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  1. I expect that everyone on this ship transfer to the airport will have earlier flights to catch. That's been my experience on other Princess cruises. Waiting for a taxi would definitely take longer! I will not take a flight with a 30-minute connect time between flights. The other alternative is to take a 3 PM flight that would get us home at 2 AM (versus 10:30 PM) taking the 11:35 flight.
  2. It turns out that all of the flights in the vicinity of 1:00 PM only have flight connect times of 30 or 40 minutes, which is ridiculous! The 1:35 PM flight with the 90 minute connect time is no longer available as a choice. Two good things which may help us get to the airport in time to get the 11:35 AM flight (which is 4 hours after the ship has docked) - 1. We have purchased a ship transfer to the airport; 2. We both have Global Entry. Hopefully we will be able to be in the first group of people exiting the ship.
  3. Our Alaskan cruise arrives in Vancouver at 7:30 AM. There are flights we could take at 11:15 AM, 11:35 AM and 1:57 PM. Would we likely be able to make it to one of the earlier flights, leaving sufficient time to get through customs or should we assume we will need to take the 1:57 PM flight?
  4. Yes - it is 17" x 17" x 4", but it does fit under the seat on a plane, provided there are not electrical boxes under the seat. Can you send 2 bags - a wheeled carry-on and a regular large bag, under the bus or on a truck that brings the luggage to the next lodge?
  5. Does this mean that I cannot take a carry-on with wheels that fits under my seat on a plane???? Below is what appears on the Princess website. What about laptop computers????? Luggage information It is important to remember to keep all valuables, medications, passport, travel documents and medical supplies on your person. Your hand-carried tote should be properly labeled with your name and address. As a three-hour wait is possible to receive bags once you arrive at each location on your land tour, please include items you will want immediately in your hand-carried piece. We recommend soft-sided tote bags or backpacks no larger than 17x14x4 with a zip enclosure. Wheeled carry-on cases that are used as carry-on luggage on airlines are too large and are not suitable as hand-carried luggage on motorcoaches and trains. For additional information on luggage, please refer to the Alaska cruisetour section of Cruise Answer Place on princess.com. You will receive your Cruisetour luggage tags upon arrival at your first Alaska city.
  6. My sister and I are planning an August Alaskan cruisetour and have questions about the differences between "on your own", "off the beaten path", “Denali Explorer”, or "Connoisseur Escorted tours". What is provided with each of these categories? We are wanting to do the land portion first and are also wondering if we should do 3 days, 4 days or 5 days. This summer it appears that the Grand Princess is the primary ship that is handling these land portion first cruises. That's a fairly old ship (1998) and wonder about how updated this ship is compared to all the new ships on other routes. Lots of questions.....and hoping to take advantage of Princess' Cyber sale, which ends on December 10th.
  7. My sister and I are looking ahead to plan a cruise tour to Alaska in summer 2020. We were thinking a 3-day land portion, to be followed by the 7-day cruise - Anchorage to Vancouver. What's the difference between the "on your own" land portions or the "Princess-led" portion? How do you handle luggage? I don't want to travel with 2 big bags (one for the ship and one for the land portion). Are meals included in the pricing or do you pay separately for everything? What's the quality of these lodges? Just curious (not essential) - is there WIFI? I've looked online and cannot find answers to these questions.
  8. My sister and I are arriving in Copenhagen (connecting through Paris) for a Princess Baltic cruise and will be using Princess' transfer to the ship. Do we pick up our own luggage before going through customs and then add the Princess luggage tags before going to the meeting location? How do we know where the meeting location is?
  9. With all of the different currencies used on a Baltic cruise, what do people do about exchanging money? Euros alone will not be sufficient. Any recommendations?
  10. My sister and I will be on a Princess Baltic cruise this summer. - Regal Princess With Platinum status with Princess, I am supposed to be eligible for 250 free internet minutes. Our ship has MedallionNet and offers a special deal for unlimited internet, if purchased prior to boarding. How would this work if she took advantage of the "unlimited access" and I had access to the 250 free internet minutes? Can all these minutes be accessed on multiple devices? We will have a total of 4 devices between us.
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