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  1. We are still waiting on cruise planner refunds from our cruise that was one of those cancelled on March 24th. According to Royals website, they expect to have cruise planner refunds, from that round of cancellations, refunded by May 23rd. The things we had cancelled in the March 13th round, took about 10 days longer, so we expect the ones we are waiting for, in the next two weeks.
  2. I am not sure if this is still related to trying to receive emails. I receive nothing during the day, but receive all of them between midnight and 7 am. None of them are in order. It does show a time they were supposedly sent. This is a partial list that shows the sent time, and the time received by my email server. There were even instances of some that were sent more than 24 hours prior. 10:30am - 12:41am 10:28am - 12:45am 5:31pm - 12:47am 2:57pm - 12:58am 11:51am - 1:00am 2:02pm - 1:02am 1:04am - 1:04am 7:37pm - 1:06am Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions? I may try unfollowing, then following again.
  3. Yes I did, and I got the email saying they were aware of the problem. They started again, then stopped
  4. Was receiving them last night and this morning, but it seems they are not coming through again. Nothing since 7:30 am, even after visiting the threads and seeing new things posted.
  5. It may depend on where the thread originated. One email I received took me to the main US page where I was signed in, and one email took me to the U.K. site where I was not signed in. None took me to the post in the email.
  6. I emailed help, but no change yet. Maybe they are not in on the weekend.
  7. I have had this problem of not receiving email notifications for the past couple of days now. I haven’t found any in the automatic spam folder, so I don’t know if yahoo mail has bounced any back. Any suggestions to get them started again for threads I follow?
  8. That is good for you. There has been no logic in refunds. One of ours took 30 days, another almost 60, and we are still waiting on cruise planner items. Our later cruise was refunded first. If they cancel another round, it will slow things further.
  9. If they do cancel a 6/21 cruise, plan on waiting up to 90 days for a refund.
  10. Kids just said they need more “R’s”. Should we be concerned?
  11. Looks like that is per KG, but still not a bad price for lamb.
  12. We had two that were cancelled by them, and both were reimbursed. The longest it took was seven and a half weeks. Still awaiting refund of some cruise planner items, and they say it may be a couple more weeks for those. Some refunds come quicker than others. Lots of info on here.
  13. Looks like we may have gotten lucky. Just checked the CC, and we went from a +ve balance to a -ve balance. The two figures add up to one of the cancelled cruise refunds we were expecting. This is the cruise they cancelled on March 13th. We had already been refunded for the June cruise they cancelled. Now we are just waiting for our cruise planner purchases around $1,200. They say we probably will not see those till the end of May. Making progress.
  14. Nothing here either. Thought maybe they were dyslexic in the “Sorry” email when they said it was taking up to 45 days, since today is day 54. The day isn’t over yet. Will be interesting to see what the next update says.
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