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  1. I have seen surf and stream at 11.99 and the key at 19.99.
  2. I assume someone was having trouble with the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion on that first cruise compass. 82F would be 28C, but 12F would be darn cold. Following along. A couple of our friends did the TA, and stayed on for this cruise. We are flying over in July to do the 14 day Italian Mediterranean Cruise.
  3. You can have rough seas on the way to Bermuda, even without that forecast. We had rough seas last month, and they had the doggie bags strapped to the rails on the stairwells at each deck. Maybe 50% onboard were sea sick. The captain did try to get around the storm, but seas were still rough. Just come prepared, and if you need meds, start taking a day before you board.
  4. If you are on a computer, select shore excursions from the top menu, and select the port. If you are using an iPad, select the horizontal lines at the top left that will access a side menu. Select the port from here. Your booked excursions and the current price should then show up.
  5. We just did this April 17-25 this year. You can read all about it here.
  6. Try this on your iPad. At least it works on mine. When you access the cruise planner, and select a specific day, it does not list the excursion you purchased, or those that are sold out. In this case, it shows only 18 on mine for Rome, although it lists narrow 22 results. Click on the menu horizontal lines at the top left and open up the shore excursions menu there, and select the port. Here I select my port for Rome. When selected this way, all 22 excursions are listed, including the one I purchased, and it lists the current sale price.
  7. Those were the prices we saw onboard last month
  8. Passport is not needed to get off the ship. Just your sea pass and a government issued ID like a drivers license
  9. Tapatalk did work somewhat like the cruise critic app did, because it was based on the same software. Tapatalk now only works in web view on my IOS device You can use Tapatalk, but now it will be similar to using the web browser. I mu did find that you can add photos with text between them by clicking the + on the photo you want to insert. Not quite as easy as the old app, but the best solution they have so far.
  10. I read an article very recently, that said Royal Caribbean’s profit was around $5 million per day.
  11. Hmm. Just thinking out loud. Is HAL able to offer ANY excursions at all?
  12. They are that way on our Indy cruise planner right now also. Surf for 10.99 and Surf & Stream for 14.99 pre cruise. Don’t recall seeing just surf pre cruise before.
  13. Or, Royal could just set reasonable prices, and stick with them. I know, it will never happen. Just wishful thinking.
  14. An article in today’s paper on the Royal Caribbean shows has some interesting information. http://www.altoonamirror.com/life/area-life/2019/05/royal caribbean-cruise-line-rivals-broadway/
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