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  1. "Elite" is just a name that Princess dreamt up to make people feel special for being loyal.
  2. You don't need money on a cruise just a place for your cruise card.
  3. True. But that's like going to Italy and complaining that there are too many Italians there! LOL!
  4. Maybe, but when we sailed on NCL in 2008 and 2010 there was no status match as far as we knew.
  5. I have never seen it for profit either.
  6. No, not just for the first cruise but I believe you have to sail with them again within 3 years or you lose that status. Hmmm? We loved the crew on MSC. And as far as the Italian passengers? Well it IS and Italian Cruiseline!
  7. And not just elites. It's just convenient to wear it especially for us ladies who don't have pockets.
  8. Agree... We have sailed on most of the different cruise lines, some more than others. Since our first Princess cruise in 2010 we have sailed mostly (but not exclusively) with Princess. We love their itineraries and the price point, we love the ships and the crew, and we have met several fine people that I know will be lifelong friends and we frequently sail together even though we are from all different parts of the US.
  9. We become elite after our next 12 day cruise based on number of cruise days, not sailings.
  10. Our first cruise was in 1980 on the Cunard Countess. We knew nothing about cruising or the different cruise lines but a travel agent suggested it and the itinerary sounded wonderful...6 port in 7 days! We thought we were seeing the world!! We had our first baby the next year so it was many years until we cruised again (3 kids later)....but we were hooked! Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity, MSC, more Carnards and now our cruise of choice, Princess. We have top status on some but not all. We love cruising and we pick by itinerary and most bang for the buck! We do trivia, special cocktail parties, suite/elite/platinum events, shows, parties, games, capt. cocktail parties, champagne fountains, New Years Eve party, deck parties, shows, etc. etc. etc. We try everything and we enjoy the cruise experience immensely! We don't care what status anyone is, we don't care what kind of cabin you have, how much money you have, how big your house is, how fancy your car is.....we just love meeting interesting, friendly people from all over and exploring beautiful countries and new experiences! Is every cruise perfect, of course not...but practically perfect!! Here's to eternally magical cruises for us all!!! 😍😉😎
  11. If the slots are ones to pay the casino back the most....how come slot players don't get the perks the table players get?
  12. Beyond that, many people sail on various cruise lines not just one, so it takes longer to get to the elite status"
  13. I agree! It's the Suite guests (which we never are) and the gamblers who get many more perks!!
  14. We are approaching Elite....after our next cruise. Never got that feeling of being second class citizens. By traveling "on the cheap" do you mean you they try to get a good deal? We get all different kinds of cabins with the exception of Suites or insides. We too, do Chef's Table, Specialty restaurants, Dinner Wine Packages. We don't get the AIBP unless it's a perk included in our fare. We don't feel the need to drink that much on a cruise just cause it "free". I'm not sure it's fair to say people sail on the cheap because they may sail short cruises or inside cabins. JMHO
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