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  1. Doesn’t happen. You usually get it about a week after completing the cruise. If you earn it on the first leg of a B2B, they will have it for the second leg. Just enjoy it on your next one.
  2. I agree with @cloud_nine, that you will find at least 80% dressed for formal nights. Much, much different than what you find in the Caribbean. Sailing from Southampton, you may only find 5% from the US and Canada. At least that was our experience last summer. We rank our sailing from Southampton as one of our best cruises, and we met the nicest people onboard. Spend some time exploring Southampton, if you have the time. Although we did the Italian Med, you may find some information on our experiences in the UK helpful. There is a link to a report I did in my signature. Enjoy your trip.
  3. According to the Port Everglades app, you leave from, and return to terminal 18.
  4. Mine too. It would just be nice to get to the cabin and drop things off, and pick up the cards like you do on Celebrity.
  5. Just noticed this on the app for our upcoming Anthem Cruise. It says room keys will be available outside your cabin, at 11 am. We are use to cabins not being available until 1 pm. Are they, perhaps following Celebrity’s lead? What we like about Celebrity is that you can get to your cabin to drop off carry on luggage, and get your card at the cabin, as soon as you board.
  6. The most up to date notices are at the top of Royal’s site. Of course, things can change rapidly, so that is the best place to check.
  7. It is not on Anthem or Ovation. Both of those ships list the muster station with your stateroom details, but no ship location. My Oasis is too far out to see anything.
  8. Those lifeboats are not much different than what they had on our first cruise on the SS Norway. I just came across a picture of them today. We were in port with the old Royal Ship Song of Norway. I would have attached a picture, but I don’t like to do that to other’s reviews. God, does that make me feel old. keep going. We are not back on Oasis until January.
  9. I just printed my tags for our next cruise today. The folded tag measures 1.75x5.5, so it should fit. You can always trim some from the sides and bottom. We have even used our “Royal” size holders on Princess Cruises, and just trimmed the sides down.
  10. I guess I am in the minority then. I always have an extra 3 weeks with me, but then, we sometimes travel for 2 or 3 months, so that is not that much more in the grand scheme.
  11. We have stayed in CP balconies several times, and don’t mind them at all. We are in one of the ones that have a double wide balcony for our Oasis Cruise next January.
  12. And that is a good reminder that everyone should take more with them, than they need. You never know when the unexpected may happen.
  13. It should be between the davits, with the lifeboat up to the balcony rail. You would need to stand at the rail to look over the top. At least that’s what I found from my research for Ovation. We have 6622 on it, which is opposite side of the ship. I will find out for certain in June.
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