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  1. Ask them to put you on the waitlist if it is still not available. Often, slots will open up. Our experience with Mytime on Oasis class ships has also been horrible. It is better on the smaller ships
  2. But this is a nephew, and not one of their kids that would have their status. It may depend on if his parents are Diamond, then he would have that status. The last couple cruises, they have been checking sea pass cards.
  3. The Park Plaza we stayed at is near Victoria Station, and about two blocks from Buckingham Palace. The one at Westminster Bridge is a good location, and close to many attractions. We had a lot of places on our list of things we wanted to see and do, and we saved some money by purchasing the London Pass ahead of time. Looking at the normal prices, we saved maybe £30 or £40, but we had a pretty aggressive schedule we set for ourselves. Add to that, we did a couple things the pass did not include. I bought the pass without the Oyster card option, because it could be delivered to my phone immediately, and we planned to mostly walk. It worked out okay for us, but everyone is different and may want to see other things. Just check prices for individual tickets on each attraction’s website, and see if it makes sense for you. Enjoy your time in London (We could have spent more time there), and enjoy Indy.
  4. Oasis has #4 each side, all the way aft. Maybe they are just sold out, so they would not show up.
  5. You can access it before you get to your cabin. Just log in to Royal WiFi, and go thru like you are purchasing it. It will show that you have prepaid, so just select that option. That is the way it worked fo us last month.
  6. And, isn't it time consuming, trying to keep up with the threads when using several cruise lines. We just finished 4 cruises in the last 8 months, and have two more booked and looking at the next two after that. It is a bad addiction, but one I have been willing to feed
  7. GS is open 24 hours, so go at 4 or 5 am, and there will not be any lines
  8. Maybe it depends on what tour you are looking at. We just did Nice, Eze, and Monaco. In Nice, everything was flat, with no steps involved, other than getting in and out of the bus. In Monaco, we had to climb one or two flights of stairs total, including the stairs going into the casino. Eze was more more of a steady incline for about a quarter mile walk. We didn’t have any problem with it, but then we are only in our 60’s, and normally walk 10 miles every day. It would depend on your fitness level. Eze was likely the stop that kicked this tour into the strenuous level. The other two were pretty easy.
  9. We were paying around $9 for a beer, and $13 for a frozen daiquiri
  10. We got the login immediately, and downloaded to our phones while on the ship. That seems strange they didn’t give it to you.
  11. Looks like Anthem didn’t make this one.
  12. It seems the bigger and newer ships have bigger prices. On our Anthem Cruise next April, they are still running $1,000.
  13. You are welcome. Hope you found something useful. I was surprised this this one had about the same amount of views as the 14 day Med cruise report I just finished. Maybe not as much interest in Med cruises from the UK.
  14. The junior suite will give you a walk-in closet, larger bath with bathtub, larger cabin and balcony, and double points. It will not give you access to the suite lounge. We have stayed in both the JS and balcony cabin. Unless you are spending a lot of time in the cabin, or if the double points are a benefit for you, I would stay with the balcony
  15. This is also not true. The one time we dropped off early AND gave the biggest tip, was the one cruise it took longest to get our luggage
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