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  1. Wow. Thank you for such a fast reply and thank you for all the info. Now to decide :?) Thanks again!
  2. Hatteras, so far the only places that I have been able to find for chair rentals is Coco Loco (which doesn't sound too promising), Paradise Beach Villas (where we will have to go to their pool bar to get food and drinks and probably have to pay to use the restrooms), or a vendor near La Cabana. Are their others that I have missed? I am afraid we have been spoiled by experiences like Kontiki in St Maarten where we had our own servers for drinks and food and a convenient restroom/changing room available. In addition, we are retired seniors so searching a beach for vendors sounds a bit daunting. I'm not keen on day passes but beginning to wonder if that would be the best for us. Thank you so very much for all of your postings on this board. We, the readers of this board are in your debt for all of the information you have supplied us with. Thank you much, Nancy
  3. Thank you but as I understand it, if Princess isn't sponsoring a shore excursion with him then he is free to book with you independently. However, I believe he has an agreement with Royal that their passengers will have to go through him. That's the way most of them work.
  4. Thank you all for the info. Rigo from St Thomas Flyboarding called me today. Not sure if this is true for all Cruise companies, but he said that they are still in the process of recovering and are currently only taking reservations via Royal Caribbean. I had made a reservation via their website but they he going to cancel and refund our money. Rigo was very nice on the phone and I have read nothing but good about his instructions. Still, DH and I don't often do ship sponsored shore excursion, plus, the cost with Royal is $169 for each participant and an additional charger for any observers. Granted that will cover your transportation, but I think you still only get 30 minutes with the instructor and then it is someone else's turn, whereas the tour is for 3 hours so I suspect the rest of the time you are waiting on others take there turn. A lot to consider.
  5. Have booked a session with St Thomas Flyboarding for DH. Would like to add a beach with rental chairs and umbrella for before and afterwards but don't have a clear picture of what is close-by. It looks like they are close to and/or affiliated with Island Beachcomber, but it also looks like they close last year? I saw a review that mentions a bar and restaurant close by but didn't name the facility. Can anyone who has been there give me an idea of some options close-by? Thank you much for your help, Nancy
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