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  1. Couldn't disagree more, and we sailed the Edge in August and the Connie in Feb (well, part way to Singapore...). Connie appeared VERY tired to us, but the Edge was exciting! Different strokes I guess....
  2. I guess I wasn't thinking along the terms of the cancellation (of $100 per person that is often "penalized" in the form of an FCC) fee, as I didn't even think they were the only ones charging it. Are you sure about that?
  3. Yes, we have. We were actually in the middle of the Indian Ocean on our way to Singapore from a Dubai, when all ports started closing left and right and we had to turn around and head back to Dubai. In the meantime, we just in the past 3 weeks cancelled an Oct ‘20 Viking a River Cruise, and received our refund in 2 weeks. We have dealt with the same Consultant at that NH agency, and, IMHO, it has made a difference in any situation we have needed to call on him. Extra fees??? Have never seen them. Extra perks or OBC??? Every cruise..
  4. That has been the total opposite of our experience through about 15 bookings with them. You know, even Mercedes puts out a lemon every once in a while. An agency that big, is also going to occasionally have agents that don’t measure up to the vast majority of the rest of their staff.
  5. Interesting....I was interested in booking under the same current offer of ship board credit, and am also a first time Viking cruiser (as we just cancelled our Oct 2020 River Cruise), but the most they would move the date, was 2 months from the original Dec 2020 date. As I said, that much money in their hands for 14 months is a deal breaker for me.
  6. Did you have a code that the promo applied to or where did you see this promo? I have a back to back in Australia and New Zealand in March of 2022 that I am very interested in, but the latest I can get them to move the final payment date back to, is Feb of 2021. I have an issue with having Viking hold my $26000 interest free for 13 months. I explained this to them yesterday, and their answer was it allows them to provide us more excursions and a better experience than other lines.....
  7. We cancelled our Oct River Cruise on April 25th, and have received our whole cash refund in a combination of VISA refunds and echeck refunds early this week! It took less than 2 weeks. Pretty relieved to have our $12000 back in our hands.
  8. We cancelled our Oct River Cruise on April 25th, and have received our whole cash refund in a combination of VISA refunds and echeck refunds early this week! It took less than 2 weeks.
  9. Are you sure about this? We just cancelled our Oct river cruise and got a 100% cash refund minus a $200 penalty in the form of a FCV.
  10. I love this.....I see 2, maybe 3 posters that share your view. But yeah, use several as a description. Also, try to find the post where I said that these weren’t promos, but rather appeared be Viking “negotiating” to a certain point. Guys, I really don’t see the need to further this at all.
  11. Feel free to read this thread for some other opinions on Viking using the Final Payment date kind of like a moving target, if you ask me...obviously, as you will see, others disagree...
  12. Neither of these situations were a promo. The first guy, who offered the 6 months, initially offered me 15 months, and I told him we weren't going to pay in full that far ahead, and we were comfortable not booking. That offer was good for 72 hours. I know that is how "quotes". The second time quote I received, came after my wife and I went back and forth on whether we wanted to collect a refund on our Fall cruise or wait a while longer to see if Viking was going to cancel the cruise and offer the 125%. When we decided to cancel and "try" to get our money back while they are hopefully still in business, they decided to see if 125% FCV of our $11800 investment would entice us to keep our money with them. THAT also was not a promo. I'm sorry I brought our experience up, as I knew I would piss of some of the Viking cheerleaders (not you Zalusky...I think you were just misinterpreting their offer to me as a written promo, which it was not). Call it what you want, but it's not how I want to "negotiate" for my cruise that is going to run me almost $30000. Nor do I care to argue over semantics.
  13. Bait and switch is used in more than just the legal term. I received a written offer, and 3 weeks later it was gone. Viking is simply playing free and loose when and to whom the offer better final payment terms. I'm not particularly interested in debating whether I used the phrase "correctly", but rather whether Viking is acting rather shady in tense times....
  14. After cancelling an Oct '20 Danube cruise yesterday, I was told expect 45-60 days.
  15. Let’s see if I can explain a “bait and switch”...when a product is offered with a lower price or more advantageous condition, and then it doesn’t exist shortly thereafter, but one does with a higher price or more disadvantageous condition, it is a bait and switch. Now that you have an explanation, reread my original post and see if you still disagree with me....
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