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  1. We just did the South America cruise this past March....or at least we attempted to do so. Then Corona struck! We did the first 8 days without incident and we made it to the Falklands and saw the Penguins...so much fun! We did our excursions in Chile and Argentina. But then it was all sea days after that....3 weeks worth!!! You will be younger than most but the majority are friendly regardless of age! On longer cruises it is more about the itinerary and less about partying, but if you pass over the Equator there is a huge deck party for that! Princess does 3 trivias a day! There's Bingo and games and movies and music at the pool. They have various classes and lectures about the ports and places to play cards and board games and of course the Casino is open at Sea! There's plenty to do!
  2. Has anyone heard any new updates on the Discovery Princess? Hoping it will be launched on time!
  3. DH always said $100/pp/day. I was able to do that for quite a few years and then it got a bit harder to do so it was maybe $150/pp/day for a while. Then if it was really special..."In Search of the Northern Lights" we kind of threw caution to the wind and booked it without regard to the price by getting an obstructed OV! Our very best deal, which will probably never happen again....was a Med/TA sailing from Barcelona. It was 24 (i think) days...Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Azores and TA back to FLL. $5500 with almost $2000 OBC and free grass! Yes, for both of us!! We originally had it booked for more but then I spoke with our travel agent and was given that unbelievable price!!! Amazing!!
  4. Thank you! Great to hear this....just what I was looking for!!
  5. Good to hear! I wasn't looking specifically for the names just the quality of the hotels. Thanks!
  6. Probably a different obstructed ocean view. And it may or may not have more obstruction than what you already have. Princess seems to go by location rather than the view out the window. If you are happy with your obstruction tell them not to upgrade. If there is a lot of obstruction and you want to take your chances that maybe they will assign you something less obstructed or maybe even to an unobstructed view of their choosing.
  7. Thank you...that was helpful. I was interested in getting information on the quality of the hotels. (Don't want to be in some fleabag! LOL) I guess we will just have to wait until it actually happens (if it does) and maybe in the meantime someone who has done a Cruisetour more recently will be able to give me more insight! 😄
  8. We're already booked...so I will look at it and then ask my TA what she thinks as far as whether it would benefit us.
  9. Ok, so again, I am looking for those with experience with Princess Cruisetour hotels. We are not picking our own hotels this time as we have done in the past. I am just trying to get a little info on the hotels that Princess uses for the LAND portion of the CRUISETOURS! Thanks to all who have responded so far.
  10. When we got home from the Coral, we cancelled our Hawaii cruise that was to be next month. Princess hadn't cancelled it yet but we had already decided we didn't want to do it with some of the people we booked with. So we got our FCDs back ($200) immediately. Then when we got our 225% in FCCs from the Coral sailing fiasco (after about 2 1/2 months) we booked two TA's....one to Iceland and one from Rome (which is a Cruisetour). Who know's if either will go...one is on the Island and one is on Discovery? We will not apply the FCCs until final payment so the only thing holding it are FCDs and we would expect they will go right back into our account in the event of cancellations. 🤞
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