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  1. And now you can. $300 pre-cruise Bar Tab where they will add $50 if you do it in advance, or $100 more for a limited time.
  2. Wha?!?! But I HAVE to Instagram from every cool corner of the ship. It is commanded! 🙂
  3. Not paying ala carte for WiFi - fine. Not paying ala carte for speciality meals- fine. Not paying ala carte for soft drinks - fine. Not paying additional gratuities - fine Paying ala carte for drinks - bananas. I seriously don't follow the logic here when I paid almost $200 just for WiFi on my last Celebrity cruise and I've never paid less than $125 for WiFi on any cruise. Clearly if that's bananas, there's no reason for you to cruise on Virgin.
  4. Just FYI, this same discussion is going on in the "Drinks Package?" thread.
  5. The Tab applies to all alcohol and the bars so I would assume the Shake for Champagne would be included in that.
  6. And of course the phone lines close at 9pm eastern time so calling now is useless. The drag brunch is the one thing I want to make sure we get booked in August too.
  7. I pinged one of the travel reporters who is going onboard in Dover to ask about the app if he thinks about it. I'll let you all know if he replies.
  8. It's February 18th. If the app isn't working when you get onboard then you can certainly complain.
  9. Yes but the ship isn't sailing with the public on board for a little while yet. It may or may not be active yet for the Sneak Preview cruises. The app doesn't have to be available until it's time for the first official cruise.
  10. Thanks for the update. As for the App, no need really to release it until about 2 weeks before the first sail. I'm sure the technical team is onboard now testing the heck out the app to make sure it all actually works onboard.
  11. According to the social media response in Twitter, they will discuss that when you call. Some already asked that same question in the Twitter thread.
  12. Today they announced you can "Preload your Bar Tab" with $50 - $100 added to every $300 pre-loaded. Doesn't seem to be a way to do this online but in a tweet: Give us a ring at 954 488 2955 to speak with our Sailor Services Crew and setup your Bar Tab today! Cheers
  13. I guess we'll find out definitively when she gets to Dover. The Captain will certainly be part of the press tour. Will be interesting to see if Virgin has any explanation for the change after such a high profile introduction.
  14. Since the link isn't working now, the moderator is welcome to delete this thread.
  15. I can't find anyone named "Charlotte" either. The Virgin websites are still promoting Captain Williams, no announcement of the other captains other than what was posted earlier in this thread via the Virgin Voyages Crew Instagram.
  16. "You Kids Get Off My Lawn!" (shaking my fists angrily!) That's what I heard when I read his original post.... 🙂 But I do agree, why bother posting if you never intend to sail the line and especially with absolutely no context. Kinda sad to be that conservative. Life is an adventure. Not every adventure is awesome, but they're all worth exploring.
  17. Thanks for the find! Very interesting that was released under the "Virgin Voyages Crew" and not the main instagram account. I guess they want to keep it very low-key since Wendy Williams was such a big splash announcement when they introduced her. I found it odd that in all the videos leading up to and including the sail out yesterday we never saw the captain, only the President of the cruise line.
  18. I happened to notice that Wendy Williams' Instagram feed has her traveling around the US and Canada right now. I was wondering why she's not onboard the ship. A cruise writer confirmed she apparently left Virgin back in November. He wasn't aware she was gone either until I mentioned it. Her LinkedIn profile shows her as a freelance captain now. Anyone know who is the Captain now that she's gone? Anyone else think Virgin will make a play for Captain Kate for the Valiant Lady when she sails in 2021? 🙂
  19. It'll be our 14th cruise, 8th or 9th cruise line. We love trying new experiences. Hopping on the new Carnival Mardi Gras in early 2021.
  20. Bummer, it was working when I posted it. I didn't register because I'm not in the state any longer. Hopefully it'll pop back up or maybe they're sold out.
  21. If you live in or near New York City, you can go onboard Scarlet Lady on March 8th to have a look around. Must register by February 28th. Looks like anyone can register. https://web.cvent.com/event/180dbb72-8fdd-4eaf-b264-bbbc9da623c9/summary Scarlet Lady New York Cruise Terminal Pier 88 711 12th Ave New York, NY 10019 March 8, 2020 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
  22. The amount of shade available on deck and especially in the pool areas. It looks like a wide open sun deck across most of the ship so we're curious if there are some good places to sit out and stay in the shade. Thanks so much for reporting back and have an AWESOME time!
  23. I don't know that any of us know yet since everything is brand new. I would guess that Virgin will upgrade folks to higher level cabins if they are available. I don't know what criteria they will use, but you have to figure if balconies are available, they will upgrade folks to fill them.
  24. A truly exciting milestone for the company. Can't wait to meet The Lady in August.
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