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  1. I so agree! I wish Celebrity would put money into great service. I do not cruise because of gimmicks like the Magic Carpet, or even slides and climbing walls -- although I do realize that's important to some. I cruise because of the ports and the memorable conversations we have with fellow cruisers and wonderful staff from all over the world. I come back because of the service -- or go to other lines searching for it. I also vote to bring back Ocean Liners or Murano. I cruise less on the M class than I would if that restaurant were available.
  2. Thank you all for your direction on how many. Good advice!
  3. How many do I need per checked bag?
  4. It would be nice if there was some consistency. We were on a Royal ship 5-7 years ago, can't remember which one but likely Serenade, and security made us get rid of our drinks saying no alcohol in any of the pools. We were just sitting in the hot tub with a couple of beers in aluminum cans. He was really rude about it. I've always assumed since then that drinks aren't allowed and we've acted accordingly. It's great when they treat you like an adult -- as long as you act like one.
  5. My husband drinks Knob Creek and would sometimes alternate when on Celebrity between his usual KC, Bookers and Bakers. A couple of trips ago, our first in a suite, he was told that Celebrity no longer stocks the higher proof bourbons because they are flammable. Since we know that all spirits are flammable, we thought this was an excuse. However, further conversations indicated that they have to store these higher proof spirits in special lockers. Although there were attempts to explain, my guess is still that they can make more money on the packages by serving the lower priced liquors.
  6. We did a Tampa to San Juan repositioning cruise a few years ago. The one way air fare was not bad, about half of round trip. I usually compare to Celebrity’s airline booking option as sometimes their pricing is really good especially for first class. I usually book San Juan flights about 6 months ahead in order to get the flights and seats I want. I would book hotel now as they fill up fast. My favorite is the Doubletree in Condado but they often require a minimum 2-night stay. We stayed at the AC Hotel in January and liked it very much including the location near some good restaurants. Then you can watch prices to see if they fall and rebook.
  7. We were just in 1140 on Summit for 12 days in January. It was wonderful! It's so big that the flag pole is no issue. No noise from above. Now, if you don't like the entertainment from the Sunset Bar, that could be a problem. But it's a short period of time and I enjoyed all the live music. It's close to the Oceanview and aft elevators. I would book this cabin again in a heartbeat.
  8. Celebrity did a wonderful job communicating about the strike beginning during dinner last evening. They provided frequent updates starting at 7 this morning. Thanks to the captain and others for keeping us informed. Carrying off luggage by disabled passengers was difficult but all seemed to make the best of a stressful situation. Rich, the cruise director, helped carry passenger luggage as far as allowed as did other crew members. They all pulled together during the uncertainty of the day. It was a great cruise!
  9. Correct. Just upgraded at $11.80+ for January cruise this week.
  10. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Trying to book a first Crystal cruise tomorrow for September 2019 and TA is asking for 25% deposit and 6 months before sailing final payment. I thought this was for 2020 but I can't find what the requirements are for 2019. Can you advise? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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