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  1. Once on Hal they claimed they didn't know the dog was coming. They hurried to build a box and put sawdust in it. Not a good filler for a windy deck. Here we are on formal night all dressed up and the dog goes pee and the pee sawdust is blowing all around on us. Ugh. When we got to St Thomas the Captain was going to give some official a ride to the next island but told the guy only if he could get us some grass. Sure enough we had grass before we left the island.
  2. I am shocked at Holland America. They are usually really good with the potty box. We rarely have a problem. As far as the crappy grass, Wexler was a fan. We had that on one of our cruises. Towels really? Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Glad you straightened everything out and had a good cruise. I'm not happy about Curaçao since we are suppose to be going there next January. We have never been on a cruise where anyone has even touched our dog. I don't think I would do well with someone manhandling the dog.
  3. Resume soon isn't going to happen. He's listening to the president. I know these governors don't want to shut down the state but it's the only way to stop this. Even doing that people in NY are all out and about. I guess they have the "I'm not going to get it" attitude. Or are just stupid. We are so glad to have the dog. He keeps us entertained all day. I have ordered groceries. They will be here next Wednesday. I did order some tp. I wonder if I will get it or will it be out of stock. In fact wondering how much of the stuff I ordered will actually be delivered.
  4. Sorry to hear. That stinks. Ugh, you did all that testing and paperwork for the dog and you can't go. How disappointing.
  5. Oh no!!!! John has a pill that has to be taken with vitamin c. Little did I know everyone on earth is buying it up to boost their immune system. And of course we are all out. We even called our pharmacy and they have none. I finally scoffed up 2 bottles on a GNC website. Bought 2 bottles and shipping, $29.00. Ugh Had no choice but to buy it. Went back on Amazon and preordered 2 bottles for 6 bucks a piece. Will be here some time before the end of April. The GNC one Friday.
  6. Glad Raylene got to have some fun! Poor Oak has no friends around here. Please stay safe! They said all the New Yorkers are heading down to Florida and the Carolinas to get away from NY but not knowing if they're infected. 😮
  7. So did you get it?? After this I'm never washing my hands again!! My hands are raw and itchy. Luckily John "Mr. Lotion" has every cream on earth and has this Cera Ve hand cream for itchy skin. I slather it on before I go to bed and it's wonderful! Stops the itch immediately and when I wake up they are back to normal, til the next night ☹️ Wexler got a few lumps. One big on on the side of his scrawny chest that really showed and a few others. He was a mix but Brendas nephew, maybe he got them from her side of the family. 😂
  8. At the beginning of your Internet story, I was pawsitive Rocky was going to end up being the reason the internet wasn't working. For sure it was going to be a chewed cord. Forgot he was at training. Haha Please stay safe! ❤️
  9. Thank god for Oakland. At least he keeps us entertained. Took him out yesterday and made a video for our puppy raisers. They were thrilled. One lives near us but the other lives in NY. They are on "lockdown" but we kind of are too. Threw the ball a few times and back in the apt. No sports for John so we are stuck together. Lol Haven't killed each other yet. My son had a corona scare the other day. A salesman might have been exposed but turned out the kid actually had the flu. I certainly don't need any more stress. We are wearing masks while in the building and my hands are raw and itchy from washing them. We are lucky we have a card to open our door and the building doors so we can go out and actually touch nothing. I use the card to press the elevator buttons and spray with a bleach solution when I come back in. The people in here have really been good and most are staying in except for walks. Of course there are a few, one in particular that feel the need to go to the grocery store every single day. Ugh. I'm not planning on going at all. I ordered from pea pod, a stop and shop delivery service. Ordered on Thursday and it will be here April 1st. That was the earliest available date for delivery. 😮 Hopefully we have enough until then. A pic of Oakland from yesterday.
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