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  1. We were due to board the Millie tomorrow for our B2B. A TA on the RCI board stated that they were told on Friday by a RCI rep that refunds were being processed for refunds on the sail date of each particular cruise. We shall see if that’s the case.
  2. My cc company stated that once X sent the refund it would show as pending and I would see it. Also both of my cruises are still showing as active on the X website and we’re due to leave Monday. Maybe RCI and X should pull some of the reps making cold calls to get those with FCC’s to book future cruises and have them work on issuing refunds.
  3. Looking around the other boards it seems that refunds are simply not happening quickly. Read on the Carnival board where a TA stated to a poster to expects refunds to take anywhere from 30-90 days. Read on the NCL board that 90 days is the expectation.
  4. I have no doubt that RCCL is holding onto our money as long as possible. My comment was more directed that MSC made it easier to request the refund plus I received an email stating as much. Nothing from X.
  5. Still waiting on X to refund our two cruises that they canceled. We were due to board on Monday. B2B. I asked for a refund on 3/15. I was told this week at least up to thirty days. Of course I have nothing in writing from X concerning this. Our luggage tags arrived last week.🙂 We also had a cruise booked on MSC’s Seaside for 5/09 that was canceled this week. I went onto their website and with a few clicks our refund request was accepted and I received an email within thirty seconds showing the refund request along with a case number for our records. Amazing that RCCL is that far behind in technology.
  6. I doubt the cruise lines know what the future plans are going to be at this point. I read an article yesterday that Abbott Labs has a new Covid test that can give results in fifteen minutes or less. The article stated that this may become part of the pre-boarding procedure. Who knows but things will change. Just my opinion. I don’t see cruises for the remainder of this year or if there is it will not be all ships in service. Good article below. https://thepointsguy.com/news/cruise-lines-could-store-ships-months-coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR0MJH0DVWblYbRwDRqxf6dHCLh71H14KsCEvYl-glSi0QUSqnJUOyOd6ko
  7. We took the refund for the Seaside. Stated to expect the refund within sixty days.
  8. Agree. We usually avoid the buffets. Too many people who feel no need to wash their hands, pick up food with their bare hands and the list goes on. They should also do away with all self service drink stations.
  9. The only thing that I will say is that in times like this you see human beings true colors come out and some of it is rather disappointing.
  10. Since we were on the same booking number which they ask for I am assuming that it means all names on the reservation with that booking number. The booking still shows as active this morning but then our two Celebrity cruises are still showing as active and I requested refunds on 3/15. I’m assuming that they’re all handling them the same way. They have to be handled manually which is what X told me.
  11. The X rep told me that I would know when the refunds were processed. Our bookings would no longer show active on their website when I logged in. They’re still active which means that they have not touched my bookings. Also X owed me an overage of $1200.00 a few weeks back. It hit my card three days after I spoke to resolutions.
  12. I called this morning. We originally asked for a refund on our B2B on 3/15 after X canceled the cruises. We were originally told around 12-15 days. Today the rep placed me on hold. After returning he told me that the revenue department is now saying 30 days from when notice was received for refund. They are processing each refund manually. I still think that they’re holding the money as long as possible. Our two cruises are still showing as active when I log in.
  13. I was also able to cancel with a refund. At least I received an email showing the cancellation. With Celebrity I received nothing.
  14. I just spoke to a Celebrity rep. He placed me on hold and spoke to someone in revenue. The expectation is now 30 days from the date a refund was requested. Personally I would not hold my breath for that timeframe either. Right after we canceled we did receive refunds for shore excursions and specialty dining within a few days. I still think that this is more about holding funds as long as possible. I know that they’re busy but it’s not hard for the cruise line to process refunds.
  15. I spoke with MSC USA and until the website is updated to include the new May dates, they cannot do anything on their end either. Stated that they are working on this issue.
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