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  1. Had to head to the outlet mall with my wife today. She needed a pack animal (me) to carry all her packages. Had to stop for some beef for lunch. Found a couple robins have returned to build nests in the same locations at our house. These will probably be hatching around the 26th.
  2. Oh, that sounds familiar. The one reel I watched had Christmas on it. I was in my pajamas, with a cowboy hat on, wearing a couple six guns. Do they even sell those for kids these days? As far as teenagers and driving, I don’t miss those days at all. My kids crashed so often, I was getting a frequent customer discount at the body shop. Nothing serious, but they kept losing mirrors, running into stop signs, and sliding off the road into trees in winter. I know I had great restraint and patience during those years, and my first question was always to ask if they were okay. Maybe I
  3. They are in surprisingly good condition. They were stored in dark, cool conditions for all those years. I ran one reel (a labeled one😁), and it was amusing to watch. I will probably convert some to another format.
  4. My day started out with some lawn repair (topsoil, seed and mulch), but got rained out early. So I moved on to my next project, and now I have a dilemma. I have this box of old 8mm videos that were taken by my parents in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. I have an old 8mm projector that I did a cheap lighting conversion on, and it shows them. Now my dilemma. All of them are labeled with what is on them, except one. Do I chance watching it? It could be anything from finding out who really shot JFK, to a video of mom and dad doing some things I really wouldn’t want
  5. Out enjoying the outdoors today, before the cooler weather arrives this week. Found a couple of fairy houses made out of old tree stumps while on our walk. Granddaughter was also showing off her zip line skills. 😁 FullSizeRender.mov
  6. Thanks for providing that link. I remember looking it up at the time. I knew it was owned by one of those Uber-rich Russians. They seemed to be having a competition on who could have the biggest, or most expensive yacht.
  7. We were At Alcatraz and Monterey in 2010. Apparently Indians were welcome. My favorite mug from there. And in Monterey, we found this unique yacht in the bay.
  8. Drove up to Lake Erie today. Nice lunch, then walking the peninsula. Lighthouse at waterworks Air temperature was 83° at the beach. I think there were more people on the beach than were on the beach when we were in Ft. Lauderdale last month. No one in the water here though. Water temperature was 39°. Wet suit weather.
  9. Our son had an Outback that he traded for a Tesla Model X. He didn’t realize that the Tesla has different size tires front and rear, so they can’t be rotated.
  10. We flew southwest last month from Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale, with our return flight also on southwest. There were no open middle seats on either flight. This may have been because we were flying during spring break. In Pittsburgh, they boarded in groups of 10 instead of 30. In Ft. Lauderdale, there was no difference in boarding from pre-COVID days. They did serve snacks and drinks on both flights, so you could have your mask down while you ate or drank. We didn’t mind the full flights, because we were fully vaccinated. I guess between taking flights and doing ot
  11. @Lionessswe like that park. Nice, easy walking trails, and you would never know you were near the city. By the way, your kitchen cabinets look almost identical to ours. Even the door and drawer pulls.
  12. Drove to Mill Creek Park, near Youngstown, Ohio, and walked a few of the trails this afternoon. Found some fish in the pond And some turtles on the logs A few shots from the trails They have a nice little Eyebar suspension bridge And the old mill And this old building, built in the 1800’s
  13. I haven’t done car shopping like that for quite a while. The last couple vehicles I bought, I just emailed about 10 dealers through their internet contact. Gave them the vehicle I was looking at, the minimum options and colors, and told them to give me the best price. They were all competing against one another, and it was a much easier way to get a good price.
  14. Haha. I was surprised that Fitbit only recorded 10 floors for those. It seemed like a lot more. 😁
  15. I almost forgot, I do have a YouTube account, but use it mainly to post videos in any cruise report I am doing. I may have done one or two in this thread a few months ago.
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