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  1. thanks- I knew about the teas, coffee, cappuccino and espresso but DH loves the affogatos ( espresso drink) and wondered if these would be included.
  2. Are all the non alcohol containing specialty coffees ☕ included in the elite plus benefit? Thanks
  3. Returning to give follow up - the aft S1 on Reflection was great- we loved our experience and look forward to the next Sky suite! Thanks to all who replied to the original question!
  4. we did Blue Lagoon with our almost 3 year old and he enjoyed it! The beach and water was good and he liked watching the dolphins
  5. We requested this be done on our April equinox cruise (before the revolution) and it was no problem- it made for a really nice extended balcony space
  6. On Reflection now. Automatic doors to Hideaway on 7 are working. Area has been quiet each time we have gone by. People reading but no real noise
  7. The main lagoon near where the ferries dock is shallow and good for kids. There are other beach areas further down that are not roped off. There is a reef off the north beach that has pretty good snorkeling.
  8. beautiful beach and not too crowded last week.
  9. There were no jellyfish at Blue Lagoon beach last week
  10. We had booked with them for our upcoming cruise but were notified by Fernando that unfortunately he was closing his business
  11. Blue Lagoon is a lovely beach day but the only shade is up under the palm trees and you need to be there reasonably early in the day to secure one of those spots.
  12. We were there last week- included lunch buffet had hamburger, hot dog, grilled, chicken, barbecue chicken, corn on the cob, sweet plantains, french fries,pickles, lettuce and tomatoes and then fruit punch or lemonade to drink. We did not go to the bar for food but they did make good frozen strawberry daiquiris!
  13. I agree with AlexMar- we looked at DIY but it was a lot more effort than just booking the ship's excursion.There were 4 ships in port that day we really didnt want to have to compete with all that traffic and have to taxi over to get the ferry when it picks up on the pier for the cruise excursion. It was a really lovely beach day. My DH is a snorkeler and found some pretty decent snorkeling on the north beach ( you must wear a life vest so bring your own or rent for $5) - there are lifeguards there as well. The water was gorgeous and calm. We really enjoyed our day and would do it again if we had another Nassau port stop.
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