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  1. I you mean they don't like the blogging, he's been blogging for months and months and has had a couple of promotions during that time so I don't think you're right about that.
  2. And it's woefully out of date - none of the cancelled Miami cruises are on there and nor is the TA on the Preziosa which a number of people have confirmed is also cancelled
  3. Discussed on a different thread on this board. If the cruise was booked in the UK it's subject to EU legislation and they have to refund - link here If our forthcoming TA from Barbados is cancelled - and I begin to suspect it may well be - I will be insisting on a refund under the terms of our booking.
  4. Those are terms which apply in the EU. They appear on a page on the MSC website with the title Key rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302 There are different rules in USA and Australia so it may be that those countries are only getting a FCC. We often read on many different cruise boards on cruise critic that it's unfair that we, in the UK, pay more than our fellow cruisers in the USA. I think I'm right in saying that this is where we come out at an advantage as EU laws give us the protection quoted above.
  5. I wonder what happens in the case where a package with flights was bought as the flight actually forms part of the price paid so presumably can't be included in the value of the FCC
  6. I am wondering about this one. Multiple news outlets saying this - including TV stations - but to my knowledge there have been no reported cases on Caribbean cruises. Surely they should be more transparent and name the cruise.
  7. Bobal


    What's wrong with just smiling and saying hello 😀
  8. Oh wow. I didn't realise I've been watching Encore as I'll be sailing on her. 😕
  9. According to this post on the MSC boards Colombo are no longer allowing cruise ships to call. I would give this less credence if it weren't from someone actually onboard. I realise it's some time before Encore is due in Colombo but just a heads up that this is what's currently happening. Please don't shoot the messenger.
  10. We've never had a problem having some of the beers left unopened. Why would they have to open them all? You've bought them so they're yours to do as you want with them.
  11. Bobal


    We are booked on a Seabourn cruise from Dubai to Athens in early May. I have been following what's happening on the previous cruises - it's also repositioning from Australia. The 2 cruises before should have been Sydney - Bali - Singapore - Dubai. They will now be Sydney - Darwin - Colombo - Dubai with (obviously) a number of port changes and a number of people, particularly Australians, wishing to cancel because of this. This is just for info to show how another cruise line has handled what is basically the same repositioning from Australia to Europe.
  12. Whilst I can't help with any of your other questions I would point out that the team are on Yas island, which is a completely different place to Sir Bani Yas island. The former is a resort area of Abu Dhabi and the latter, where the cruise ships call, is like a private island just consisting of beaches and a nature reserve.
  13. Bobal


    These figures are out of date. Latest figures in Italy just released 1128 infected, 29 dead now
  14. Bobal


    It isn't him. Spare a thought for the family of the person who has died. Just because he didn't put himself out there ad nauseam it doesn't mean he matters less 😞
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