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  1. May it is NCL's contribution to the global fight against obesity. Like that?
  2. On the Joy you could use this door to enter the Haven on Deck 19 from the public sundeck Portside, and then use the smoking area forward by the hot tubs. The door was usually left open, and you could walk right in. You could also use the hot tubs, or whatever else you wanted in the Haven, except for the restaurant, and maybe the bar. No need to be a guest.
  3. In all seriousness, three of us got sick in the Haven restaurant in September on two different nights from exactly the same thing. You don't need to go to the buffet. I spoke to the chef about it at the time the meal was served and I had sent it back. I told the crew that I had got sick the next day. On the second occasion I reasonably assumed that the issue would have been dealt with. It wasn't, and we then had two sick kids from a single bite each. It must have been crawling. The chef actually stood there and argued the point with me when I pointed out that it was a food safety issue. He said I didn't know what I was talking about. From 2.00am I was in the bathroom. That was Day 2. I was sick for the rest of the cruise. Thanks NCL. Thanks very much. Some manager sitting in a Gucci office with a PhD in food science or microbiology probably cares very much, and has sent out huge manuals, posters, emails, stocks of gloves, hats, thermometers, and checklists. The crew on the boat? Whatever. They don't care. They aren't eating it.
  4. I was reading part of an article in Nature the other day. It was written in 2013 by Chinese researchers. Based on that, and other articles I have read I believe that the Chinese have known about this, or viruses very much like it for a long time. They know all about it. Everything. Look at what they are doing. Think about what we are being told, and what our governments are doing, compared to what they are doing over there. Make wise choices.
  5. Daily Mail Headline: Deadly coronavirus 'kills 15 PER CENT of patients over 80' and the never-before-seen strain is 'up to 20 TIMES more infectious than SARS' Another: Locked in a coronavirus breeding ground: Cruise quarantine put hundreds of vulnerable people in the perfect environment for contamination and left the ship with more cases than the whole world outside China Text: At least 542 people on the cruise ship have now been diagnosed with the virus, called SARS-CoV-2 There are more patients from the ship than all countries combined without China, figures have revealed Countries, including the US and UK, are beginning to evacuate their citizens after the 'failed' quarantine The virus has now infected more than 73,000 people, most in China, and killed 1,873
  6. The busiest we saw the AD on the Joy was on embarkation day when Haven guests were given lunch there. It was dire, and pretty much a ghost town for the rest of the trip. I would just go to the buffet. Their burgers were pretty rank, but the Indian was good.
  7. There is a pretty little bar called the Arctic Bar just a little bit further up the street on the left across from the Alaska Hotel. It was closed when we were there, but it is a great looking place from the outside. Gorgeous woodwork and lighting. On the same side just back from there is a toy store if you want some games for on the ship, and across the street is the Alaskan Fudge Co. Take a backpack. You'll need it. Their fudge is amazing. The toy store is excellent as well. Oh, there is also a little 7-11 type place just there that sells flat bottles of liquor, and potato chips etc. The bottles have plastic lids, and if you stick them in your front jeans pockets and pull your shirt out, they won't get picked up by security as you get back on board the ship. My wife asked me why the hell I bothered when we had the PP drinks package and our cabin was 30 feet from the Haven bar. Because I could, and as payback for the duck. I always smuggle, just to see if they can catch me. 4:0 so far.
  8. Dear Mr NCL employee. Ask your boss.
  9. Undercooked duck. A single bite was all it took, so the thing must have been absolutely crawling.
  10. I saw a 7 night $899 special the other day, with kids travel free. Once I added the two kids it came to $4,700. I don't know whether it was bait and switch, or the website was broken, but along with Wubolia, I just gave up entirely at that point. We have a couple of cruise credits that don't expire for a while, so we might give it 12 months and see if there is even a cruise industry left by then. I don't fancy getting stuck in quarantine somewhere.
  11. We didn't see any specials on the Joy in September. People were ordering pizza from the room service menu in the Haven restaurant. We saw one young girl do it. Pretty soon other people were doing it too. I had room service pizza three times during the week. Twice we did room service rather than walk 30 feet to the restaurant. TBO, the food in the Haven wasn't that good, but that was just before the Haven galley refit, so it might be better now. The first night I had dinner in the Haven I became sick, so we only went there one other night, and my kids had what made me sick the first time, and they got sick too. So, for the entire 7 nights we only had dinner there twice, and lunch there twice. Breakfast was OK-ish, but the menu was limited, so by the last day I just didn't bother at all, as it had become too repetitive, and I was still sick from the first dinner there, and just wanted to get off the ship as soon as possible. Hopefully it is better now.
  12. Daily Mail A woman is being tested for the deadly coronavirus after attempting to board a cruise ship in Sydney. Paramedics were called to the international passenger terminal at Circular Quay shortly before 7.30am on Friday as the ship, the Norwegian Jewel, docked. The vessel arrived in Sydney after a 10-day tour of New Zealand. It is scheduled to make its way to Melbourne on Saturday. It is understood the a woman in her 50s was taken to hospital as she appeared to be suffering respiratory illness. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8002211/Cruise-ship-placed-lockdown-Sydney-Harbour-passenger-tested-coronavirus.html
  13. I predict the 27th will be cancelled within a day or two. This thing is getting much worse by the day. 47 new cases on the Diamond Princess overnight. It sounds like it is airborne. No one wants a ship like that parked in their harbor.
  14. I just had a thought. The Washy-washy girls are now the most important people on the ship. All hail the Washy-washy girls!
  15. Similar, probably. And there is no reason you can't get both, either at the same time or separately. There will be overlap, and the main cause of death (pneumonia) is the same for both of them. There are probably people with the coronavirus that get the flu and die from it, and vice versa, but I doubt anyone will be looking very hard to figure it out. I hope you are feeling better. Stay safe. Washy-washy.
  16. Once the ship sails we will know within 14 days if anyone took it on board with them: Norwegian Logic.
  17. Straits Times (Singapore) is reporting three new cases in people who have no history of travel to China, and a tightening of border surveillance. They also mention that they have five 'clusters'. I don't know kids, but it looks like this is about to the reach the formal definition of Pandemic, if it hasn't done so already. We are now at WHO Alert Phase 4 according to the definition, where 6 (Pandemic) is 'Increased and sustained transmission in the general population'. We have human to human transmission in Singapore, and Britain so far, but only on a limited scale. China and the cruise ship are other examples. The virus still seems to be adapting to its new best friends (us). Hopefully it won't like us, and disappear. Soon.
  18. Singapore may have closed the port and it just hasn't hit the news yet, or there was an illness reported on the ship. Something big has happened. They wouldn't do this so late in proceedings for no reason.
  19. It is already 4.15am on the 13th in Singapore. Talk about leaving it to the last minute. I would hate to get off that 20 hour flight and have this message pop up on my email.
  20. The WHO Director says thus will probably come in waves for the next year or so. He said hopefully things will improve, but they don't know. The way governments are throwing up quarantine stations all over the place it sounds like they are voting on 'worse', rather than 'better'.
  21. You want to get stuck in a quarantined ship in an inside cabin for a couple of months? You can do that for free. Just rob a bank.
  22. That's 'Airborne'. That means schools and daycare centers, trains, restaurants, museums, theaters, and shopping malls. Possibly even places like Times Square and Piccadilly Circus. That would be a major escalation of events. I wonder if they are even testing for that.
  23. @Walk, Thanks for the article. Did you read about that British guy who caught it in Singapore and then flew home and shared it around all over the place? A 'super carrier' they call him. Yikes...
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