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  1. Now, I could be wrong but …... Unless you do this every time your stateroom is cleaned (twice/day), why bother? But the bigger question is - WHY BOTHER AT ALL?? The stateroom attendants do not change their cleaning rags, sponges, toilet bowl scrubbers, mops, etc. from cabin to cabin, do they? They don't wear shoe covers and they use the same vacuum so who knows what they track or drag into your stateroom, depositing germs on the floors for us to walk in? Then think about the crew who clean off tables where we eat or drink - they pick up dishes, napkins, etc., then go from table to table with the same rag and rarely (never?) use cleaning spray. And don't get me started on those woven placemats they use in the Lido because those don't even get picked up between guests and I really have to wonder if they ever clean them because they sure can't be put in a washing machine like table linens can. So all one can do is wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, repeat often, sneeze or cough into your elbow, and for heaven's sake, keep your hands out of the food and don't refill water bottles where it clearly states DO NOT FILL WATER BOTTLES!!! Ok, getting off my bandwagon now. Enjoy your cruise. 😄
  2. No price difference between pre-ordering a wine package or ordering once on board.
  3. Nope to a cash advance … and definitely no for anything related to the casino. And neither do air or hotel count as they are considered part of your cruise fare.
  4. Oh, duh … you're right. Silly me. 🙃
  5. Alaska winding down and the last visit to Kodiak by Amsterdam this season.
  6. Do you still get your 25% or 50% discount when using the pre-paid card?
  7. Another thing people might not know is that even if your hotel service charges are included as part of a promo, as long as it shows as a charge on your onboard account (it will), and even though it will then be debited because it's already been paid by HAL, it will still count toward your onboard spend and go towards earning Mariner points as well.
  8. This might interest you … as part of HAL being a "green" cruise line ... All cleaning agents are non-toxic Detergents used in laundering are made from soy, and banana and orange extracts (not to worry, laundry doesn't come back smelling like a fruit smoothie 😉)
  9. Sound interesting. Can you post a link to them pls.
  10. And here I was envisioning everything coming back damp and having to be hung in the bathroom, etc. until it dried but this will make life SO much easier!! Thanks for answering so quickly, too. Excited to give it a go. 😊
  11. So were your hang to dry items dry before they were returned to you?
  12. Hi, Sue - Don't know about you but I'll still take Woolite with, and I also always take a couple of inflatable hangers which I've traveled with for years because even if they will return tops damp, I prefer not to hang them on metal or wood while they finish drying. Barb
  13. I haven't tried it yet but have read on other threads where people posted that they have requested that and have had good luck. I always request cold wash and cool dry and they don't seem to have a problem with that. Will be following this to see what answers you get since we're getting ready for a 40 day cruise next month and will definitely be using free laundry and dry cleaning.
  14. Depending on the itinerary and time of year, there are typically WAY fewer kids/families on HAL than Royal. Also, we think HAL's itineraries are better than almost any cruise line … thus, we keep coming back. 🙂
  15. KroozNut … 99.999999% sure this was posted in jest.
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