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  1. We are firm believers in celebrating Christmas with decorations. In our cabin. Small tree in cabin (battery operated of course), Stockings in the cabin, for Santa to fill, cabin door decorations (small, tasteful of course) and lots of Christmas music to enjoy throughout the cruise. We also bring Christmas movies to enjoy in the cabin on our laptop. We have done 4 Christmas cruises and bringing those things is something that we enjoy and does not impact anyone else. I hope you enjoy your first Christmas cruise!
  2. Again, BCBS, not Medicare. And since the drug is free, why would there be a claim? As opposed to 2 other meds that I pay for OOP (like the Levo... and another), they give me 90 day supply. Why the discrepancy?
  3. Ah, it is all coming back to me now. I get the Levo...at Walmart now, can't beat that price! But it was a common medication that Publix gives for free (ever check out their free drugs? They beat Walmart!). So my relationship is between Publix and me, right? No. Caremark for some reason has control over the Rx and it was that medication that I had to get the emergency override. And the doc writes the script for 90 days and Caremark won't let them give me more than 30 days at a time. AAKKKK I think I am going to get Plan G. That is a very strong supplement.
  4. Thank you for the head's-up. Now that I think about it, I am currently on a non-Medicare health plan, and a pretty good one. Last year I faced a similar situation that you described and they had to do the emergency override. I was also told that it is a once a year thing. Even though I was not getting an early refill for painkillers, just boring thyroid meds. This was with BCBS/Caremark. Who comes up with these rules? No common sense. Good luck with your meds!
  5. I agree with your sentiments about PI and X. I would rather stop at a PI than many of the Caribbean islands that we visit. We usually just stay on the ship, but we would get off at a PI.
  6. I always enjoy reading your posts. I hope you have a wonderful time. I love U Studios and Islands of Adventure. But it has been years since we went. Is there a third theme park there now?
  7. I remember the gelato used to be wonderful. The last time we cruised (Silhouette 2017) it was more like ice cream. Either way, I shouldn't eat the waffle cone anyway. But sorry for those who love 'em.
  8. I think we all knew you were being sarcastic. I guess those of us who enjoy watching a good movie at the end of a wonderful day on a cruise are just not enlightened. See you in Nov.
  9. I can't believe I am feeling this way about X. Over dumb movies. Last year we were only doing 1 cruise in Feb (RCI-NOT my favorite). Round about Nov I couldn't stand it, I had to do another. So I looked and looked and found a great deal on a 2 week Christmas/NYE cruise on HAL. We had never cruised on HAL before. As I look back and remember, there were some things about that cruise that I absolutely loved, I know, I am a broken record about 1 of them. HAL so outshines X in these areas I am seriously thinking that a switch might be what we need. 1. They have a laundry package for $7 a day that is awesome 2. They have the best movies (free of course) I have ever seen on a cruise. And a huge assortment. We were on it for 2 weeks and I think I may have missed 1 or 2 and I watch a movie each evening (while my husband is on the balcony). 3. The evening entertainment is the best. They have BB King venue which has classical music in early evening and R&B at night. And they had a classic rock area and dueling pianos. As a lover of music, I was very happy. Just like anything, it was hard going on a new cruise line. You get used to a product and that makes you feel comfortable. But honestly, if X is going to play the bean counting game, I think it may be time to start looking elsewhere. And after this cruise on X in Nov we will be Elite +, dang.
  10. We had Cranston in Michael's Club on Silhouette. (11/17) Nice man. Sorry he won't be on Reflection.
  11. Well, I am sort of upset. While I didn't think the movies were particularly good in the stateroom, they were better than nothing. Thank goodness we will have unlimited internet. Prime and Netflix here we come. As was already asked above, any way to plug the devices into the TV? PS We did a 2 week holiday cruise on HAL. The movies were amazing. And of course, the unlimited laundry package at $7 a day per cabin.
  12. I see you've cruised on Disney. It was a long time goal of mine to cruise with Mickey at the helm through the Panama Canal. Mickey did not disappoint. It really was a special cruise with characters all over the ship throughout the transit. And the response from people viewing the ships when our DCL ship came through was priceless. DCL is usually quite pricey, I'm sure you know. But our PC cruise was actually a bargain, even compared to other cruise lines. I vote Mickey.
  13. My personal favorite hurricane or power loss tip is to buy a USB fan. Some of our wireless speakers are also power banks and we have some other power banks too to keep phones charged. Being able to have a breeze during a power outage makes all the difference in the world.
  14. There are also a couple of S1 angled balconies on deck 12 near forward elevators, formerly Aqua suites on Refl. We have one for our cruise in Nov. We were torn between that one and the S1 corner on deck 12. We will try that one next time!
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