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  1. ' depends on how hungry you are (?) "You may be eating your words." But, I understand. There are too many other food choices. By the end of a cruise, I lose my appetite.
  2. Sometimes, me thinks steaks would have been better served as ground beef.🙂
  3. WE happened to see our steaks being brought out (and placed on a side table) at the same time our appetizers were being served. By the time our main course served, they were cold. Lack of management.
  4. I like posts like this... OP... This fall, WE will be trying a Viking Ocean TransAtlantic Cruise. Seems the highlight, will be a Certified Bridge ( card game) couple, to teach of our Bridge incongruities.. ☺️ Maybe this type of cruise would be more of your cup of tea.😎 Travel while you can. My father-in-law said, "Why travel, when you can read about places in a book?"
  5. How to start an argument... 1. State an opinion. 2. Wait. 😎
  6. Here an excerpt from an email I received from Barcelona Day Tours: Please know that based on experience, we have had guests from Viking cruise ships joining our tours from Barcelona port. Upon disembarkation, guests must head towards the nearest terminal exit where the people will be holding up signs. At this point you will see people with signs + the parking area. If you book the tour from port, we will be there waiting for you and holding up a signboard with your name on it. In regards to your luggage please kindly know that we will be able to take care of your luggage inside the vehicle while you do the tour. I am offering you a worry-free set-up so you can enjoy your tour directly from the port then we will drop you off at your hotel after the tour just in time for check in. Kindly take note that we normally allow one large suitcase + one carryon bag per person inside the vehicle for a shared tour. As an alternative, we can pick you up from most hotels in Barcelona . Normally the tours start at around 8:30am for guests coming from port, and around 9am for guests from the city hotels. Please let me know how you would like to proceed and I will await your instructions. Thank you! Anna Barcelona Day Tours Top-Day-Tours Group www.BarcelonaDayTours.com Tel: +34-93-180-7009 Fax:+34 -93-372-8413 Email: info@BarcelonaDayTours.com I would contact them about transportation to the Airport
  7. Could you please, give any more any more information ? Michael
  8. "Starving." (Personal memories of searching through a garbage dump.) Squint your eyes a bit closer; you may be eating your words. Ani DiFranco
  9. Maybe he was busy. (?) Just wondering, if you stood in line at the customer service desk?
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