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  1. kubies

    Solo Cabins

    Looking at HAL website and notice that they have solo cabins. Which ships?
  2. SailorMarge submitted a long and detailed report of her family's Alaska cruise on the Eurodam. She said that they arrived at the terminal at 11:00 am and there were no porters so they had to wheel their luggage deep into the terminal. Was this because it was too early? If so, what time would porters be available? Asking because I am not able to walk long distances and have requested a wheelchair for embarkation and disembarkation. Thanks for any information you can provide.
  3. Is the TV in the Ocean View cabin on the desk or mounted on the wall opposite the bed? I've seen two different pictures of these cabins with the TV located either on the desk or the wall. Very confusing!
  4. Need advice for transport to Mendenhall for two "seniors" who have some minor mobility issues. Don't need a guided tour as we have been there before; just advice for the most affordable and "doable" options.
  5. kubies

    Alaska Reading List

    I'm with Yukonjake. James Michner's ALASKA. Big, rich, delightful, and entertaining.
  6. Is this change of the Crow's Nest fleet wide? Sure hope not1
  7. kubies

    Solos on HAL

    Is HAL a good option/fit for Solos? Any special events, etc?
  8. kubies

    Specialty coffees

    is Exploations on the Observation deck the only place to get specialty coffees?
  9. kubies

    Best cruise line for solo senior

    How is Holland America for solos?
  10. kubies

    Hydro pool

    What is current daily cost on the Eurodam?
  11. kubies

    Shuttle to Mendenhall

    So, sounds like a taxi is a slightly better price than the shuttle....even if there is a wait because we need to call for a pick up.
  12. kubies

    Shuttle to Mendenhall

    Yes, I remember the "Blue Bus" to Mendenhall several years ago. Big business has come to Juneau and now the round trip shuttle at $45 seems to be the best deal. Does anyone know how much a taxi to Mendenhall is? Going again next summer with my sister.
  13. kubies

    Roaming charges

    If I change the settings on my cell phone to airplane mode will that eliminate roaming charges while I am at sea?
  14. kubies

    Explore 4 question

  15. kubies

    Explore 4 question

    When does the Explore 4 promotion end?