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  1. WHO reports China has less Covid cases to date then Kenya? total rubbish
  2. My second Moderna shot was administered Thurs AM. FYI I had slight fever, malaise and disorientation on Fri and today my arthritic joints are aching. My daughter in law, a State Health Dept nurse, said this was normal since the inflamation is a sign that the Mrna is doing it's job. Looking forward to traveling by car in two weeks to see my family.
  3. If Norwegian sells all the R Class, NCL will not have enough cash flow to fund the rest of the O fleet. There is a point where shrinking will lead to insufficient operating revenues to maintain their business.
  4. From the reverse perspective a 5% chance of catching Covid pales when compared the other medical chances of failure. I had my share of medical procedures and many had odds of failure of more than 5% including stents, surgeries and the like. If I had avoided these, I'd be in bad shape or six feet under. Bring it on.
  5. We did three itineraries in 6088 or equivalent on the Sirena, Insignia and Nautica. Great cabin, but beware if you have heavy weather it does get to be a bit wavy. Not as bad as the Vista cabins up front ,which have lots of bow slamming against the waves. Sound wise very quiet. Only mention heavy weather because we did a Sirena voyage to the Southern Caribe last January and we had awful luck with weather. Only calm days were the last two and there were many delays and missed ports. Glad we had the OS.
  6. I will get vaccinated when it's convenient and sane. All my cruise plans are 2022 anyway. I will not wait in a line at CVS or Walgreens for hours. I'm too old to do the wait outside the store routine. The fact that both drugstores are trying to hire 10,000 medical personnel, nation wide, to supplement their pharmacists sticking needles is telling. It will be chaotic. In the mean time, I'll just practice good hygiene, wear a mask and let the masses fret and worry.
  7. Except for Iceland, not much for us. Although we would love to do the Dubai run, with the new administration in Washington, I am shy to pass the Straits of Hormuz. I'll wait for the next release.
  8. We only travel on small ships so no effect on me, but I resent the populace giving the heev ho to the tourists that spend lots of dollars. Since I live in FL I'll spend my dollars in Key Largo, and give the finger salute to Key West.
  9. I think the jury is still out on what develops. With New York mandating covid tests, if you return from non northeast states and two week quarantines upon returning back to the state, who knows what pax from the northeast will decide to do. If that totalitarian approach spreads to other states, there won't be any takers to go cruising. Living in Florida, I have more options. Never the less, we have taken up other interests to make up for the lack of cruising. We refuse to just sit at home for the rest of our retirement.
  10. The way things stand, you might as well take the Staten Island Ferry and bring a take out lunch from a three star Michelin restaurant and do a few round trips. I see the same experience. The videos I have seen from the restarted Euro cruise lines look sterile and empty. I see this down here at Disneyworld. Customers go through the motions but it isn't the same. RE the OP's question, my DW and I would like to do the French Polynesia trip again, but under the circumstances, we would rather island hop staying at some of those great hotels in Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora, etc and do ou
  11. Saw this on another board. Ship is the MSC Grandiosa. Time is mid September. Very Quite
  12. This issue is my main concern for the foreseable future. Yes testing will mitigate onboard breakouts, but if any ports have a break out, there will be a shut down and in the worst case, the cruise will be long long transatlantic cruise. We'll take a cruise next year, but it will be out of our .home state (Florida).
  13. I would imagine the cruise companies will require all persons getting on board to get pre board tested. Vaccinations won't give you a pass since 1) Vax records can be forged. 2) one can catch and carry the virus even after being vax'd. A vax helps the body fight the virus, but it is still in your system and the level of virus resistance varies with the individual 3) Pre board 100% testing accounts for all circumstances of infection and removes the most risk. Cruise companies cannot afford to have a repeat of this year.
  14. From a different perspective, consider the sea conditions of the Drake passage. We were on the Infinity in Jan 2010. On the traverse from the Falklands to Antarctica Peninsula we encountered a 75 mph storm with cross wise 38 ft seas. More than minor damage to the ship and injuries. Waves blew out windows on some of the lifeboats, the top forward lounge had the roof peeled back. The captain altered the itinerary and we landed at Ushaia. We then resumed our journey to Paradise Bay. Great time and great excitement. Recommend the lowest cabin in the middle of the ship. Definit
  15. This subject of this thread is the reason I won't be flying anywhere to catch a cruise in 2021. I'll invest the 3 hours trip down to Port of Miami, with the chance that we will be denied boarding, but no more. As long as we, for certain, will get a full refund of the cruise, it's worth the risk. And the probability there will be difficulty in making our own excursions, makes it even less enticing. If we just go for a long on board cruise, then we might as well take a ferry boat ride somewhere. Disillusioned to say the least.
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