bradenton Bridge. The Allure won't 😀
  15. On one of the old Celebrity Century ships (small) a hurricane on the Florida east coast forced the cruise company to move embarkation from Miami to Tampa. All pax and their luggage were bused from Miami Port to Tampa Port. We left that evening instead of 5 PM . The cruise itinerary did not change. Another advantage of small ships
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