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  1. I ordered a passport holder that has a clear plastic slot that holds your vaccine card too. They have them on Amazon, but I ordered it off Mobstub because it was half what the price is on Amazon. We are on Edge and used the new holders today for boarding.
  2. My TA handles everything for me. In addition you get OBC from the TA. My cruise I’m leaving on Saturday has $725 in OBC from Celebrity and another $600 from the TA, so very worth it to not book directly.
  3. I’m not sure if it is written down, but we booked it on our last cruise and it was shown in the planner as 5:30 night one, but we got a card in our room with the actual date and time for later in the week.
  4. With the cruise with confidence policy, you could cancel, but you won’t get your money back. You’ll get a Future Cruise Credit.
  5. I’m hoping that happens for her, it will make it easier. Hers originally said processing in early July with 6 week timeframe and then the timeframe was changed to 12 weeks. We shall see.
  6. Yes, I did. We renewed ours in September and it took 12 weeks. I thought it would be faster now since the pandemic had slowed down with vaccinations. I had been bugging my daughter to get hers sent in, but she kept procrastinating. She also had to wait until she got her name changed on Social Security card, and driver’s license. She had other things to take care of first before she could send off for new passport. No worries. Backup is to sail with birth certificate, drivers license and marriage license if passport doesn’t show up.
  7. When my daughter sent in her renewal application in early May, she didn’t realize she should have expedited it. It didn’t seem unreasonable to expect she would have it back in time for a September cruise. Still waiting for it.
  8. We have done Chefs table on Celebrity and Royal. I think it is better on Royal. Celebrity doesn’t include the wines pairings with the Chef Tables price. It is an additional $60 per person for the wine pairings. I think the price is excessive but if you have a lot of OBC, it may be worth it to you.
  9. Ours was expiring October this year, so we sent in our renewals last September and got the new ones in December. I’m glad I did this lady year.
  10. We talked today. She is going to get new certified copies of her marriage licenses. She has her birth certificate and her divorce papers. She sent for her new passport in May and it took around 6 weeks before they cashed the check. If you try calling the passport office to expedite, you get a recording to look online and they hang up on you. Her passport is in process, but I don’t think it will get here.
  11. Our has the star. Bummer. I need to have her call and expedite her passport. She tried the other day and the wait was so long on the phone.
  12. Ohio does have EDL. My husband and I just got ours. Yes, she lives in Ohio. Ohio introduced the EDL in October 2020.
  13. Her license has her married name and our TA changed her name on the cruise reservation.
  14. The problem with birth certificate is that it is in her maiden name and she is on second marriage. So she would need first marriage license and second marriage license showing the name changes. We have the first one. Her current marriage license was sent off with the old passport and the new application.
  15. My daughter is still waiting her new passport for a change to her married name. It might not get here before our September 4 cruise. It looks like according to the US Customs and Border Protection site that she can board a closed loop cruise using her enhanced driver’s license. Has anyone done this that you are aware of?
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