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  1. Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure CLOSE due to the coronavirus outbreak Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will both close starting Saturday No coronavirus cases were reported at the parks, but closure is a precaution It is only the sixth unscheduled closure in Disneyland Park's history Daily Mail.
  2. I work in a big ER in Seattle. Want me to say it? I will get banned, but if it saves one life I will.
  3. Things are getting very real in Seattle. Schools have just been closed for six weeks, and the government is warning about other impending measures. There have already been four cruise visits cancelled for various reasons last time I looked. I read that 1.3 million cruisers cycle through Seattle each year. Things are hitting the fan here. I know that people won't want ships with 4,000 people in quarantine being tied up downtown for weeks on end. We will pay dearly for that. We don't have the medical resources to take care of them. The public will go nuts if they think Granny has been denied a ventilator because some cruise person from outside the State is on one. I predict that the government will close Seattle to cruise ships for the 2020 season, and within a month we are on an Italian style lockdown. No one in. No one out.
  4. People think it is just a cold, and won't happen to them because they will wash their hands when they go on board, and use a napkin, and that it is all just a joke caused by Trump, the Democrats, Soros, global warming etc. The thing is, we know very little about it. Here is a good one: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8104477/Doctors-claim-new-coronavirus-cause-damage-mans-TESTICLES.html New research coming out of China says that it infects the sperm producing male hardware the same as it can kill your kidneys. No one seems to care about dead old people, but maybe they might if it turns out that men will be shooting blanks for the rest of their lives if they get a good dose.
  5. It's all fun and games until it goes airborne.
  6. https:// komonews.com/news/nation-world/inslee-to-order-seattle-area-schools-shut-down-for-6-weeks-due-to-coronavirus
  7. Plus 25 minutes of free internet. If it works.
  8. The give you a refund via FCC, but then an inside cabin costs $30,000. Each. Nice one.
  9. Dude drops a baby out a window and he sues. Granny gets quarantined for a month and sues...
  10. I don't know about banks, but restaurants where I live are closing, and in the supermarkets everyone is giving everyone else a wiiiide berth, or they go at 5.00am when they are empty. An infectious diseases expert named Michael Osterholm gave an interview saying he believes it is airborne through ventilation systems. I work in a hospital, and have been wearing an N95 mask for the last two nights for just that reason.
  11. Nah. We really do have quite a few dead people. 30 in my area that we have been told officially. BTW, most schools to the north and east of Seattle go out tomorrow. Some are out for six weeks. Some aren't even doing online learning. They are just closed.
  12. I work in a job where I could die any day as well. I work in an ER in Seattle. I'm actually heading there right now. Good luck. Stay away from door knobs.
  13. Wife ordered 50lb bag of rice on Amazon on 3/5 to add to our store room. $50. Price went up to $80. Now sold out. Is rice the new toilet paper?
  14. A few weeks ago we had (I am 100% sure) patients that were lying about having returned from China. Now we treat everyone the same, and Chinese patients no longer come in to work. I don't know where they have gone, but the Chinese, Koreans, and drug addicts have all vanished from where I work. I am thinking it is the same as what happened in Wuhan, where people hid because they were scared of being quarantined.
  15. Our schools are closed. But we have dead people. Newsflash: Seattle Public schools are closing immediately.
  16. Anyway, I just had a shipment of safely goggles come in, and I need to see which ones fit before I go to work. Nice chatting to you. Sorry if I was mean. Stay safe.
  17. If you are going to have a technical argument, you need to be precise. Otherwise you weaken your argument and look foolish. Tell me, why do Pathologists wear masks when they do autopsies? Because they are scared of making the patient sick?
  18. When I went to my doctor on Monday he was wearing a mask. Was that because he was sick? No, he was worried he was going to catch something off me. But, masks don't work, right? So, why would he wear one?
  19. We have something just like it at work. It is called a PAPR. Workers with facial hair use them as an alternative to N95's, as the hair prevents getting a proper seal. There is another version called a CAPR, but I have never used one.
  20. 'Allergy' to perfume is usually actually a multiple chemical sensitivity/intolerance. It isn't actually an allergy as such. They way to check if you are having symptoms of an 'allergic' reaction is to take a normal dose of Diphenhydramine, and see if the symptoms resolve. If they do it was probably an allergy, but without specific allergy testing it can be hard to tell.
  21. If you are near someone who coughs or sneezes, immediately hold your breath, and walk away. Upwind if possible, but just get as much distance as you can as soon as you can. If you are able, stick your nose down your shirt, hold the collar closed, and breathe as shallowly as you can until you can get away. We do it at work if we get caught out without a mask for some reason. On an elevator, hit the next button, and get the hell off. Don't get back on that elevator for a while. Don't care that you look stupid. There are no points for being the kool kid in the body bag.
  22. 11 other WA nursing homes have infected. At one of them the Executive Chef is infected.
  23. SEATTLE -- In the wake of an "unprecedented health emergency" in the Puget Sound region, Gov. Jay Inslee announced a ban Wednesday on gatherings and events of more than 250 people in virtually the entire Seattle metro area to try to stop the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak as the region announced a 26th death in connection with the coronavirus. The ban covers King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties and affects gatherings for "social, spiritual and recreational activities. These include but are not limited to: community, civic, public, leisure, faith-based, or sporting events; parades; concerts; festivals; conventions; fundraisers and similar activities." "It is clear that our state needs a more vigorous and more comprehensive vision of how we're going to stop the spread of this epidemic," Inslee said. "This is not your ordinary flu. This is a virus that the experts tell us are at least 10 more potentially fatal than the flu and it demands a response consistent with the nature of the threat." I predict that Washington State West of the Cascades, South of Mt Vernon, and North of Olympia will be under strict travel restrictions within a month. Probably sooner. Just my prediction.
  24. You think your schools will be open in three or four weeks? Really? Wow.
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