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  1. I bet. This watching and waiting is just another stressor no one needs at the moment. Saw Viking just extended all their ocean and river cruise suspensions through the end of JUNE!! Wish Seabourn would just rip the bandage off and go for it too.
  2. @sansterre Hopefully you're feeling better. Have you received your test results yet? My allergies are definitely acting up and normally I wouldn't give it a second thought but in our new reality, how does one not worry every time we cough?
  3. They were all purchased prior to the end of 2019. I didn't inquire whether the previous perks would be grandfathered in as we aren't letting any money sit with the cruise lines now.
  4. Just saw this on their website, too. Figured they'd extend it another 30 days. Guess we'll be waiting for the next announcement for our cruise (May 23rd).
  5. I didn't receive one either and we are still booked on the May 23rd 28-day sailing on Ovation, at least until they cancel it.
  6. In case you weren't aware, I was told that if we cancel and take FCC, they WILL refund the amount of port taxes/fees to our credit card.
  7. Not sure this has been mentioned previously but in this day and age of eliminating redundant positions within companies that "merge", wouldn't it make sense that since Princess, HAL, and Seabourn are all part of the Holland America Group of Carnival, that there is only one Accounting group that processes claims for all 3 lines? (e.g., for sure there is only one Employment department that handles all 3 lines) So if this is the case, one can only imagine the magnitude of cancellations this one Accounting group is dealing with at the moment. Food for thought ……….
  8. Getting angry isn't going to gain you anything. It is what it is. Just accept it and move on.
  9. Yes, I realize that but it's a new reality now and you're only fooling yourselves if you expect things to be handled the way they were even two months ago. I just did the same thing with Holland America and Seabourn both and was told to expect delays since cancelled cruises (whether you cancel or they cancel) and requesting refunds of FCDs ALL go through the same accounting department. So basically we all have to get in line. We figure if we get it sooner it's a bonus but we're not holding our breath so we won't be disappointed if it really does take 8-9 weeks.
  10. Sorry but I'd say 8 weeks might be a more reasonable expectation for your refund.
  11. Very easy to do. All you need to do is call HAL and request that they refund your FCDs and they will credit whatever form of payment you used. I just cancelled $1,800 worth of them this week, as well as $1,000 worth from Seabourn. Both said to expect it to take longer than normal (think many weeks vs. many days) since all refunds get processed through the same department so you can imagine how busy they are at the moment. Yes, they are nice for reduced deposits but they've really reduced the OBC benefit of using them which, at least for now, isn't worth it for them to hold our money.
  12. Although we are still waiting to see what Seabourn does re: canceling cruises in the coming months so that we can (hopefully) get a refund (we're on Ovation, 28 days, sailing May 23rd out of Lisbon), not knowing what the future holds for the next year or two, we requested that the two FCDs they were holding be refunded now. Did the same thing with our six FCD's that HAL has AND cancelled our late fall 2020 and early 2021 cruises with HAL. We've already taken a 75% hit on the CCL stock we bought last year so no sense letting them hold more of our money.
  13. Exactly why we were wondering why CA isn't the better option.
  14. DH and I were just talking about this horrible situation and wondering why they don't sail to Oakland where the Grand was. They were obviously willing and able to handle a quarantined ship.
  15. Just got off 31 days on Eurodam on the 18th. We were SO lucky to get through our cruise without anyone getting sick and were able to disembark on schedule in San Diego. THIS just hit me to the core!! Sending our condolences to all affected by this and pray the ship gets to Florida without any more loss of lives.
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