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  1. Certainly on the Jewel recently they had the theme listed in the Cruise Compass next to the Windjammer dinner times. I've never noticed this before (to be fair I haven't looked for it) so not sure if they do it on all ships If you want to know more than a day in advance the maitre d's of speciality dining/MDR and the Windjammer managers should have a list of what's planned for the cruise.
  2. A couple of things to bear in mind: 1) There will be procedure in place for B2B guests, whereby you would usually all meet and be taken through a process whereby you get your new cards and zero out the cards for the first cruise and then use your new cards to join the second cruise. If you decide to leave the ship you will need to inform Guest Services so different arrangements can be made for you 2) Your estimate of leaving at 8.00 is a little late. On the last day of a cruise the ship usually gets in really early so you could potentially be off the ship around 7.00.
  3. They usually do them on sea days but on Jewel recently we only had one sea day on the very first day. There were also very few who were eligible so we actually had dinner rather than lunch - a really nice evening.
  4. Thanks so much Ann, that great to hear. Did you prebook via email?
  5. Bobal

    Mykonos Tender

    We were due to tender in on the Jewel last month and the seas were so rough we never made it in, instead headed straight to Athens and overnighted there. Mykonos is one of those ports where tendering isn't a given.
  6. We generally never eat in the Windjammer as like to make dinner something a bit more special than a cafeteria experience. Having said that on our recent B2B on Jewel we had one of our best meals in the WJ on the night they were doing an Indian buffet and we sat outside at the back of the ship as we sailed from Santorini - magical (and great food). Whilst it won't be my first choice for dinner I'll certainly be looking out for the night they do the Indian theme on our next cruise.
  7. Agree about good shirts, but they're not allowed anyway. The list says socks, t-shirts,swimwear, underwear and pyjamas - stuff as much as you can into the bag. 1 bag pp for D+
  8. Thanks very much for the quick response. I'll do that
  9. This looks like a place we would enjoy but don't really need an all inclusive day pass. Does anyone know if it's possible just to turn up and rent 2 chairs and a shade, and how much this would cost. Thanks
  10. My mistake - we were in an Aurea cabin. I still got the free hot stone massage tho
  11. Is this a recent rule about the hot stones massage? I had one as Black Card perk on Musica last October.
  12. We did one in September. There were 3 different bus companies at the port, all seemed to be offering the same sort of thing for the same price. I can't say what the schedules would be in winter but am sure they will be online somewhere. The bus at the port basically did a straight run into Athens to a changeover spot by the Acropolis. We then picked up a bus which did the Athens tour and had to change again and do the reverse back to the port. Both times we called into other terminals to pick up/drop off passengers, although I would think in December there will be less ships in port. They seemed pretty well organised, with enough buses running to accommodate people - again, not sure what this would be like in December. Having been to Athens a number of times before we didn't want to explore the usual sights of the city and it was a good way to get an overview from the commentary and a look at some parts of the city we hadn't seen before.
  13. I really wouldn't simply show up and wait in line. We visited Florence the first week in October and even with pre-booked tickets for the Accademia we still waited in line for around 30 minutes. Those without tickets were waiting over an hour - not a great way to spend your time in the city when time is limited anyway.
  14. Yes you can. Just use the D+ BOGO on the first 2 nights and the 3-night package on another 3 nights. We've done this before Also the 3-night package does include Izumi. You get a $35 credit towards food. It just cant be used on Izumi Hibachi on ships that have an Hibachi table
  15. Just curious. What's a 'more than standing room only' crowd? Have seen him on Celebrity and really cannot figure out the fascination. Find him predictable, corny and not a little creepy. Each to his (or more likely her) own though, he does have a drooling fanbase
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