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  1. And that issue is ??? We have just sailed through the Strait of Hormuz today and will dock in Oman tomorrow. You must have experienced something different to our non-eventful passage. Please share
  2. Nothing like that available on Jewel this week. No casino perks at all
  3. Currently on Jewel and they're still calling it formal
  4. On Jewel now. No spin to win offered at all so looks like another 'perk' bites the dust
  5. Boarded Jewel yesterday. Anis got back from vacation and also boarded yesterday and is in the DL. Checker is still in CL
  6. This thread is about cruises leaving from Dubai. Hallasm posted a link to a current thread about those cruises 'Anyone currently on Jewel' which just happened to show a snapshot of the page showing a couple of shuttle bus prices - one in Bahrain and one in Qatar. If you follow the link and look at post #18 you will see what I mean.
  7. That picture shows information for the shuttle bus in Bahrain, not in Dubai. It's just a snapshot from a link to the thread
  8. Norwich Cruiser, I'd like to add my thanks too. We'll be onboard next week and beginning to wish we'd never booked it - not because of the political issues but various reports about the onboard experience. This sounds a lot more promising.
  9. Agree with the two above. We did the same tours as sddsddean and both were excellent. Someone on our roll call organised the tours but there were people who had obviously contacted Lijo independently and were on the same bus on one of the tours. They worked out to be great value, compared to the ship tours, and we also saw more on both tours than the ships tours did.
  10. Just for info, you can pick up this tour from one of the vendors on the pier where the tender boats drop you at around a third of the price quoted above. We did it a few years ago and it's a really enjoyable trip, but I wouldn't pay ship prices. There are a couple of companies offering it, this is one of them https://www.santorini-excursions.com/excursions/volcano-and-hot-springs
  11. OK. I thought you meant official advice not reportage.
  12. Yes here we go again as the post above said before it was hastily deleted. And this thread will no doubt get locked soon, along with others. But really what are RC playing at. I just dont believe that every sailing in the first couple of weeks of January on every ship with a CL has such high numbers that there isn't enough room in any of the CLs for D+. Why dont RC have the guts to admit that all the CLs are now classified as SLs and only open to suites and Ps instead of doing it by stealth and deception and pretending it's due to high numbers
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