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  1. Well, the inaugural cruise out of PC has been cancelled as you very well know. I've been busy all morning updating family members, and talking to our PVP regarding rebooking them/us, or finding another cruise. She informed me that the cancellation emails should go out between today and possibly Monday. We were looking forward to this cruise, and have put a lot of work into making arrangements for our Annual Family and Friends Cruise aboard. Things happen, and constructions delays happen all the time (although we thought with the first PC cruise we'd get pass any delays. lol). The October cruise was roughly within a year of our 50th birthday's (January and July), Wedding Anniversary (August), and our 25th Year Together (December), so we're going to skip the Mardi Gras until a later date, and start planning our 50/25 Celebrations, which will be on a cruise. Hopefully we can find a good European or Alaskan itinerary to celebrate. I wish everyone Safe and Happy Travels, and Godspeed until we meet or cruise again. Pembroke
  2. New photos of the Mardi Gras Terminal and Garage in Port Canaveral.
  3. We've been back for a week now from our extended cruise on the Harmony due to Dorian. I have no complaints about the experience, and we had a wonderful time onboard. Both Royal and Captain Johnny kept us abreast of what was going on from embarkation day until the end of our cruise. It was a great experience just learning from the Captain, and programming on the in-cabin television of what goes on behind the scenes, and how decisions are made. Here's the latest video from Port Canaveral on the construction of the terminal and parking garage. We did get to see it from the waterside going out, but I didn't have my phone or camera to take photos.
  4. Hello everyone, Here are the updated photos of Terminal 3 for the Mardi Gras posted by Port Canaveral this morning.
  5. Congratulations!!! We are one day away from Platinum. We couldn’t find the time to do a short cruise to get the status earlier, but we have a 7 day (Anniversary Cruise) on the Harmony in less than a month.
  6. No drink limits like in Carnival (15 alcoholic beverages a day, unlimited non alcoholic drinks). Pools are open while in port. The MTD time of 8:30 is probably the only time that was left to make a reservation for. Some nights we make a reservation (show nights), and others we go to dinner at our convenience. It may be a short wait, but nothing more than 15 minutes (usually). We go to the dining room a little earlier (10-15 minutes) to account for the wait. We got one Surf and Stream package to share between us. I usually don’t check emails or social media while on vacation, the better half does. I only used it to stream some shows and the Dreamworks Parade on FB to give family members a chance to check out Royal’s activities compared to Carnival. You can can get coffee from room service, Cafe Promenade or Starbucks ($).
  7. Not on the Harmony, but our first time on the Oasis we were on Deck 14 (Central Park BL). At 6:00am you could hear them moving deck chairs around (scraping against the pool floor). Our next cruise on the Oasis we were on Deck 12, and didn’t hear a thing. We’re going on the Harmony next month and selected deck 12 to avoid any noise issues.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/portcanaveral/videos/439169813598815?sfns=xmwa
  9. https://www.facebook.com/portcanaveral/videos/439169813598815?sfns=xmwa
  10. I haven’t found any updated images since my post on June 26. The terminal is on schedule, and construction progressing. There’s other construction going on this week with a 60 inch pipeline being installed resulting in some parking lot closure and roadway diversions. I’ll try to get out that way next week to get some new photos.
  11. I was watching this mornings Port Canaveral Commission Meeting. There's plenty of construction progress on the Cruise Terminal 3 (CT3) from the waterside view, which we haven't seen before. The concrete panel walls are formed/constructed onsite and and raised into position. The concert wall panels have recessed electrical conduit built into the walls, along with the connections for attaching structural steel. The two wooden boxes in photo #6 are for the elevator shafts.. Once the forms have cured, Schindler Elevator Company will come in and start as build work. There's also a tremendous amount of work being completed on the new bulkhead. The terminal is slated for completion/opening May 18, 2020 (if no major delays). Cruise berth completion December 20, 2019. Passenger boarding bridge components completion November 2019.
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