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  1. There's just something about cruising that is so relaxing. Like all the tension just leaves your body. Then it ends and I have to get on a plane 😩
  2. I've been doing the same thing with the groceries. Wiping them down before I put them away.
  3. Aww Roz, no meltdowns allowed. We haven't been out at all until Saturday when we went to start our cars and they were both dead. Had to call AAA to have them jumped and decided to go get our favorite roast beef sandwich and a dunkin iced coffee. It's nice but then I get home and I go around and wipe everything down like a crazy woman before we eat. We get a package and I open it outside the apt. I know I'm probably over doing it, but with our health issues we can't be to careful. It's wierd to see everyone with masks on. Alot of CCI people are making masks and sent us some. Still alot of stupid people out there gathering and not wearing masks. 😩
  4. Nancy we actually have to force him to get up to go outside to potty.
  5. Roz I can't believe Horty is almost 12yrs old already. I remember when we started here with Brenny and Rangeley. Now we are on our 3rd dog. I'm so glad I got to meet Horty. He's a big love. Oakland has been wonderful through all this. We are lucky he just loves to lay around and do nothing. As long as he has his couch and blankey, he's good. Lol
  6. Sorry Roz. I'm sure everyone who has cruises booked right now are expecting them to be canceled. With stupid people out there, this thing will never be over. We had to call AAA because both our cars were dead. I haven't driven mine in months but I took the van out a few weeks ago. Surprised neither would start. On my way back from the back lot where my car is, I saw 3 high schoolish age kids walking a dog. None had masks on and the "couple" had their arms around each other while walking. Ugh! Our town has mandatory face masks when outside. Just stupidity. Our building is elderly and handicapped and still people walking around with no mask. The manager put up a notice from the health dept that everyone has to wear them in the common areas. Come on people!!! Besides the ones who go to the store multiple times a day, every day. It just angers me. We found out this week that a staff member at my mothers nursing home tested positive. Just waiting for the s*** to hit the fan there. And snow this weekend! What the heck, the apocalypse is here!!
  7. Sorry to hear about your cruise. I don't know when the cruises will start again. It's really the worst place to be right now. We have until October to decide if we will even cruise in January. 😢
  8. Did you just call me an old hag? Well I never..... I hope you're right. But the thought of it is scary right now.
  9. We were so lucky to get our cruise in this year. Even though we don't have one planned until next year, I have my doubts we will be going on it. I will be very sad if we can't ever cruise again. 😢
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