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  1. Hi, Roger - it was with a HAL reservation agent, not a PCC or TA. All I did was ask how much to include it and she said $15 pp/day. And when I called back a couple of days later to put the deposit on it, I asked again and was told the same thing. Good luck!
  2. I was quoted $15 pp/day (in a Cat A regular verandah on a 25 day cruise on the K'dam for Feb. 2022). Of course it's complimentary in a Neptune or Pinnacle suite. In our opinion, it's not worth it to pay for it unless you're on one of the ships that has the dedicated CO restaurant.
  3. Not always ... we sailed west to east in February 2020 and not one drop of rain the entire day.
  4. From Seabourn site FAQs.... And I’ll add that it also depends on where your sailing. Expedition type itineraries (think Alaska, Antarctica, etc) tend to be less formal, in our experience. Hope this helps. How Should I Pack? Attire During the Day: During the daytime, casual, resort-style attire, including shorts and jeans, is welcome in all lounges and dining venues. Swimsuits, brief shorts, cover-ups and exercise attire should be reserved for poolside, on deck or in the spa and fitness center. In the evening (after 6pm) there are two different dress codes: Elegant Ca
  5. I used to book a lot with said big box store's agency and they never charged a cancellation or change fee. They stopped representing Seabourn maybe 4 years ago so I switched to a new TA in Florida who never charges to change or cancel either.
  6. I haven't read anything that makes me think Seabourn will be assigning cohort groups, randomly or otherwise. Below is from their website under the Onboard Health and Safety Protocols. Have you seen something different that maybe I'm missing? COHORTS (To) Maintain a safety-oriented environment, cohorts traveling together will be encouraged on board in restaurants, bars and other venues.
  7. Sorry to read about your Australia cruise getting cut short. We were fortunate in that our 31 day cruise made it until the end without issue (ended in San Diego) and were able to disembarked, fly home (that was March 18th) but have been here ever since. We miss traveling!! (don't we all) We had one cancelled last spring (Europe) and two this coming summer (Alaska B2Bs). The first cruise we have booked isn't until December (Caribbean and through the Canal to LA on Sojourn) so we have several months yet to cancel before the penalty phase starts. Since we only have to get from Den
  8. On our 40 night Vancouver to Auckland cruise in October 2019, it says 7 on the eDocs (I just checked). At the Captain's discretion on any cruise, there can always be more or less.
  9. We were in a Neptune on Eurodam for 30 days in in February/March 2020 as the Covid nightmare unfolded. It was business as usual for the first segment from FLL to San Diego but as we headed to Hawaii, things all over the ship started to change (no longer self-serve in the Lido, public restroom doors propped open, manned hand sanitizer stations, not even salt and pepper shakers or butter or bread left on the table in the MDR). The change to the Neptune Lounge was that the doors were all propped open throughout the day and the food/beverage area was roped off with one or two of the PG servers s
  10. Yes, the deposit is always refundable when you book an Advantage fare.
  11. Denise - Flying to/from Denver is easy-peasy for us too (and quick and cheap). As for a pre-cruise hotel, I know a lot of people recommend the Springhill Suites across from the port but we're open to other suggestions if you have any. Barb
  12. Excellent! Hope you'll join our roll call, too. 🏝️
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