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  1. I just asked John if the Royal had a dining room like that. I remember we came in and went left to our handicapped area. Lol We did have enough room but Horty insisted on trying to stick his big ol paws out in the aisle. Maybe he was trying to escape Oleander!!
  2. I have one pic of the lower dining room. Our table was on the upper dining room. We had a table for 4 against the glass looking down on the lower dining. You can kind of see the upper in the pic. It was perfect for us and the dog. I'm going to request it on the next cruise. I loved our cruise together too! It was alot of fun. It was awesome having Oleander and Horty together. They were both perfect.
  3. We absolutely loved the Royal Princess. Food was great, ship was beautiful. But the potty box placement was ridiculous. To put the box at the opposite end of the ship through a door that I could barely open was not right. If it's not accessible by the dogs handler, then it needs to be moved somewhere else. I don't get these ships that put in box in an inaccessible spot. The dog is not mine and I shouldn't be responsible for taking him to potty. HAL always puts their box on the promenade deck forward. Even this placement is usually hard for John because of the heavy deck doors and the lip to get over. This last ship had a sliding door midship, so it was accessible for John to take him. I'm glad it wasnt one of your favorite cruises. ☚ī¸đŸ˜­
  4. We haven't done Alaska yet. I've never wanted to fly that far. Haha 😂
  5. Hey I was nice!! Not my fault you got hair and drool all over you! He misses Auntie Roz. ❤ī¸
  6. So sorry to hear about your brother. Sometimes we are so worried about others, we forget to take care of ourselves. I know I am one to do this. Please take time for yourself. Boy it's easy to say. 😕 John has used hand controls for 40yrs and its made him very independent. He has always done things on his own but as he's gotten older he needs help. He hates asking for it!
  7. First it would take you an hour to find that spray in your suitcase size purse. And I'm glad Oakland and I didn't get sprayed!!
  8. So far Oaklands weakness seems to be bugs. He's fascinated with them but doesn't want them near him. He will follow ants everywhere. He tries to catch flies. In Key West, these big flies were bothering him. I don't know if they were biting him, but he was freaking out jumping around jerking Johns arm.
  9. Wow! Wexlers fur would get burning hot. He didn't like the sun but I think he hated the glass on the balcony more. He also hated the glass elevators. Oakland loves to look out at the ocean and check everything out. Mostly because he's nosey!
  10. We've been to Bermuda twice in 18,19. They are very understanding. Any questions or concerns please write to them. They will let some things slide. They were very accommodating when we had Wexler. Since he was 11 they didn't make us get the 1 year rabies. The woman is very nice.
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