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  1. I work retail. Maybe I am amazed at how people from all over the world next stopping taking care of you.
  2. Nice post! I remember, in me past life, of being so hungry, l was looking for peanut butter left on lids of tin containers in a trash dump in Viet Nam. "would have eaten "signature " gristle at first bite. I know this is not the same but, thanks for the memories. Squint your eyes a bit closer. Hopefully, everyone does not eat all the words that you say.
  3. "Free food." We have found it interesting. One can only eat so much. Before the end of our cruises we find, less is more.
  4. You are welcome. No need to add/touch extra salt. BTW, What is the #2 thread?
  5. Tell your waiter: Get the Perfect Burger Texture by Salting Patties Right Before Cooking
  6. Sorry, On this hot afternoon, I'm only following this thread as a fellow pax. BTW, I like the word "wee" . (You are showing your Scottish/Canadian )😎 'Not used much in the States.😊
  7. We once sat next to a nice elderly gentleman man, dressed in a suit . Problem was, he smelled of urine. I tell you this because, otherwise, our cruise was perfect, and I have no other imperfections to squeal on.😀 Life happens.
  8. The horror! You should stay home and avoid the worry(?)
  9. It's too bad but, IMHO, the owners of Atlantis quit investing in their gem, when the Chinese started building Baha Mar. Even though Atlantis still advertises, they let the place run down. Hopefully, a new owner will invest in renovations; It's such a beautiful sight! Now The Baha Mar is the place to go in Nassau. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baha_Mar & https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147416-d12973994-Reviews-Baha_Mar_Casino-Nassau_New_Providence_Island_Bahamas.html Again, this is only my opinion. Michael
  10. I tried to connect to "The Deck", but it seems their website is not working. Any help?
  11. Thanks for the link Maybe an old quote... Caipirinhas... "The first one is good, the second one is better, the third one, you don't remember." LOL To my point, just looking for a reliable transport back to the ship.
  12. Nice quote. In the past, We have been to dinner with jacket and tie table-mates, that smelled like urine. Please be clean and respectful.
  13. Yes, Rift-raft is a misspelling... maybe on purpose.
  14. Back to the original subject, VIKING continues ambitious payment policy It seems to be keeping the rift-raft out. Sorry, I'm being a troll right now. And, looking at dress codes. Even though I bring a sports coat, I may not wear it every night to dinner.
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