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  1. I probably should have specified "marketing info or other non-marketing, but pertinent emails" as I had received absolutely zero emails from Azamara, even after trying to sign up to receive them multiple times AND having booked a B2B cruise with them that was ultimately transferred to my TA. I would have suspected their email system could handle 1 or 2 more interested customers....
  2. I'm glad that not receiving any updates from the cruise lines about impacts from current events is fine with you. Myself, I would prefer to know that they are keeping their customers informed and that we have value to them.
  3. Is anyone else having issues with not getting ANY marketing info or emails from Azamara? We have 24 days booked as a B2B on the quest next summer and it will be our first cruise since Feb 2020. I have signed up for their materials multiple times, and still don't get any info from them? And yes, I have checked my spam..
  4. If we have the basic package and want to enjoy a favorite upgraded drink with dinner, do we have to pay the price of the drink, or just the difference between a standard price drink and premium price drink?
  5. What I was told by an Azamara representative a couple of days ago, was that we would NOT lose our status earned, whether through Azamara or Celebrity, once the split processes, but that we would just not gain reciprocity points beyond that. I hope she understood that all of my points were earned through Celebrity....I can't say with 100% certainty that it was discussed. The context of my call was that I wanted to book a couple of unlimited WIFI packages for our cruises next summer (2022) because the status that Azamara showed us at online, provided a 50% discount. She said I couldn't do that before boarding, but once we boarded, again, as I said, in summer 2022, we would STILL get our 50% discount earned on Celebrity. I mentioned in another thread, that she also told me that even though Choice Air will "probably" disappear as a relationship, it will most likely be the last thing to separate and probably not until well later in the year.
  6. I spoke with an Azamara customer service rep yesterday after booking a back 2 back for July of 2022 to get some clarification on when/if reciprocity and status from Celebrity would go away. In the conversation, I asked her about Choice Air as well, as we have used it numerous times while sailing Celebrity. In fact, if it is still available in August of this year, which would be the earliest we could book flights for next year for our cruise, I will do so in a minute. She indicated that Azamara "probably" will end their relationship with Choice Air at some time after all the transitions take place, but that it will probably be one of the last things, and that it would probably still be in place well into this summer, or later. Just a personal endorsement for Choice Air...we were in the Middle east last year, going from Dubai to Singapore when the Pandemic was starting to really affect air travel. While in Sri Lanka, we were informed that the ship we were on was turning around and setting sail 4 days back to Dubai, at which time we were to make arrangements to return home ASAP. I actually found out about this, here, on CC before we received an announcement on board, and within minutes, I was in contact with a Choice Air representative from a lounge on the ship and within a half hour had my arrangements rerouted home avoiding all the closed middle east and Asian airports back to Minnesota, through Canada, while others on board took days to have Celebrity rebook for them.
  7. Even though you are talking about a travel agency, the same applies to my point here. This is one reason why I have not, and probably will not sail Viking until the "Full Payment" dating changes. I refuse to pay $20,000 for an item I am not going to receive for, in our case, up to 18 months.
  8. I'm sorry if you felt the questions were bothersome. To be fair, while your question read like you say it does to me, it could easily have been interpreted by someone else as confusing.
  9. You may have misunderstood me....I USE a large agency with 1000% satisfaction....
  10. I should explain that I am in the US and we ALWAYS use, or transfer, our bookings to a "big box" TA we have used for about 15 years with tremendous success and satisfaction. Our TA has a loyalty system that rewards customers with a token amount of OBC, but more importantly, I have communicated with the same representative for the last 8 years or so for every type of cruise, with any line, that we have taken, and he has ALWAYS gotten back to me within hours. I have been able to ask his suggestions when debating 2 different cruises, and he has offered his honest opinion, if he had experience enough to share. In addition, the "sweetener" of additional perks, usually in the way of OBC, but occasionally in the way of other perks, doesn't hurt. But, what has cemented my usage of this particular company is the assistance we received in the throes of the pandemic and its impact on booked cruises, active cruises, and upcoming cruises in the past year. We had refunds on a river cruise within days of bringing the cancellation to their attention, while we, at the same time, were seeing reports from others who had booked directly with the cruise line of it taking weeks and months to track down their entire refund.
  11. I actually just booked today, so after. But my points still show as if nothing has changed....
  12. My wife and I just booked our first Azamara cruise in the form of a Back2Back for next July and August. When I log in to my Azamara account, it shows the same number of points I have in my Captains Club account, which gives me Elite Level perks on Celebrity and shows me as Discovery level on Azamara. We have never sailed Azamara, but I was under the impression that the reciprocity agreement was gone? Is this reciprocity scheduled to disappear or are these perks going to carry with me because we booked while it was still in place on the Azamara website? On Celebrity, we were able to take advantage of a 1 cabin category upgrade, but I notice that that isn't printed on the Azamara Circle sheet of benefits. Also, after we booked our B2B, I discovered that Azamara offers OBC as a perk for booking B2B's? Is this still in place and do I need to request it or is it automatically factored in?
  13. This is what we do almost all the time.
  14. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure the exact location, BUT it was in an Azamara Quest guest review on CC, and I am assuming it was in one of the few Norwegian Fjord reviews, as that is what we are looking at. My wife is doing that part of our research and mentioned it, but I can't confirm the location, or context. If no one is familiar with it, we may have misunderstood the guests review, OR they were referring to a TA offer?? But, they distinctly mentioned contacting/booking with Azamara, so, who knows....
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