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  1. I saw Ken’s video on FB. Love it. He’s one happy guy that his company has finally delivered the goods. The island looks great. Once the island has time to allow the fauna to reach its potential, it will really be nice. It’s actually nice to see a private island not turned into an amusement park.
  2. We love the X product but I refuse to pay their current prices for suites. Tried NCL last month on the Bliss in the Haven. Nice but not worth the price that we paid. No more RCI due to their non refundable suite deposits. We’re trying the new MSC Grandiosa in the spring out of Barcelona. The price in the Yacht Club was much less than what X wanted for an equivalent Sky suite. As long as X continues to fill their ships the prices will stand but I will not give in to their current prices.
  3. I read on a social media site this morning that she was under way. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:5933259/mmsi:215325000/imo:9803613/vessel:MSC_GRANDIOSA
  4. Great prices. I just saw on MSC’s website that the Seaside is sailing a 28 night TA and moving to Europe in March 2021. Had not seen that until today. Not sure if a ship if another ship is replacing the Seaside as I did not see anything. Wonder if this is for dry dock which the ship will only have been in service for four years or can they get higher rates in Europe?
  5. Our service charges for the Seaside next year was $87.50 PP for the week in the YC.
  6. Article link below. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21716-van-staden-heads-msc-food-and-beverage-effort.html
  7. Sounds like a good plan IMHO.
  8. Drinks are included up to a certain price. Some drinks are included this the reason that some of us upgraded.
  9. Yes you can. Contact MSC directly. Not sure If there is a difference in price for U.S sailings versus European departures. Our first cruise is out of Barcelona so it may be higher than U.S based cruises.
  10. Yes and no. It is giving notice but how about making the change with more notice than someone boarding the ship and finding the note in their stateroom? I have been cruising long enough that very little surprises me anymore but I have read enough on this very forum that it seems MSC makes changes on a whim. More so than their competition.
  11. Our cost per person to upgrade was $133.00 per person. This was for a seven night cruise.
  12. I think your last sentence sums up the issue that most have. If MSC wants to change the policy then give some notice of the change. I still am scratching my head over the snack charge. Alcohol I can get bit a .50 can of Pringles I do not.
  13. Rant?..LOL..... What I read was someone sharing their opinion just like you share your opinion on here. Discussion can be a good thing. It’s fine if you disagree with what was posted but it did not deserve the comment that you made. Maybe pull back from the keyboard for a minute and think before posting.
  14. I have paid a lot more for suites on Celebrity, RCI and NCL and nothing in the mini bar was included on any of those ships. The YC prices is half of what the other lines have charged us.
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