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  1. Thank you. Looking forward to our first O cruise!
  2. I didn't realize that PH can order specialty restaurant dinners for dine in. This is for Riviera also? Is it difficult to get additional reservations for specialty dining? Do you need to ask right away or can you be spontaneous? Thanks!
  3. Ah, I know which "main stream" line you are speaking of. What a pleasure that was, getting laundry back in that manner and how nicely they were pressed and presented. If I remember correctly for us it was $7 a day, unlimited. We got it for free on X as a benefit, I would happily pay $7 a day for that service! We've not sailed O yet so can't comment (but suspect it is similar to X).
  4. We are not quite Celebrity Xpats. We finally made it to Elite + and suddenly start trying other cruise lines, go figure. I think I will always be on the lookout for a Celebrity deal, but their suite prices are not compatible with our price-point. We look forward to our first Oceania cruise! MSC Yachtclub next year.
  5. A great question. In fact, my husband who had a positive test for the virus (but it ended up being the mildest virus he has ever had, thankfully) has been advised by our doctor NOT to get the vaccine for a while. I wish that they would allow the blood test for antibodies to be proof of immunity for those who have had the disease.
  6. We will be on Riviera Dec 3rd!
  7. Thank you for The Preismans link! We love reading his take on cruises and look forward to reading about Oceania (new cruise line for us).
  8. Exact thing happened to me. Mine, fine, husband's...still have not gotten match and that was a year ago! But with my match we do get the discount. And IF we can ever cruise again, hopefully we can straighten his out while on board.
  9. That's what I thought would happen (except I didn't know about the port charge refund). Thank you!
  10. How does this work? We had a cancelled 10/20 cruise. They gave us 125% of the cruise cost (not on our deposit which is all they had at that point, but the total cruise cost). So our 4/18/21 cruise which was paid in full was $4544. They applied $1974 from the cancelled cruise (even though we only had given them $200 deposit total). So how much credit will we get towards a new cruise? Which number will it be based on, the cancelled cruise cost ($4544) or what we paid towards it (4544-1974FCC) = $2570? We would have preferred a cruise in April!
  11. Thank you for the replies. I think we will do as Geobugs suggests. We did book after 8/5 so we will have the Total Cruise Flex plan, just in case. Thank you Ate for that info.
  12. Are you going ahead and making your final payment? We are new to MSC and not sure what to do. We are using our 10/19 FCC towards this cruise in April (4/18 Divinia). All we have invested in this cruise is the $100 each deposit that we gave when we booked the cancelled cruise. My questions are: Would you make final payment with the chance (probably a good one) that it will be cancelled? Or would you cancel this cruise and book one for 2022? Can I do that and use FCC? If the April cruise is cancelled, will the previous FCC be applied to a futur
  13. I can't answer your question OP, but your question brought up a wonderful memory for me. It was my first cruise on Chandris Britanis. We went through (Buzzard's Bay) Cape Cod Canal. It was right around the 4th of July and many people were at their smaller summer homes, campfires lit, colorful lights strung out. We went by so close we were able to talk with them! It is one of my favorite cruise memories. I hope you go through it!
  14. I hope you are right that they do the cancellations on 9/14. Our final payment is due 9/17 and I really don't want to tie up that much $$ with Oceania with a FCC. But ultimately I hope it isn't cancelled, of course.
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