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  1. But then we have to add $5 to have access to Verizon in Mexico for the day so once we add that to the Uber cost, it seems about the same as paying for a taxi.
  2. Thanks for all the great PV info you always share. Re: getting pesos, do you happen to know if there is either an ATM or a money exchange in the port building? We didn't need pesos last time we were there so didn't pay attention. PS - you may have posted this previously but will taxis accept USD?
  3. Within 60 days of the day you disembark.
  4. But HAL (and now it's ALL the cruise lines that the big box store sells) didn't necessarily get the benefit of that spend since the OBC they gave was refundable or if it was in the form of their store-brand gift card, it was exchangeable for cash at said big box store. In any case, we have now taken all our cruise business to a TA we use that sells all cruise lines (was already using them for lines like Seabourn and Viking that big box store doesn't sell) and, like they do for Seabourn, for example, they give us a discount off the price of our HAL cruise before final payment that is equivalent to what would have been OBC or a "shop card", etc. given to us by the big box store and which we much prefer anyway. 😄 Still, not happy about the changes HAL appears to have implemented re: open FCD's and booking after a cruise rather than during a cruise. Will be boarding Eurodam in less than 4 weeks and will definitely be having a chat with the FCC onboard.
  5. Hi, sail ... it's all rather confusing I know but hopefully this will help clarify. we're not discussing HAL gift cards, we're discussing the big box store travel agency's new policy and what they now call "Shop Cards" which can only be used at the big box store or their online store.
  6. sorry Woofbite but I don't know what this specifically pertains to ... is that because you use one of their credit cards or because you have an Executive membership that gets you the 2% rebate? we don't have one of their credit cards so can't answer anything about how that works. if you have questions, would suggest you call them to get clarification. we're talking specifically about the perks they gave vs the new policy that took effect at the first of the year.
  7. We live 5 minutes from one but when we have $1-2K in refundable OBC from one cruise, we liked getting that back in the form of a check or credit to our credit card. There are just two of us, we're retired, and to spend that much in the store or online would easily take us 2 years. Don't like feeling beholding to where I do business.
  8. Same thing with the same big box store here in the US. We have used them since 2004 but with this new policy, I told one of their supervisors that I have communicated with about other things that not only would we be taking our business elsewhere, but we would also stop paying extra for the Executive membership. I think it stinks that they are now forcing customers to only spend the so-called perks in-store or online rather than being able to get cash back from the old gift card they issued or issuing refundable OBC, depending on which cruise line it was.
  9. The main reason to go out in the morning is because the seas are calmer, thus making it easier to spot the whales. We've been out with Captain Steve's also but our favorite (Maui Adventure Cruises) - and who we're booked with again this trip - goes out of Lahaina Harbor, mere yards from where the tenders drop you. Captain Steve's goes out of the small Mala Boat Ramp, which is a little over a mile from where the tenders drop you, about a 20 or so minute walk. https://mauiadventurecruises.com/maui-whale-watch/
  10. Thanks for her name. Looking forward to our first time on Eurodam and a good escape from the cold weather here in Colorado.
  11. @Copper10-8 Do you know who the CD is on Eurodam by any chance? Specifically looking at dates of Feb. 16 through March 18. Thanks!
  12. Sorry to hear you experienced serious vibration last night. I know that stretch between southern CA and Baja can get a bit rough so maybe that was contributing to it? We were in 7025 this summer on the Amsterdam (same location as it is on the Rottie) - great location and under Canaletto so minimal noise from above. Would have loved to get that one or 7023 but they were already gone. Is your tv on the wall or still on the long counter nearest the door/window to the verandah?
  13. Hi, Gary - thx for the names, don't know either one. We've got 7038 on hold - haven't ever stayed that far aft but didn't like the other available suite locations either. Need to decide today whether we're doing the cruise or not (we did it on the Volendam in December 2018 so not really a big deal if we go this time, other than to get away from winter for a few weeks). Guess they aren't going to be installing the flat screen tv's on the smaller ships like the Rotterdam. Oh well. Barb
  14. We'll be embarking for the FLL-SAN itinerary in later February, also in a NS. Good to hear yours is looking good. Assume they still haven't installed the large, interactive flat screen tv on the wall though, right? Also, curious which suite # you're in. And who are the Neptune Lounge concierges? Thanks! Enjoy! 🙂
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