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  1. I just entered our passport information. It did not ask for an upload. I don't know where they got our photos from. They look a little outdated.
  2. I just got the Cancellation email too. I was on the Aug 29th cruise on the Gem. I guess I will try again.
  3. How is the specialty dining package used? Do I tell them when I make the reservation if I am using the package or do they automatically charge against it the first couple of specialty dining restaurants? I want to make sure I get the best use of the package.
  4. Thanks, I had the same question. We have a cruise booked for July 4th with a backup cruise the end of September. I really hope the July cruise is a go. I need a cruise right now.
  5. DO NOT forget to take the Apple Watch Charger with you! I forgot mine on the last cruise. I had this new watch and could not use it. They did not sell Apple Watch chargers onboard ship.
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