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  1. Agree- the date was only mentioned in reference to the lawsuit issue. As far as previous travel restrictions, those who had already purchased travel were grandfathered- this is the link to the treasury dept info on travel to Cuba under the people to people licenses when the restrictions were tightened in 2017: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/cuba_faqs_new.pdf "While new individual people-to-people educational travel will no longer be authorized, travelers who have already completed at least one travel-related transaction (such as purchasing a flight or reserving accommodation) prior to the President’s announcement on June 16, 2017 may engage in related individual people-to-people travel and transactions" so we can hope that this set a precedent for what will happen now🤞 but time will tell
  2. And based on another posting, Blexie tour guides were detained earlier in the month...
  3. For anyone who may have booked with FerTours, I just heard from Fernando that he is closing his business and canceling all his tours.
  4. Agreed-would love to spend more time but have to return back to work- trying to make the best of the time we do have and can always plan for a return😉
  5. Thanks for posting- looks like one could spend at least half a day looking at sites in the Changi airport alone😊
  6. That is true- it was processed in USD even though in Spain
  7. Thanks again- looking forward to it and appreciate your reply
  8. Thanks for the recommendation- will take a look
  9. Thanks- I have the HOHO on our list as a possibility- did you do both lines?
  10. We will be on a cruise that ends in Singapore. Unfortunately we will only have one full day in Singapore and, while we are typically fine with DIY, we feel like a private tour may allow us to make the best use of our limited time. I tried a search on the Asia boards but did not come up with any recommendation in the recent past. Doe anyone have personal experience with a tour company or guide that would be recommended? Thanks in advance Susan
  11. thanks - we'll just have to play the Punta Cana day by ear
  12. Thanks for your report- we have been trying to decide what to do with the Punta Cana port day- did Celebrity offer the shuttle to a beach that was discussed on a previous thread? Any idea of cost if it was offered? Thanks, Susan
  13. Equinox's last cruise before dry dock will end in Miami May 4
  14. We have the Hong Kong to Singapore Millie trip booked for next year so appreciate your review
  15. Thanks- I did research the aft balconies before we booked and noted that the ones on 6 has the small balconies.
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