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  1. For years, Catherine and I were communicating with pax around the world. Then, in 2017, it all stopped. Is there any web-site that has replaced VT? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtualtourist Michael
  2. ' depends on how hungry you are (?) "You may be eating your words." But, I understand. There are too many other food choices. By the end of a cruise, I lose my appetite.
  3. Sometimes, me thinks steaks would have been better served as ground beef.🙂
  4. WE happened to see our steaks being brought out (and placed on a side table) at the same time our appetizers were being served. By the time our main course served, they were cold. Lack of management.
  5. I like posts like this... OP... This fall, WE will be trying a Viking Ocean TransAtlantic Cruise. Seems the highlight, will be a Certified Bridge ( card game) couple, to teach of our Bridge incongruities.. ☺️ Maybe this type of cruise would be more of your cup of tea.😎 Travel while you can. My father-in-law said, "Why travel, when you can read about places in a book?"
  6. How to start an argument... 1. State an opinion. 2. Wait. 😎
  7. Could you please, give any more any more information ? Michael
  8. "Starving." (Personal memories of searching through a garbage dump.) Squint your eyes a bit closer; you may be eating your words. Ani DiFranco
  9. Maybe he was busy. (?) Just wondering, if you stood in line at the customer service desk?
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