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  1. Give it about 14 more days when the death toll in the US is in the 1,000's, and people will walk away from the industry. Deposits? People won't hang around for that, they will be too busy looking for toilet paper, and hiding in their basements. The ships will be empty. Oh, and don't forget that there is a possibility that they will quarantine Seattle, so even if you are a thrill seeker who wants to look death in the eye, you might not be able to get into town..
  2. If they shut down the industry that entire cash flow thing goes out the window.
  3. I ordered 10 N95's off Amazon. Kimberly Clark brand, $59.95. Tuesday, March 10 10:09 PM Package arrived at a carrier facility San Bernardino Ca Distribution Center, US It has been said that the reason COVID-19 had no traction in Hong Kong is the government ordered everyone to wear a surgical mask when they were outside their home. I was walking around at work tonight, and nearly everyone was wearing a surgical mask. I had one of my personal N95's on, and was asked a number of times where I got it, because ours are rationed. I have no intention of becoming dead because some moron decided that it was a good idea to have a bat burrito, and then go out licking handrails and doorknobs.
  4. Any one thing won't save you. You need to carry out a range of strategies so that you have a broad range of protection going on. For someone walking around their supermarket, or down the park, a mask is usually unnecessary. When I am at work I am wearing scrubs, gloves, safety goggles, and mask nearly 100% of the time. As I leave work my scrub top comes off, gets turned inside out, and gets rolled up to carry. Then I wash my hands and arms as I go out the door. When I walk in my front door, my scrub bottoms come off, get rolled inside out, and my shoes and coat have their own spot. Everything I took to work like keys or glasses stay in my 'work' jacket. Then I wash my hands. My scrubs go into my own laundry bag by the front door to be washed separately. Not becoming dead, and not causing someone else to become dead is what I get paid for, and we actually have secret watchers at work that will inform our managers if we don't follow protocol. Termination for non compliance is an option.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8094933/How-one-man-spread-coronavirus-NINE-people-bus.html "People who wore masks on the bus were not infected, the study found."
  6. Not if you have facial hair, as you cannot get a seal. Otherwise, they work, under certain conditions.
  7. It depends on where you live. Seattle is very, very, quiet. Commute times into the city are down by 50%
  8. It is actually pretty easy and fun to make your own mask. Any barrier that you can put between your face and someone else's will probably help. I know the CDC and everyone else tells you not to make your own mask, but if I were in Northern Italy right now, and really needed to go out and stock up on bean burritos, I would be making a mask. Where I work, as fast as we put masks out people are stealing them to take home. I try to get a full shift out of one, and then take them home to dry out on my kitchen window sill. I have been doing that for a couple of weeks now. If we ever run out at work, I will be recycling those ones. Otherise, I would make my own, rather than go without. Oh, but some random stranger on a cruise ship might look at me and think I'm stupid! People think I'm stupid all the time. I don't care.
  9. Don't be bullied. I wear a mask for most of my shift in the hospital that I work in. It protects me from catching something, and also catches anything I might be gifting by accident. There are different types of masks, some are better than others, but any mask and gloves will cause you to hesitate before you put your fingers in your face. It is not true what they are saying about them being ineffective. It is to stop the public panicking and buying every mask on the planet, so that people like me can't get them, as that will bring down the hospital system. We are already starting to experience shortages where I work. If you have a mask, wear it. If someone laughs at you, don't worry about it. Better to be laughed at by some low rent loser, than be going to your own funeral.
  10. Nah. Mainly old farts, and the self employed. Very few strippers and people with backwards hats. Ya dig?
  11. Hey, Two Wheels! We have had this discussion before. How are the tatts? And the girlfriend...
  12. Be careful saying that. People will accuse you of being elitist. And if you say that you are pretty sure that they aren't Haven guests they will confront you and want to know how. When you say they don't fit the demographic because of their tatts, gold chains, hats on backwards, and stripper girlfriends they will go crazy. They won't care that you have never seen them anywhere else in the Haven for the entire trip, and the Haven is literally like a fishbowl.
  13. A helicopter. Maybe a jet pack. Invisibility cloak and running shoes. Hazmat suit and PAPR.
  14. SANTA ROSA (KRON) – A local emergency has been declared in Sonoma County after a person has tested presumptive positive for the coronavirus, the Sonoma County Department of Health Services announced Monday. Authorities said the patient had recently returned from a cruise ship that departed from San Francisco to Mexico. The patient, who has been in Sonoma County for 10 days, is showing symptoms of coronavirus and is currently in stable condition and under isolation at a local hospital.
  15. The latest I saw was that it kills the elderly proportionately more, but the rate of hospitalizations is much higher in younger people than with the flu. Even children are higher.
  16. -Older people with underlying conditions are more likely to get sick. “If you’re over 60 years old or if you have an underlying condition like cardiovascular disease, a respiratory condition … you have a high risk of developing diseases. You may wish to take extra precautions to avoid crowded areas or places where you might interact with people who are sick.” Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Good luck.
  17. It is all about adequate planning. Plan to potentially be away from home and in quarantine for two weeks to a month or more. If you are over 50 or have illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, COPD, etc make sure your Will is filed, and someone is checking your mail, and watering your plants. Don't leave your cat home alone thinking you will just be gone for a few days. Dogs in a kennel? Can you afford to pay for a month. Will you have bills arriving during the month that need to be paid? Make sure your boss is good with you being away for an extended period of time. If you are over 70 years, begin praising your lord and savior, and take comfort for having lived a good life, and roll those dice. Just roll them! Oh, and you probably don't want an inside cabin.
  18. We now have community spread of Covid-19 in the USA. No way I would be getting on a cruise ship right now.
  19. Look on the bright side. If you sail on an empty ship you won't have any problems getting a chair by the pool.
  20. We did the same thing. At most meals in both the Haven and outside the Haven we were asked if anyone had any food allergies. Not always 100%, but mostly. Ours were pretty simple, shellfish, but if it was a funny one like soy or tree nuts I would be a lot more cautious, and wouldn't take any risks that something had snuck into a cookie or cake, etc. The crew are pretty switched on though. They don't want any problems. We go to our Allergist a couple of weeks before we go to get new medications. We travel with Benadryl, Eip-pens, strong oral steroids, and a couple of other things. Plus my financial advisor is a pediatric ICU nurse, and to be honest, we are hyper vigilant when travelling. If something did happen we would probably be able to deal with it ourselves. God forbid. Be prepared and keep your eyes open and you should be OK. I don't think there is any difference between Haven and non-Haven.
  21. We like this place: 'Hyatt Regency Bellevue On Seattle's Eastside'. It's a really nice place, over the road from a very, very, nice shopping mall. Bill and Melinda sometimes shop there. You can walk from the hotel to the mall without actually going onto the street when it rains, and is cold, which is about ten months of the year. It is also about a mile from where Bill and Melinda live. Bill is fussy. Bill doesn't tolerate minor annoyances. Bill employs people to make sure that minor annoyances don't happen in his backyard. Minor annoyances are smart enough to stay well away from Bellevue. They aren't invited.
  22. The Haven pool would be OK (Joy) if they decided to actually heat it. Otherwise it is good for 6yo's and people wearing 10mm wetsuits.
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