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  1. Katbird93

    STT & SJU ports

    We have stayed at At Home In The Tropics in St. Thomas precruise, a beautiful B & B. Very nice and great owners. We stayed at Mafolie last year after the hurricanes. Even without hurricane damage, this hotel needs a huge facelift. Don't recommend it. We are staying this year at Doubletree in San Juan, we got a great rate. After the cruise, we will be staying in St. John for a few days.
  2. Katbird93

    Feb 10th SJU on Seadream2 full review

    Great question since we are all beer drinkers!
  3. Katbird93

    Feb 10th SJU on Seadream2 full review

    Thanks so much for this review. We will be doing similar SD cruise next February and have anxiously been looking for info.
  4. Katbird93

    First Timers Booked Today

    Just Booked 2/2019 cruise and very excited! Have cruised Windstar, but wanted to add a few days in St. John post cruise, so this worked for us. I thanks those that have answered my past questions and welcome any suggestions, recommendations, etc. We have bee to all the islands, but 2, and usually don’t do many excursions. Thanks and looking forward to a great new experience!
  5. Katbird93

    SD II 3-10 March

    Agree Trapper!
  6. Katbird93

    SD II 3-10 March

    Does this happen often, changing courses.p? We are considering a SD cruise next February. We’ve done Windstar a couple of times and never encountered this. But, when we were in St. John this year, we did notice a definite change in weather.
  7. Katbird93

    SD II 3-10 March

    Looking forward to your reports!
  8. Katbird93

    SeaDream I, January 27 - February 3

    We are from Central IL, close to Peoria.
  9. Katbird93

    SeaDream I, January 27 - February 3

    So, if we book the lowest cat, should I book starboard rather than port? Normally, I would prefer port. I don’t have a TA, but am looking into it. Thanks!
  10. Katbird93

    SeaDream I, January 27 - February 3

    Sounds like a lovely trip. We are thinking of first SD next Jan-Mar. Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve a couple of questions. We’ve done 2 Windstar Cruises and loved both. We generally spend our time in St John. How far in advance should we book? Should we use a TA? Have you stayed in lowest level room? if so, is it ok? Any advice, suggestions, etc., are welcome. Thanks!!