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  1. You can book a room through Comfort Suites on Paradise Island, as they have full access to the Atlantis Resort. I did this on my August Disney Wonder cruise and it worked out great, it was less than going through the cruise and very easy to do. You can go to the hotel, check in and get your wrist bands as soon as you get off of the ship. Go over to the Bahamas port of call boards; they talk about it over there quite a bit.
  2. I would definitely book now. I just booked a 5 night on the Disney Dream for August 2, 2011 and was told that the ship was filling up quickly.
  3. It may not have been what he was looking for, but you could certainly find food after 9:30pm. I just came off of Freedom 2 weeks ago and the Cafe Promenade had sandwiches, cookies, etc. available after 9:30pm.
  4. I just returned from Freedom a couple of weeks ago and we could not hook up the portable DVD player to the TV and I just assume it would be the same on Liberty.
  5. I stayed in a Royal Family Suite on Mariner a couple of years ago and the biggest difference between the Grand Suite and the Royal Family Suite is the royal family suite has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a living room. The bathroom in the master bedroom has the bathtub. You do also have access to the concierge lounge, which is a nice perk. All in all it was a great room.
  6. I just returned from Freedom and I had a Junior Suite hump connecting cabin also and my husband and I never heard a peep from the next cabin. So, don't worry, go and enjoy your hump cabin...the extra balcony space was really nice.
  7. I just returned from Freedom on Sunday and when we boarded, we simply put luggage tags on our 12-pack soda and water cases and left it with our luggage at the pier. We received everything later that day in our cabin. So, there really is no need to carry it with you onboard unless you just prefer to do it that way.
  8. Thanks hmsdos. One more quick question...what time were you escorted off of the ship?
  9. I'm going on Freedom in a little over 2 weeks and can hardly wait. Although I'm swamped at work, I can hardly concentrate and get anything done because I'm so excited. Anyone just off Freedom with any experience carrying off their own luggage? If so, is there a limit to how many bags you can carry off or any size restrictions?
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