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  1. My example of buying diamonds at Walmart was just to make a point . Just trying to make a point how cruise lines were increasing prices for the same products . So far there are many interesting replies.
  2. OK, how about this comparison. I went on line to Walmart and ordered and paid for a pair of diamond earrings . Cost was $5,000.00 I was to pick up the earrings in 30 days . After 20 days Walmart emails me and said the earrings will not be ready for 90 more days and by the way the cost has increased to $7500.00 . What would you do?
  3. Why does the price increase 50% ? everything the same except date. You book a cruise, cruise line cancels, then wants 50% increase to book the same cruise.
  4. Yes , I've started the Roll Call for this cruise. Hopefully as information is received from Carnival it will be posted so we all will be informed. Thanks for everyone's input.
  5. Don't see a Aug 14 2021 8 day cruise from Galveston , so lets start one. Anyone else booked?
  6. Wow, I opened a can of worms, Sorry about that. Here is some clarification. The Escape leaves Port of Canaveral on the 23rd and arrives in New York the 25th, then leaves NY for Europe TA. There is not a cruise listed at this time but things might change. I have done a similar one day cruise on Princess after a 7 day cruise. We do not plan on getting off the ship in New York if we get on in Florida. Thanks again and I apologize for stirring up everyone. I was making sure that the group thought the same as I did.
  7. Y'all have confirmed what I was thinking . Now I need to convince NCL. The cruise is NCL Escape April 2022. Thanks to everyone.
  8. Thought I would ask this group: A cruise ship is leaving a Florida port going to New York and leaving the next day for Europe. If I got on the ship in Florida and stayed on to Europe would that be against PVSA/Jones?
  9. Thanks for the encouragement, It would be great to talk to the same person , each time seems I have to start over at the beginning with each call.
  10. NCL still hasn't gotten it together. Still getting the "call back next week" answer. But after 18 weeks I'm not sure that anyone is trying after I get off the phone. I know it isnt their fault the cruises were canceled but they seem to want to drag their feet on credits and refunds. OK , I feel better after getting that out....
  11. Thought I'd put my 2 cents in. NCL NextCruiseCertificates , I used some on a Cuba cruise last year that was canceled , so I used them on Transatlantic for April 2020 and now that is canceled , their expiration date is Oct 2020 . I have the 2021 TA booked so I'll use them on it but if it gets canceled , hopefully they will not be worthless. I believe that the cruise industry as a whole will make it through this but a few companies will be taken over by others. The number of cruises will decrease and will slowly increase with demand . A lot of cruise ships will be put into moth b
  12. Went on RCCL cruise and went by the crap table to check the odds with $5.00 table . 1/1 odds unless your pass line bet was a minimum of $25.00 ,and then it went to 2 x odds, I kept walking . That night, it hit me, why not play both sides and cover the 12 with one dollar. I did this and which allowed me to play up to $50.00 odds.Then did the same on the come bets. I did have use another marker after I loaded all numbers with $50 odds , total on the was $950. Won , but only $1400 I still prefer the land base casinos with 100 x odds.
  13. I have seen the crapless tables but never on a cruise ship. I do visit casinos on an average of 1.5 times a week. I do keep records of each trip . The casinos percentage is decreased if the odds are high. Usually play with 10-100 time odds. Example : 5 on the pass line and 20 time odds or $100 . You have invested $105 with a 50/50 chance of winning of 100 or loosing 105. As I mentioned earlier , Don't get greedy . After a good run, either decrease your bets or leave the table with your winnings. Also if I start loosing when I walk up to the table , my goal is to
  14. anyone play craps on the ships? Most ships have one time odds and a few have two times, even found one that pays the 3,4,5. Just got off the Empress and was happy to see the casino is smoke free but only had 1 time odds unless your place bet was $25 or more. Then it was 2 times odds. Usually the table only had myself and one other person playing . So here is my strategy that worked. Place 25 on pass and don't pass and cover the 12 with one dollar . then place true odds up to $50. Also placed the come and don't come with odds. To do this you will need to buy i
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