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  1. We have stayed in these suites a number of times. The only "pole intrusion" was very minimal, at first sight. Then it was no more intrusive than a chair or table -- plenty of space to go around it easily. As mentioned, previously, it is a long walk from the mid-ship elevators -- my excuse to avoid the gym. We really enjoy these suites. NRayH
  2. I think that is a proper attitude. Only you can decide if Azamara Cruise Lines meets your needs/expectations. I agree that you will probably not get the "total experience" but should still be able to get a "feel" of the Azamara experience. We have completed over 125 cruises on about 15 different cruise-lines (river and ocean), and have found most of them enjoyable (some more so than others). Please stop back and let us know how you found your Azamara cruise experience to be. NRayH
  3. We leave here in nine days, and spend a day in San Juan prior to boarding Azamara's Journey for a Caribbean Journey. Then we will have to wait until we board Silhouette for fourteen nights on an Iceland/Ireland cruise (May 2020). Then we have a cruise aboard American Cruise Line's Constitution (August 2020) for their Grand New England cruise. Perhaps we might also be tempted into booking some additional "Future Cruises" whilst aboard any of the up-coming ones. Unfortunately, the circumstances do not permit doing this continually. NRayH
  4. Hi Cruzinchar, We have not been on ACL's Harmony, but have completed six other ACL cruises. I have never felt "underdressed" at any meal on ACL, and have never packed a sport jacket`. There are no "formal nights", but I feel confident that there would be no adverse reaction to you, if you chose to wear more formal attire. Hope that you enjoy your time on ACL as much as we have. NRayH
  5. Hi SauvBlanc, Whilst we have not personally done as to what you were inquiring about, I will share some of our experiences whilst aboard ACL cruises. At dinner, if my wife and I were ordering the same wine, we have usually been asked if we wanted the bottle for the meal. We usually have finished it there, especially when involved with some great dinner conversations with other guests. When we haven't finished the bottle (rarely) we have been asked if we wanted to take the remaining wine with us. I have also observed folks leaving the Dining Salon carrying wine bottles (I cannot vouch for how full/empty they were). Our personal after dinner routine has been to adjourn to the venue for the evening's entertainment, where there is a full open bar until the completion of the evening's activities, and usually a tad longer. Without having done so, personally, I do think your request would probably be honored. This is based upon our experience of six ACL cruises over the last two plus years. Hope you enjoy your cruise. NRayH
  6. Hi All, It is with great anticipation that we leave tomorrow morning for a cruise we have been looking forward for some time now. We have seen mostly positive reviews from others and NOW it is our turn. I probably will not be doing a day-by-day posting review, but will try to post a complete review when we return home. Thank you to all that have offered positive reinforcement, and suggestions in our discussions of this itinerary. NRayH
  7. SteelMagnolia9, Thank you very much for the valuable insights of this itinerary. We have been looking at this cruise and were still somewhat un-decided as to it's appeal. Your review has raised our level of interest again. We grew up in the Mid-Atlantic states (Pennsylvania) but have been here in New Hampshire for the last twenty (+0) years, and now are less tolerant of high temperatures/humidity levels. The timing of these cruise seems to be limited to August/September, which is a major reason we have not yet booked it. Also, we had not seen many reviews of this itinerary. Your review has rekindled our interest. I guess "time will tell"? At least we have some additional information, from a ACL cruiser. Thank you, again. NRayH
  8. I would echo much of what M&M Hayden said, but, do not be too surprised by a different wrinkle being thrown in, especially if it is a non-U.S. port. We have done a number of B-2-B,s and had some very different "experiences". However, we almost always had the proper information to help make it somewhat "seamless". Most of the cruise line staffs have experience in making as painless as possible, and they usually succeed. If something goes slightly "amiss" it may be a great "You had to be there" story. Hope all goes well for your first "B-2-B" experience. NRayH
  9. SteelMagnolia9, Thank you for providing a record of your cruise experience. We have been thinking about this itinerary, so it is especially timely. We will next be aboard for the Northwest Pioneers Cruise on 11 October. NRayH
  10. "Just Saying" One needs something "revolting" to happen to engender a "Revolution". 🤔 NRayH
  11. Missabby. Quoting from ACL Brochure, "Fare: American Cruise Lines, Inc.'s per person fare includes passage, dining service, snacks, complimentary cocktail parties, and entertainment aboard the ship. Fares do not include most shore tours (unless otherwise noted) or port charges and fees. Guests are not expected to leave a gratuity on board." Having said that I have not seen, nor heard of, any free-will offer a gratuity being refused. However, they are not really expected. Hopefully, that answers your question. NRayH
  12. Unfortunately, Not always. We tend not to mention any "special occasion" when making our reservations. In discussions, over the years, with various guests, this topic has arisen and the results seem to be very inconsistent. If it is important, to you, I would mention it (before the event in question) to whomever you think appropriate. It may vary according to your cabin/stateroom assignment. It could be the Dining Room Manager, Concierge Services, Butler, Guest Services, Food/Beverage Manager, Hotel Director. If you are successful in receiving an acceptable level of accommodation, please be sure to mention the good accommodation provided, by whomever, in the Post-Cruise Survey. NRayH
  13. Might be advisable not to meet in the pool -- I heard/read that some folks do "stuff" in the pool. 😏 NRayH
  14. Hi SuziCruises, Not sure which cruise you are looking for information on? This thread was started about ACL's Harmony, which started its initial sailings very recently. I also mentioned that we would be hoping to book aboard ACL's sailing the Great Rivers of Florida itinerary for later this year (based upon availability, in our preferred staterooms. This would be booked whilst aboard our Northwest Pioneers cruise, next month. Booking aboard Harmony is on our "to-do" list, for "someday". I will usually post a review of whatever cruise we complete, not always with photos though. NRayH
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