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  1. I'm looking at the 9-day Denali in May 2020, which includes a night in Fairbanks. I see there is a Northern Lights tour, but can you really see the Northern Lights in May? I would love to see them, but I thought they were only visible in the winter. Has anyone done this excursion? TIA.
  2. It's going into dry dock. When I attended the captain's Q&A while on Allure a couple weeks ago, he said the Allure was going into dry dock for five years!! I'm wondering if he misspoke and meant five months.
  3. I attended the officer's Q&A last week where this question was asked. Apparently the answer has to do with the Jones Act and sailings originating in the U.S. have to go to a port out of the country. I'm not stating verbatim the answer as it was given and I don't know the technicalities of it, but that's how it was explained.
  4. What were the five samples, does anyone know? Do they pick the 5 samples or you?
  5. I have to agree, I recently had sticker shock when I started shopping for the next cruise. But if are a little flexible, you can still find some decent deals.
  6. The stock has done real well, dividends are nice, but OBC is impossible. It does seem like false advertising. Another competitor cruise line has never denied my shareholder OBC.
  7. Is there a way to locate a specific employee/crew member? My son and I had the most awesome cabin steward and I would love to keep in touch with him. He was on Oasis and with it going into dry dock, I'm sure he'll be moving to another ship. Thanks for any assistance!
  8. I had absolutely no problem using my shareholder OBC with HAL (Carnival).
  9. Just curious, has anyone received shareholder OBC recently? I've tried three times and each time they said the cruise price was a "sale" price, which excluded shareholder OBC. But the cruise prices are ALWAYS on sale, so how do you get the shareholder OBC?
  10. I'm not too far from Fort Lauderdale. Definitely worth a try. Thank you!!
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