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  1. Just received the email notifying me that Nils Lindstad, Azamara's Vice President of Sales and Trade Support, will be leaving at the end of the month to "spend more time with his family." Another senior management departure, no doubt due in part to the ownership change, only adds to the speculation as to what to expect from both the ship side and shoreside experience of the newly independent Azamara. I will be watching with great interest the experience of the first Azamara cruisers later this year.
  2. Not too shabby for a pandemic year (taken from latest annual SEC filing)...
  3. Not bad for a pandemic year (taken from latest annual SEC filing)....
  4. Received this morning from Nils Lindstad, AVP, Sales and Trade Support: “We hope that you have remained healthy and safe during this global pandemic. As the world continues to confront the many challenges resulting from COVID-19, we continue to diligently work with international government and health authorities on the most effective return to service plan. As a result, Azamara will be extending the suspension of global operations for all sailings departing on-or-before October 31, 2020, as well as the Azamara Quest sailings on November 4 and 14, 2020.“
  5. Phil, just a follow up on snowglobe’s post. No implication intended that Azamara has or had any involvement. Marty
  6. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-wirecard-investigation-breakingviews/breakingviews-wirecard-scandal-turns-into-an-existential-crisis-idUSKBN23P24Q
  7. So our favorite Captain just posted on Facebook a link to the press release announcing the float out of the new Viking Venus with the comment “and they need experienced officers...” One of the responding posters inquired if that’s his new ship, to which he replied “ you never know...” Hmmmm, may need to try Viking in the future....
  8. If true, it does seem a bit short-sighted and hypocritical, especially considering the recent rebranding of the “loyalty” program.
  9. Please allow me to clarify. RCL is the ticker symbol representing the parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., encompassing all of their brands, including Azamara.
  10. I think it’s time to give Bonnie a break here. She is employed by RCL so that’s where her loyalty should be directed. RCL had no obligation to create a paid position to be represented on this forum, but they did. It was a marketing move that they deemed worthwhile and, for the most part, it has provided an opportunity for forum participants to have a line of communication with the company. You’re not going to please all of the people all of the time, but at least she’s been a dignified presence on this board for the past few years.
  11. Interesting that it represented almost half of his entire holding. Sold near the top of the market, no less. Nice move, Larry! At first glance, either he knew something that the public did not, or he had been positioning his exit strategy for a few months.
  12. With RCL stock plummeting from a 52-week high of $135/share to today’s close under $36/share, maybe he’s abandoning ship with what little value he has left in his (likely significant) stock options, before (in his possible estimation) it gets any worse.
  13. And here’s the big rollout... http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Azamara/General_Info/AZAMARA_Loyalty_Enhancements_Update.pdf
  14. Has anyone had any experience in trying to obtain the B2B discount after final payment date, such as getting it in the form of OBC?
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