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  1. Is it TMC (the movie channel) or TCM (Turner Classic Movies)? Boy you're not kidding. That lineup (other than the ? movie channel) is pretty dismal.
  2. Thank you for all of that information rka! I guess we need to make a choice before we cruise in Oct!
  3. I haven't switched yet, but we currently have 15014. Did you find it cumbersome to always have to go upstairs for a drink or 2 flights for a meal? I didn't use to mind stairs and I would never take the elevator for 2 flights up, but it does seem more appealing!
  4. How did you enjoy your cabin? We are looking at 16002. Thank you.
  5. We are new to MSC and not sure about the cabins/deck plans, what is good and what is not. Right now we have (on Meraviglia) a YC1 on the 15th floor. We wanted the 16th deck but the only one available is 16002 (looks like it is right next to that door?). Would that be a good choice? We don't like to be that far forward, but they are all forward! Thank you From the bottom of my heart, thank you.πŸ™‚
  6. Nope, no tank tops in this family. Thank you all again. You guys are great!
  7. Thank you everyone, for your helpful answers. MSC cruisers are very kind! I'll be in a dress (yup, I'm the lady) but my husband really hates suits. He was hoping to get away with a Polo shirt, but now I don't think (according to your replies) he would and he doesn't either. I just thought, this is a 10 night Canada cruise, mid Oct. How about a really nice long sleeve sweater and slacks? Or am I becoming one of those pesky people who over-complicates things? Maybe we should we just go to the buffet those evenings? Thank you allπŸ™‚
  8. Is a Polo shirt and slacks all right? Thanks!
  9. I knew there would be a good answer to that question!πŸ˜ƒ
  10. Can you explain the bolded section? Being an MSC ignoramus (for now!), I'm trying to learn Thanks!
  11. Wow, what a glowing review of MSC! We are also seasoned X cruisers and really appreciated the comparisons since we have booked our first MSC YC cruise for this October. X was way too $$ for Canada/NE but MSC was a pretty good deal. Like you, there are aspects of X Suites that I am not thrilled with. I agree with what you said about Michael's Club. They are very understaffed, I really noticed it on Reflection. From what I have read so far from others, the YC is an experience we look forward to. It is fun doing the info gathering quest, thank you!
  12. Sorry, your link provided didn't work for me. But here is my experience: Submitted our Status Match 1/29/20 at around 2 PM Received notice that they will match 1/30/20 at around 8 AM. I'm impressed!
  13. I went to the Mast Grill for an early lunch one day. I arrived there a little too early, it wasn't open yet and they were prepping. I saw the tray of burgers sitting out, they were there when I arrived and they were served about 20 minutes later when they opened. I don't know what time they cooked the burgers (I'm thinking pre-dawn based on the flavor), but the burger was terrible. My tip is don't go first thing for lunch. And I always enjoyed their burgers. Until....
  14. Oh, you again! So sorry, once again. I meant to write "evaluating the drinks package". I hope that clears that up or do you need more info?
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