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  1. Another one here who falls into the vast region between D+ and P so the extra points mean nothing to me, other than getting closer to another free amenity gift (i.e. bottle of wine). Next cruise will put me into mid 400s so a long way from Pinnacle. If I had the money (and inclination) to book enough cruises - or suites - to get me there i wouldn't be choosing RC anyway. Also another one who doesn't see the attraction of the 340 lunch. No desire to sit in a dining room making small talk at midday on a sea day when I could be out on deck. The only one we didn't decline was on Jewel last summer where there were so few above 340 points and only one sea day that we had dinner. Our officers were the LA and the Future Cruise person- not sure if they would meet the important enough criteria for some on here, but it was a really fun meal.
  2. It's the same in the UK, there's a much bigger demand than previous years since the government is advising people they should get the vaccine. Our largest pharmacy (Boots) have only had appointments for over 65's for some weeks now. Doctors surgeries (certainly where we live) are only giving them to over 65's and those at risk. I was able to book an appointment via a large supermarket pharmacy a couple of weeks ago and had my jab last week, but they are now only giving them to over 65's.
  3. Don't get me wrong. I will be very disappointed if there is no D lounge when I cruise again. I will also hold my hand up and say that I am not someone who goes to the lounge to meet 'like-minded people'. I go for the free booze in HH, the coffee at any time of day and the breakfast (always eat breakfast there). However, there seem to be many people on here - which let's face it tends to attract frequent cruisers - who can't wait to rush back to the ships. I agree that a lot of the public won't be rushing to cruise, but I think that will be those who are not passionate about cruising. I am staggered by just how much cruising some people do (as evidenced by the various posts such as 'how many cruises have to you had cancelled' 'how many FCC's do you hold' etc. I don't think it's out of touch with reality to say that those people will be quick to cruise again, and since they will expect the D lounge experience and it's going to be hard to manage with social distancing/ reduced staff etc, then the D lounge may not happen to start with.
  4. This is exactly why there will be a Suite Concierge, along with the fact that paying a premium price leads to expectation of a premium service (and a lot of attention) on the part of some. D concierge not so sure. Agree that there may not even be a D lounge at the start
  5. Chris Wong lives in the only area in England on the highest alert (for the next 4 weeks) so he won't be going anywhere soon.
  6. Food and Service: service no different- both very good. MDR food marginally better on X. Speciality Dining depends on class of RC ship - 150 Central Park and Wonderland far better than anything X has to offer Wow factor: S class are classy looking ships, more wow factor than Freedom class and below, but no X ships beat the wow factor of Oasis and Quantum class Upscale Luxury: Neither X or RC can be described as upscale luxury Entertainment vastly superior on RC
  7. Errrm well thanks for your input. You do realise that capitalising words doesn't make you an authority, and nor does a GUARANTEE from someone who's just a keyboard warrior. Anyway no doubt we'll continue hearing from you 🙄
  8. Actually there are statistics out there if you google them. There was an an article in a respected UK newspaper (The Daily Telegraph) posted only this week. I won't post the link as it's behind a paywall but have copied and pasted it below: Only '44 cases' of Covid-19 traced back to air travel, report finds The risk of catching Covid-19 on board a plane is similar to that of being struck by lightning, a top aviation official has claimed. The CEO of the International Air Travel Association (IATA), Alexandre de Juniac, also insisted that, while flying is not ‘risk-free’, a plane cabin is significantly safer than other indoor environments when it comes to transmission of the virus. A new study by IATA has found that just 44 cases of potential coronavirus infections have been traced back to flights since the start of 2020, a tiny proportion of the 1.2 billion people who have travelled by air in the same time period. Of those confirmed cases, the majority were reported early in the year, before the use of face masks by crew and passengers became common practice. Citing three separate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tests conducted by aircraft manufacturer Airbus, Boeing and Embraer, the association’s medical researchers have concluded that a number of environmental factors contribute to making viral transmission far less likely in a plane cabin, including High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, the downward flow of air from overhead ventilators, and the natural barriers provided by seats. Following their respective experiments, both Airbus and Boeing have gone so far as to state that two passengers sitting side by side on board a plane has a comparable transmission risk to two people standing six or seven feet apart in an office. “There is no single silver-bullet measure that will enable us to live and travel safely in the age of Covid-19,” said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO. “But the combination of measures that are being put in place is reassuring travelers the world over that Covid-19 has not defeated their freedom to fly. Nothing is completely risk-free. But with just 44 published cases of potential inflight Covid-19 transmission among 1.2 billion travelers, the risk of contracting the virus on board appears to be in the same category as being struck by lightning.” His comments coincide with another report released by aviation analyst OAG, based on a survey of more than 4,000 people, which found that almost 70 per cent of respondents have plans to fly internationally within the next six months. While 40 per cent of travellers are more concerned about catching the coronavirus in-flight than on any other part of their trip (including at the airport or at their destination), 76 per cent also believe that mandatory use of face masks by passengers and staff is the most effective way to ease fears.
  9. 1 or 2, depends which way you look at it. Boston to Tampa repo cancelled, but we'd already L&S'd it to same repo for next year and that's been cancelled too. Also had a Seabourn and an MSC cruise cancelled tho.
  10. 1 or 2, depends which way you look at it. Boston to Tampa repo cancelled, but we'd already L&S'd it to same repo for next year and that's been cancelled too.
  11. Turkey and Greece both currently on the non-quarantine list - for how long though? We flew to Portugal with Easyjet on 5th September and the plane was full. While we were there they introduced quarantine for those returning from Portugal. We counted 34 getting off the plane we returned on as we were waiting to board and there were 64 on our flight.
  12. Phil, like you we are fans of Easyet (who have come good for us on a number of occasions this year). The rumour to which you refer is one which was started by a Union rep and has been denied by the company. Hopefully it's a case of someone stirring the pot, although obviously there are concerns for all travel operators at this time
  13. We cruised quite a few times when our sons were teens. Obviously I don't know your family but in my experience teens do like to spend some time with other teens. I would encourage them to go to the first teen meet-up (usually the first night) just to get to meet other people onboard who are the same age. They may resist (ours did) but they thanked us in the end. They didn't spend any time with their friends during the day (we always explored ports as a family) and we always ate dinner together, but it's nice to spend some time with their peer group sometimes, not even necessarily taking part in organised activities, just hanging out together. They're in their late twenties now and still in touch with friends they made onboard
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