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  1. FASHION STATUS??!!?? Oh good GRIEF!! REALLY??!!?? I can't believe someone in this day and age would even say that with any seriousness. And to put it in perspective, according to this article, the value of the global denim jeans market in 2018 was $66 BILLION (US), and is projected to climb to $85 BILLION (US) by 2025. https://www.statista.com/statistics/734419/global-denim-jeans-market-retail-sales-value/ That's an awful lot of us "common laborers" buying jeans! Oh, and I recommend you stay away from Colorado if jeans offend you that much since that's our "State Wardrobe Staple" … and no, we're not all ranchers, laborers, miners, and low-lifes and further, we do not judge people based on their wardrobe.
  2. FWIW, I'd book 044 over 055 because there's no connecting cabin and it's a little further back so "maybe" a little less traffic overhead from the Lido.
  3. I just contacted Chum Fun last week about going out in the morning when we're there. Were you using bait or lures? How long did you actually get to fish?
  4. Yeah, maybe you guys are right in that we did actually board the ship and sail part of the cruise vs OP's experience so we got points for the entire cruise and not just while actually on the ship. And yes, thankfully the surgery went exceptionally well although I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone.
  5. I'd check with the Mariner Society. I had something similar happen on Celebrity in 2016 but was injured during the cruise. Thankfully credit card insurance refunded the 9 days in a suite that we missed due to my being taken to the hospital in the Canary Islands for a broken femur. The airlines refunded the price of our return air directly to us after I explained what happened and provided the dates and my surgeon's name/phone number. But my point is that Celebrity credited our Captain's Club accounts for the full length of the cruise. And speaking of insurance, I'd like to add a reminder to know what your medical evacuation coverage really provides. We opted for me not to have the surgery (and subsequent recovery which stretched into months) in the Canary Islands and were mistakenly under the impression that our health insurance would cover an air ambulance back to the States for surgery. We wound up paying six figures for that air ambulance flight out of pocket so I could have major surgery in a first world country … a VERY expensive lesson learned but now we don't leave home without MedjetAssist.
  6. If there's not a lot of difference in price and it fits your budget, I'd suggest moving down to Deck 9 to a Cat A or B. We like the Vista suites over the Explorations Café or Queen's Room, which are all port side. Also vote to avoid adjoining cabins. Enjoy your cruise. We're about to embark on that wonderful 14 night itinerary a week from today on the Amsterdam, our third time doing it! 😊
  7. Not surprised everything was grounded... two years ago in Ketchikan our pilot, who owns the company and has been flying up there since she was a teenager, said that the cruise lines cancel if the ceiling isn’t a minimum of 1,500ft and judging by what we saw on the Juneau webcam, it was lower than that all day. Guess you’ll just have to go back up to Alaska someday. 😉
  8. Got ours digitally today and quite glad we don't get a paper copy as we're both capable of reading it online. I've actually called all the cruise lines and travel companies that have bombarded us with catalogs over the years and asked them to stop sending us stuff in the mail which goes straight to recycle. Slowly but surely it's stopping.
  9. Thanks again for sharing all the info on your blog. We'll be boarding her in only 9 SLEEPS!! 🤩 We're doing the exact same thing flying home, also to DIA - Port Valet, 2 free bags with our United Explorer card, 11:10 AM flight. So what time did you arrange for your car to pick you up and what time did you actually disembark? How were the TSA lines at that time of the morning on a Monday? And was your luggage on the regular carousel at DIA or behind them? Thanks again! Barb
  10. Going to disagree with you. The beef USED to be wonderful as was the service but our last two dinners in the PG on two different ships left us so disappointed that we won't be spending time or money eating there anymore.
  11. Correct - you can't book the Pinnacle Grill for lunch online - only dinner. Also, I thought I read lunch also had a price increase (maybe $15 now?). Someone who knows for sure will surely chime in.
  12. zelker

    hubbard glacier

    If you find out anything that sounds legitimate (LOL), please post it here. I tried asking Allen Marine on their Facebook page when HAL notified us that it had been cancelled but they never replied.
  13. We sailed her for the first time in December, San Diego to FLL - she seemed to be in fine shape and we enjoyed her and the crew.
  14. Thanks for posting the link to the webcam. Sure hope the weather is better in two weeks when we're there.
  15. @actcleath Thanks for the recommendation. All I could find online with that phone number is this Facebook page - is this the guy and the boat you went out on? https://www.facebook.com/ptshorthaul/ And if so, how much did he charge to go out and were there 6 of you?
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