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  1. Well you're completely wrong about Sweden so can you please name the '4 other countries' as will be interesting to fact-check those too.
  2. Yes, i agree. That - and a few other threads- have made me wish there was a 🙄 emoji or a shaking head. But the smug playground bullies and their fanbase persist and their post count goes up.
  3. I'm not surprised really. The big number posters on this board won't consider it worth a comment. It's not sailing from the US, no suites, no superior status- really not worth their attention. 😉 It ought to be though, since this is unfortunately prescient of what's likely to come, regardless of where or when a cruise sails for the foreseeable future.
  4. And this, I believe, is the crux of the matter when cruising restarts. There is so much talk on here - particularly by those who are desparate to cruise again - about what measures could and should be taken to make it happen - masks/distancing/checks/reduced capacity/only booking out balcony cabins etc. However whatever precautions are taken for the guests there are still going to be crew sharing very small cabins and working and living in close proximity. Whatever checks and quarantines are done on crew before boarding it only takes one or two positive cases to spread very quickly.
  5. I will be having the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, not to cruise with RC but to provide a level of protection to start living a more normal life. We met up with a friend yesterday who is a recently retired professor of tropical diseases. He has been avidly following all the studies and papers which have been published and the work being done by Imperial and Oxford on vaccines. He has already signed up to be a participant in the Oxford scheme- they are looking to recruit a large number of people over the age of 65. I would take his advice any day over the many armchair experts on here. He is 65 and with a heart condition
  6. Can you provide a link for this please? I'm wondering how you know immunity only lasts a few months as the Phase 1 trial only started on 23 April.
  7. That's been our experience too. People from the US tend to dine early - I'm always amazed at how early (standing in line to get into the dining room at 5.30!). We typically dine 8.-8.30 and visit the lounge for pre-dinner drinks and never found a problem getting a seat on cruises from the US. And yes I have done several cruises from the US in the last few years.
  8. Seriously??? How do you know this? Perhaps some D+ European cruisers (myself included) don't make a big deal of it onboard or need to spell it out on here 🙄
  9. Times change. It was difficult to find a seat sometimes in the overflow lounge on Jewel from Dubai in January this year.
  10. Bear in mind those prices are on top of the meal you've already paid for in the MDR so not really comparable to restaurant prices on land. If they ever did such a thing (and I've no doubt they never will) you can bet they would be charging more.
  11. Indeed it is a lot of work - I just read this interesting article explaining some of the work and even mentioning Journey (apologies if it's been posted elsewhere on this board) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-08/coronavirus-travel-what-happens-to-cruise-ships-during-covid-19?utm_campaign=news&utm_medium=bd&utm_source=applenews
  12. Of course I remember you, we met on Adventure and you're absolutely right - 10 years ago next month! 😄 hope you and John are keeping well. I agree that times are difficult and things won't be the same for a long time. We only sailed once on MSC because the itinerary looked wonderful - and so it was, Venice to Durban. The TA looked great too with a number of new ports, not the same old same old you get with RC. However, the way they are messing people around with all the changes and the real lack of communication makes me very wary of trying them again. Thankfully we only have 2 cruises in the pipeline (both with RC), and not until next year, so we'll be staying cautious for a while. Hope you get your issues sorted out. Stay safe xx
  13. Just to point out that here in England mask wearing is not mandatory except on public transport and when visiting a health facility, and that has only been in place for less than 4 weeks. I would estimate i see less than 1 in 10 wearing masks when I am out and about. Of course we have had other strict measures in place and thankfully mask wearing isn't part of a political battlefield. Our numbers continue to decrease exponentially.
  14. So, 97 days after we should have sailed from Barbados to Southampton (31st March) the refund finally appeared in our bank today. That's me done with MSC - we had taken one cruise with them and were more than satisfied with the product but, having seen the way they mess people around (and not just over refunds) and their woeful lack of Customer Service I'll be taking any future cruise business elsewhere.
  15. Hahaha. Wow, things must be getting desperate on here to resurrect a 3.5 year thread about someone nobody cares about 🤣
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