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  1. thanks our ports are Cozumel/Grand Cayman/Falmouth Jamaica
  2. We are taking Liberty this December. Does anyone know the days/times for the show Saturday Night Fever? Trying to plan my dinner reservations around that Thanks :)
  3. We were on Harmony Dec 2018. We put a case of water in a duffle bag with room luggage tag and gave it to porter. It arrived no problem to our cabin by 2:30 . We did tip the porter nicely, so maybe that helped.
  4. Anyone have opinions on the beach loungers for two? They are located on south beach I think. Hubby and I just bought one for Independence sailing in two weeks. Hoping its a quiet area
  5. Our Balcony GTY cabin was finally assigned for our 2/18 sailing and it is on deck 6. No surprise. We are happy no matter what deck.
  6. Is there a concierge lounge on allure? Or is it only a suite lounge?
  7. OK, thanks didn't realize that. We were happy to get the $100 OBC either way.
  8. We were on Harmony 6 weeks ago and we booked a balcony cabin on the Allure for the following December. We took advantage of the 100pp deposit and we were offered $50pp OBC
  9. I booked a balcony guarantee a few weeks ago for an Indy Feb 18, 2019 sailing and still no room assigned. Ship shows all suites and balcony rooms sold out so I'm hoping rooms were held for the guarantee bookings. But still surprised we haven't heard anything. When I called to inquire I was told it is all handled by computer now and they have no idea when rooms are assigned could be 72 hours after booking or 3 days before sailing. So I guess we wait
  10. I just recently booked a last minute trip on independence and took the same balcony guarantee room. My pass says same deck 6 GTY I thought maybe they held a few rooms on deck 6 specifically for the guarantee bookings or maybe it simply means at least deck 6, as balcony rooms start on 6. Not really sure
  11. I was recently on Harmony and it reads them with same scanner as on land. You could use the app on phone or a gift card I'm going on Independence next month, does anyone know if the giftcards/app on phone will work there as well?
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