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  1. I would like to know this too.
  2. I had a used bar of soap in the shower on our last cruise. Yuck
  3. suzyed


    Two for a couple...one bottle each.
  4. suzyed


    I order it occassionally and we never have the beverage package.
  5. It's been the case for many years...whatever...it's all over now!
  6. suzyed


    Well maybe they would just hold it until the end of the cruise? Geez, I would love to bring on a bottle of port for an after dinner drink. I prefer it over dessert.
  7. Except it didn't work that way on subsequent cruises. If you got "fresh brewed coffee" and used the card from the last cruise, they took a punch for it....it wasn't free. The rare occasion where they didn't have the ship and the voyage written on the back I guess you could have used that one punch for the free coffee.
  8. I never said a thing about the grout. Honestly I don't care whether you wash your hands, or worry about what you touch and since it now seems most people don't care, I will continue doing what I do. To each his/her own.
  9. No panic...just careful...handwashing is the key and any other precausions you may want to do. Everyone should do what they feel comfortable with. And once one has gotten sick on a cruise, etc. most will at least for a while be extra careful so you don't have to repeat the experience again. I may be extra vigilant because I worked the OR for 35 years and always strived to work to provide my patients with the utmost care and cleanliness possible.
  10. That's not proof. Here's the thing....there are many folks who get sick from who knows where, but don't report it. They don't want to be confined to their cabins for 24-48 hours so the keep the sickness to themselves and walk aroung the ship leaving germs everywhere they go...and that includes the bathroom in their cabins, the hand rails on the stairs, the buttons on the elevators, and yeah, and even the salt and pepper shakers (they will be taken off the table), etc. Go ahead, take your chances. Good luck.
  11. Wow! Very surprised. We have always been chosen. Keep trying...it is so worth it! Hope you picked the next time. 😉
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