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  1. Careful what you wish for. From Barcelona that could mean Iberia. Or Vueling.
  2. If your hotel offers cruise baggage handling (e.g. Fairmont Waterfront, Pan Pacific) then use it. Otherwise luggage drop off is on the bottom level of the cruise terminal. The easiest way to get there is by taxi, unless you feel like walking (there are police actively monitoring traffic and facilitating pedestrian crossing at the terminal, so this is a low risk activity) Check in now takes place first (before security) in the convention centre above the terminal. There are plenty of helpful guides to point you to check in (and you get a lovely view of any ships on the West and North piers as you go. Regent will almost invariably be at the North pier, (which is the smallest) unless Mariner is the only ship in. In August she is always here with the Volendam and the Island Princess so it's a pretty good bet. Check in for each ship is in separate rooms, so you won't be groups with the Princess and HAL passengers. There is plenty of space to sit until your group is called. When you're called you will be escorted down to security, where you will line up for only a handful of minutes. This serves to pace the queue and you will walk through US CBP and onto the ship. Total time from getting called at check in until you are safely onboard shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Your only real wait will be between check in and getting called to security.
  3. What's your routing? If this is Club World, then there's a hard limit on seats, and BA do overbook. However, they overbook on the basis of past performance and most often there winds up being no issue by the time the doors are closed. Because of BA's practice of charging for pre-assigned seating, I would be surprised to see a Club World cabin booked out at this early date, but on some heavy routes it can happen. On the other hand if you're in Club Europe, then the capacity in business class is variable--BA can, and often do, add rows to business class on European and domestic flights (check the number of irate threads on flyertalk from BAEC members who've been shunted from their first row seat back to row 28 when BA has moved the curtain).
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