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  1. Izena, We, and I assume many others, most certainly hope you are correct in your prediction. NRayH
  2. Glad I saw this thread, although I thought we were pretty safe with our renewals. Just checked and we are good until April, 2022. Hopefully there will be some semblance of "normality" by then. NRayH
  3. Hi Dave, Thank you for this information. Maybe I should just contact ACL to request the Eagle Society Cruise Brochure? We, also, usually do our future cruise bookings whilst aboard one of their ships, just as we usually do with other cruise lines. NRayH
  4. jebhoward3, Thank you for posting this question. I have often wondered exactly how different the "Eagle Society Cruises" may be . We have only done seven cruises on ACL, usually based on itinerary. Perhaps, some day, an Eagle Society Cruise will show up with an itinerary we are interested in doing, and we will give it a try. NRayH
  5. Suitcasefull, We usually post a review on most of our cruises. So, there will probably be one after the Ohio River cruise, although it will probably be lacking the great detail that many folks include in their reviews 🙁 We have done a previous stern-paddle cruise on ACL's America (our first ACL cruise). There is not a lot of on-board difference, unless you are in the Paddlewheel Lounge. Or, on-shore looking at the ship. One thing we like about ACL's Paddlewheels is that all the cabins have access from an interior hallway. With some other lines, the access to the cabins is by way of an exposed. but, at least covered, outside walk-way. Not so nice, if the weather is not co-operative. NRayH
  6. Hi Suitcasefull, Difficult to recommend a specific itinerary without knowing what your major interests are. We pick our cruises mostly based on the itinerary -- sometimes some place we haven't been, or something of a "special happening" that we wish to be a part of. Sometimes it is just getting away with friends (known, or un-known). We tend to try to remain "flexible". Over the years there have been very few "clunkers". We have been very blessed, in that regard. Happy Sailing, wherever your travels take you. NRayH
  7. Suitcasefull, Right now, the only ACL cruise we still have booked is on their Queen of the Mississippi, 10 nights, St. Louis to Pittsburgh via the Ohio River. We would, happily, welcome you to join us. The Queen of the Mississippi is one of ACL's Paddle-wheelers, 150 passengers, max. NRayH
  8. Totally agree with Dave on this -- probably because it is just what I do.😇 I usually have a jacket with us, but seldom wear it to dinner whilst aboard . NRayH
  9. We were in Brugge on that fateful day. On our way back to the ship (HAL's Noordam), someone asked us if we had heard about the plane hitting the WTC. We had assumed that it was probably some small plane in a horrible "accident". Once back on board, we learned what really happened. We were half way through the first half on a B-2-B cruise, and we were quite impressed/surprised at the genuine compassion that the European natives shared with us at every port. I guess we Americans are easily detected. Two of our travel companions were from NYC and were, of course, concerned about friends and family that were at home, and lived/worked in that area of the city. It is one of our strongest "Cruise Memories" and one we hope never have to endure, or re-live, ever again. NRayH
  10. Suitecasefull, I would agree with Dave on most points ... we, however, do enjoy the balcony (even though, on the small side). We have been on both the Star (N.E. Islands) and Independence (Southern Golden Isles), usually on Deck three. Hope this is helpful -- Enjoy your cruise. NRayH
  11. C-Dragons, Sounds a lot like our rationale for picking a cruise itinerary. Sometimes, it is to join friends, or a particular group of friends. Thank you for condensing our rationale, to just a few sentences. NRayH
  12. Sounds like a "win/win" situation. Hope you enjoy your North-West Pioneers cruise as much as we did ours. NRayH
  13. Hi Izena, We have cruised with ACL six times and agree that they are easy to do business with. We also have had three cruises cancelled this year. The process for reimbursement/rescheduling was very efficient -- of course, my travel agent had the direct dealings with them. He told me that they (ACL) were much easier, and quicker, to deal with than with Celebrity. Perhaps a function of a smaller amount of dealings to handle? We have only one up-coming cruise booked with ACL, but are planning to book two additional itineraries when we are next on board. NRayH
  14. Could you please send a portion to us here in New Hampshire? Things have be exceptionally dry here. We have had three cruises either "cancelled" or "suspended" this year. We really enjoy our home here, but "DO!!!" miss cruising. 😒 Nothing scheduled prior to next May. NRayH
  15. Hi Dave, Thank you for your comments We chose to sail from St. Louis since it meant being able to start our cruise on Janet's birthday, instead of leaving the ship on "her day". We have not been aboard the Queen of the Mississippi, but have sailed aboard America, which we enjoyed very much. The travelling between decks doesn't bother us (at least not too much). We almost always use the stairs, even on the "big" (ocean-going) ships. We decided to skip, the pre-cruise "up-graded" hotel option (Four Seasons) especially at $285.00 pp. We have found the hotels that ACL has used to be very satisfactory and convenient. We may well spend a day or so, at Pittsburgh, post cruise, before returning home. Thank you for the feed-back. NRayH
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