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  1. Just checking in. Nothing much going on compared to what Barb went through. We got our 2nd vaccine and I was sick for 4 days. John was fine. At that same time, I was trying to change meds which just added to the horrible experience. Stopped those meds and feel good now. Still not doing anything. Actually went grocery shopping the other day. 1st time really shopping since Covid. It was nice to look around and pick up what I wanted. Just booked a cruise with the kids for 2022. It's the week before our cruise in February. It will be the babys 1st cruise. Starting her young. Because of weather, we haven't seen her since January. Hopefully next weekend. She is totally obsessed with Forrest now.
  2. Hi All, Just checking in. Hope everyone is well. Keith, so sorry to hear about Lucy. We've all been there and know how hard it can be. We got lucky here at our apt building. CVS came in and gave us all shots. It was a mad rush for the manager of the building because they only gave us 2 days notice. Everyone had to be signed up over the weekend and they came in on the 11th for the first shot. Next Monday the 1st, we will get the second one. It's nice to be able to relax a little about this virus. Still stuck in the house and still having everything delivered. I hope Oakland remembers his commands since he's really done nothing for a year. We would be on our cruise right now so it's hard to be stuck in the house. Now we have a whole year to wait. 😢 Cindy
  3. We are in Mass and received our 1st shot today. We live in an elderly and handicapped building. CVS came in and vaccinated anyone who wanted it.
  4. We were on the Royal Princess. Beautiful ship and one of the bigger ones. Our cabin was forward and the potty box was aft on the same deck. It was in a crew area with a big heavy door I could barely open.
  5. It was not close to our cabin. We complained that it was at the opposite end of the ship but they said they weren't moving it. Same with Roz, she was on a different deck and hers was at the opposite end. With the cleaning carts in the halls 24 hours a day, John couldn't even take his own dog to the box.
  6. We stayed home for Thanksgiving and probably will for Xmas. Last weekend we went down to see our granddaughter. It was only the 4 of us and the 2 dogs. Our cruise for 2022 is all paid for. Hal sent an email saying if we paid in full we would get 10% off the cruise and 250 obc. So we went for it. We also get "free" drinks, prepaid gratuities and a few dinners at the specialty restaurants. Still get our money back if we need to cancel for some reason. Been thinking alot about Roz, especially when we wrote out our xmas cards. 😢. Here's our card and a few other cuties!!
  7. On our Princess cruise with Roz last year the box was in a crew area and had the biggest bark mulch I've ever seen.
  8. We had a quiet Thanksgiving here too. We usually go to Johns sisters, his mom lives there too. We chose to stay home this year. Johns sister cooked the whole dinner and we drove over and picked it up. She is amazing! She had everything packed up and ready to go when we got there. She gave us enough food for an army. I don't know how many times I can eat it. 😳 Last week our neighbor found out he had Covid. I had been at his shop (oil company) to get my car inspected which was due last May. Luckily I just got out and stood to the side. It's been over 2 weeks so I guess we are in the clear. We could not get tested. Everywhere was booked up for testing. It's sad that people that really need to get tested can't because everyone is getting tested to go to some big gathering for Thanksgiving. ☹️ I'm sure Travis will do great. I always felt that you teach them everything you can and hope it sticks. I noticed this with my son. They do the right thing and you're like wow! Don't know if I mentioned it but we have a new baby granddaughter! Being a grandma is the best thing ever!! I am so in love with this baby. She will be 3 months on the 3rd. Here is a pic of her. Her name is Isla Marie.
  9. We usually ask for turf. Our cruise out to California they had bark mulch, or should I say bark. It was the size of your hand. Really ridiculous. The dogs couldn't step on it without sliding off. The only cruise that was bad was a Holland America cruise that they claimed they didn't know we were coming. I assume the pages of paperwork we filled out must have gotten lost. But they put sawdust in the box. I assume it was all they had on hand. On HAL ships they usually put the box on the promenade deck. Unfortunately it can be windy and sawdust and wind don't mix. By the next stop they had fixed it.
  10. So glad you are doing better. Just take it slow, there's not much else to do. Focus on yourself. Dogs are funny when they know you're hurting. Oak doesn't sleep with John but when he came home from the hospital in May, Oak didn't leave his side.
  11. Each cruise line has their own choice for box filler. Our last service dog liked grass. We are trying to get our new one used to different fillers. Most of the time the cruise line will try to get what you prefer. As far as the box on the balcony, we are usually begging to have it placed there. Cindy
  12. Must be so hard for people with kids. The numbers are going up everywhere. We were doing so good here then they started to open things up. Then the college and high school kids decided to have all these parties. And the numbers went up. Now we are back to over 2,000 new cases a day. It's very frustrating. As for us, we haven't been anywhere but to Johns mom's and to see my new granddaughter. We are still getting everything delivered. We did however book our cruise again. They posted the 2022 cruises. Maybe by then there will be a vaccine and it will be safe to go. But just having it booked makes us feel better. Gives us something to look forward to.
  13. We will not be cruising until they have a vaccine. Can't take a chance of us getting Covid. Besides, who wants to have to walk around all day on a cruise with a mask on. I can barely stand it to go outside to walk the dog. You can keep your "on fire" weather. Not for me!!!! It's going to be 70 this weekend, which is unusual for us. We had 3" of snow last week and 70 this week. 😲 i think of her daily too. 💔
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