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  1. You seem to have misread or misunderstand my post. I said I had no problem getting my own bag, I dont need someone to get it for me if I can see it in the corridor, I'm perfectly capable of dragging it to my own room. I was merely agreeing with the OP (as were others on this thread) that it seems to be more common lately to just leave the cases somewhere in the adjacent area and not outside the cabin. Not sure about this two stage process others have mentioned. We popped back to our cabin on a recent cruise at around 8.30 and people were out looking for cases and finding them way down the hall
  2. Really?? So how do you account for the fact that we cruised on 3 different ships in Sept, Oct and Nov and every time the bags were left somewhere in the corridor on which our cabin was located, but never delivered to outside the cabin. Not a big deal as happy to grab them but some people were very confused as their bags were placed a long way from their cabins.
  3. That isn't a list of missing souls it's a list of Australians whose names have been added to the Red Cross list of people whose family/friends are trying to check if they are Ok. It's quite feasible many of them wouldn't have even been in the area. The list was published by an Australian news site which has just picked out the Australian names. The full list has other nationalities but, again, they are not necessarily missing, just that someone has put their name on the list wondering if they are safe
  4. We did Chef's Table on Explorer last year. They set it up in a curtained off area at the back of Chops
  5. Pardon? Don't understand your question I was responding to the OP, I haven't asked a question
  6. We did Uber from Port Everglades to Miami airport a couple of weeks ago. Just checked on my uber history and it cost $40.81
  7. Bobal

    Rome Transfers

    The OP asked for ideas for getting from the airport (i.e. FCO) to the cruise port or a hotel near the port - so not sure what point you are making here. At no point did they mention they would be staying in a hotel in Rome so your point about a Rome hotel concierge makes no sense. OP we have always used romeshuttlelimousine.com for a private transfer and they usually come in around 10 euros cheaper than other companies. They also use very nice limousine-style cars.
  8. Interested to read this as I wanted just one roll to go for lunch from Izumi on Allure a couple of weeks ago - my OH isn't a big sushi fan and I didn't want to sit in there on my own. I turned up to order it and the host said he would have to check with his supervisor. She was adamant that I couldn't do that, despite the fact that I have eaten in Izumi many times and seen people collect food to go. I asked if I ordered it at a table then had an emergency and had to rush off would they package it up for me or make me leave it behind - she said the latter. At this point I looked hard at her name badge and she suddenly relented and said it would be fine. For the life of me I don't understand the problem with ordering a $17 roll to go instead of sitting at a table stuffing my face with food. The food was packaged up and handed to me in a bag with 'Izumi Express' printed on it - i.e. a bag specifically for food to go
  9. The wording appears at the top of the page
  10. Just checked on one of my cruises which offers the 5-day package and on the description it does say lunch and dinner, whereas the 3 night package doesn't mention lunch.
  11. Re Mykonos and Kotor - there is one berth, so you may possibly be berthed but most likely tendered. I have only seen smaller ships berthed in Kotor (eg Azamara, Silversea) so if you are on one of the larger ships you will probably be tendered. With Mykonos it seems to be first ship in gets the berth. And whilst it is more convenient to be tendered in Mykonos (as the tenders drop you in town) it's also possible that winds/seas could affect this port and you will be unable to tender in, as happened to us this year.
  12. Thanks Bea, I'll have a search around and see if I can find anything. We loved that itinerary and would happily do it again, but not without the Aurea package.
  13. We really enjoyed our Grand Voyage from Venice to Durban last year and were considering doing the reverse trip in 2021. We had the Aurea experience on our previous trip and enjoyed the separate sundeck and anytime dining. However, on looking at future trips it seems that the various experiences are not available, even though the more expensive cabins still have the label 'Aurea'. Does anyone have experience of this? Would it mean that those perks would not be applicable and all sundecks are open and there is no such thing as anytime dining on the voyage. Thanks
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