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  1. oops - found the answer a few posts back
  2. Yep, I know Vouchers are different than SBC ... I'm talking specifically about SBC. Thx.
  3. Our TA wasn't sure but said in the past she was pretty sure they didn't allow it.
  4. Thanks for all your helpful info! Glad you mentioned the service charges ... I saw in MVJ that we can prepay these using shipboard credit but can we also wait and still use SBC to pay them once we're onboard?
  5. We'll be sailing Viking for the first time in November. I found this on their website and was actually able to refer our friends who decided to join us. Referral Rewards & Benefits | Viking Cruises
  6. What do you mean by "change from location to location"? Location ON the ship or location OF the ship? Thx.
  7. Tried searching under the main Viking forum and got nada so guess this is the best place to ask the question - does Viking offer Splenda sweetener?
  8. As soon-to-be first time Viking cruisers, I was thinking the same thing but was afraid I'd get flamed if I mentioned it so thanks for speaking up. And thanks for the organizational tip. 👍
  9. Sending healing thoughts, Bruno! Barb
  10. DH is curious as to which IPAs he might be able to enjoy onboard. 🍺
  11. But they’ll allow curling irons and straighteners. Makes no sense but I’m not here to argue and it’s really not a deal breaker as we really want to try Viking. Maybe I’ll take a hot water bottle. 😉 Thx
  12. I’ve done that on a cruise or two when no egg crates were available.... definitely helps. Good to know Viking will at least do that. Thx.
  13. Seriously, no heating pads allowed?????? THAT could be a deal-breaker for me, especially if the beds are as hard as some have reported. 😞 Edited to say that it appears that HAL and Celebrity have these exact same forbidden item lists and I have never had my heating pad questioned so guess I won't worry about it.
  14. What about black leggings with a tunic-length top? Or nice capris? That’s standard, easy to pack dinner attire for me, even on Seabourn.
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