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  1. Thank you. I was able to find the (+/-) buttons to enlarge the print size. However, I still find attempts to glean useful information too much of a chore. Maybe after our first Azamara cruise in a couple of months, I'll have a better feel about if I need/want to learn more about the ""ins and outs" of cruising this line. Thank you for your efforts -- they are appreciated. NRayH
  2. I can see the sheet but it is extremely small print. Maybe it is just my settings, but it is impossible to read, and I cannot seem to enlarge the print size??? NRayH
  3. They look to be pretty much the same, based on my quick scanning. Thank you, NRayH
  4. I totally agree. I often still bring a sport coat/blazer, since we may wish to go a "bit up-scale" (pre/post cruise), but totally "not required" (nor expected, on board). NRayH
  5. Thank you for trying to restore some levelheadedness (can THAT actually be a correct word?) to this discussion. NRayH
  6. I am not sure how connected the shuttle service is to the hotel. There was a sandwich type sign standing just outside the hotel entrance, and when I asked about getting a taxi (at check-out) form the hotel, they directed me to contact someone outside the hotel? When we exited the hotel there was the shuttle driver asking if we wanted a ride to the ship. I asked how much room there was left and he said "plenty of space". There were a total of three others on the shuttle and about another 12 empty seats. We could all have stretched out across two seats and still have had plenty of room. Whether or not, this a usual occurrence, I have no idea, but it sure worked out well for our needs. Good Luck. NRayH
  7. We did not inquire about the shuttle timing. We had seen the sign about the shuttle, but had figured to just have them call a taxi. Previous shuttle experience has lead us to usually avoid cruise shuttles. We headed out the main entrance to ask them to call a taxi for us. It was probably about 10:00. Right at the door was the shuttle driver saying he was ready to leave. I asked if he had room -- there were three others on the bus (about 18 pay capacity). We were at the terminal in about 10-12 minutes. Porters were waiting for bags to go to the ship. Since we were also in a suite, they took us directly to the escalator and we were checked in immediately. Boarding had not yet started so we relaxed in the comfy chairs of the suites boarding area and were quickly greeted by the Suites Concierge, and escorted aboard to Michael's Club, until they were ready for us in Luminae. The shuttle was much more convenient that what we were looking for. NRayH
  8. The Hilton has a shuttle to pier ($6.00 pp). Difficult to beat. NRayH
  9. Redtravel, Agree with much of what you state. Our Celebrity history dates back to Meridian (1993), we are also currently at about 1100 points. Our most recent Celebrity cruise was on Reflection, (Feb, 2019). It was a good cruise, but it was also somewhat disappointing. I addressed the "not so good" as well as what did work, in our post-cruise questionnaire. Not sure how much impact those comments have any more, if they ever really did. Have not heard anything back from CCL. Some of the "downers" were sufficient enough for us to cancel a "future cruise" (Reflection in Europe, later this year) that we had booked whilst on board. The day-to-day service was fine (as usual). It was the attitude amongst management that seemed to be "that is just the way things are now", that caused us to have second thoughts and cancel the future booking. We will replace it next month whilst aboard a different cruise line. We will still consider Celebrity for future cruises, but mainly for particular itineraries and timing, and definitely not in any "chase for points". NRayH
  10. Sounds like an admirable way to be open to new "challenges", and/or perhaps "discoveries". Thank you for sharing. NRayH
  11. We received a notice to provide embarkation preferences yesterday. This being our first Azamara experience, it seemed somewhat normal (comparable to other cruise lines). We were offered a range of arrival times to choose from (none "suggested"), and were asked about contact information (personal and emergency), passport information, we also were able to print our Boarding Passes. This is for our 04 June sailing on Quest. NRayH
  12. Haven't checked for our June cruise, yet. Perhaps this is another step toward "homogenizing" procedures for all the Royal Caribbean Cruise products? NRayH
  13. Larry, Not positive, but I think the "No Charge" comment may refer to a deal that Harrah's has with the major cab companies in New Orleans, for short hops, in the French Quarter, from the casino driveway??? In any event, I thought his remark about "it is usually $12.00" when offered a $10.00 tip for a six block ride, was out of line. Those type comments should be passed on to his boss, not the customer. NRayH
  14. When our cruise (in March, 2017) ended in New Orleans, ACL offered a post-cruise tour of New Orleans, with drop-offs at the airport, or at Harrah's Casino for those staying on in New Orleans. Since we were staying in New Orleans, we opted for the city tour (which was quite nice and informative) before being dropped off at Harrah's. If I recall correctly, the doorman at Harrah's was whistling down taxis and telling the taxi drivers "No charge". Knowing the plight of taxi drivers, we offered him $10.00 -- he mumbled something about it "usually" being a $12.00 fare (it was only a six block ride). I offered him the "extra $2.00", but he told me "Keep it". I did. We were in our hotel room a good bit before noon. The actual tour was about two hours, as I recall. NRayH
  15. I am not SteelMagnolia9, but was on the cruise following, and we docked at a different pier at the conclusion of our cruise. Instead of Shilshole Marina, we docked close to Seattle center city. It might be worthwhile to contact ACL as exactly where you will be docking. They usually use Shilshole Marina, but they had two ships in Seattle on the day we returned. We being the smaller ship, we were designated for the downtown location, which was nice since we docked there the evening prior to disembarkation, which made for an easy jaunt to downtown Seattle for an evening experience, if one desired. NRayH
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