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  1. Will add my recommendation for John's Car service. Altho we were not cruising, I used cruisecritic to research a car service to take us from MIA to our hotel and back for a recent land trip. From initial contact by email to drop off after our travels, all was excellent. John was prompt with reply to my request for a quote and was thorough in his arrangements ( even proactively contacting me to see if we needed a child car seat). He was waiting for us upon our arrival at bagaage claim, (and with a mask -important during this current Covid epidemic). He has a Suburban which was spotlessly c
  2. We were successful at moving a cruise with a really good price for an April 2021 sailing to April 2022 working with a CVP- it took 8 days for the confirmatory email to arrive ( she assured us it would happen but they were far behind) but price and perks were maintained.
  3. I have had a 12 minute wait in the middle of the day ( was totally surprised that it was that short) but have had > an hour first thing in the morning- so it seems to be random. They have not made it easy for the reps to take care of many of the repricing concerns so each call can take a very long time.
  4. Great to hear- we are booked with them for our cruise stop later this year. Thanks for sharing
  5. I have gotten the same message for 2 days with Chrome but get right in with another browser
  6. We really enjoyed our Celebrity Infinity Buenos Aires RT/ Antarctica in Feb 2018. This one did include Falklands which we really enjoyed ( Volunteer Point is incredible). The cruise before ours however missed Falklands due to weather and we were told that this is not uncommon
  7. On recent Summit one player was not allowed to bet both red and black- but DH could play one and I could play the other
  8. On our recent Summit cruise, we asked guest services for this form -they confirmed that our stateroom attendant would receive the extra gratuities (with his next paycheck -not immediately) but, as far as the dining room staff, they stated that extra grats would go to the dining room staff as a whole and could not be directed to specific people. We decided not to go that route...
  9. We had the pleasure of sailing with Maggie in Luminae on Reflection and agree she is amazing
  10. Just received email notification that due to an “Unexpected emergency” Tomorrow’s Majesty boarding is delayed until 2pm with set sail at 6-anyone on board now that can shed any light on the reasons? thanks
  11. thanks for the follow up- that makes sense but it certainly was confusing the way it was written
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