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  1. To the OP, now that you’ve seen your cabin and have concerns, give NCL a call and discuss cabin options and costs for that sailing to understand your alternatives, and make your decision. Good luck!
  2. Coral has full promenade as well as public viewing decks on the aft of the ship. Very nice!
  3. chilkoot Tours in Skagway to take van up/train down from the Yukon. Excellent!
  4. Yes - good pair of Nikons. For Alaska we bring two pair because we’re often at different parts of the ship.
  5. Ah - good question. Hawaii, Alaska and Caribbean are favorites, but we also take European cruises out of Southampton, and road trips through Colorado, New Mexico.
  6. We routinely repeat itineraries, like Alaska (this will be our 9th or 10th Alaska cruise coming up in May) and Southern Caribbean. To us, it's similar to our land vacations - eg., 10 days in Hawaii VRBO ... It just takes 10 cruises to get the same amount of time in the region. Alaska travel is all about scanning the waters for wildlife or traveling through beautiful country. Caribbean is relaxing on the balcony with a book or snorkeling, Coming back to a repeat port is like coming back to a favorite ship - familiar, with an opportunity to see what's new and what's changed.
  7. We usually bring a small backpack for excursions so we can stash a sweatshirt/fleece, light gloves or poncho for our travels. Each port will have shops with loads of tees, fleeces, sweats, jackets and gloves as well.
  8. We book 10 -14 day cruises tacked on to multi-day precruise vacations because it’s wonderful to totally relax, be on the water and be pampered. Love the experiences and memories made, and feel it best to keep on the move now while our bodies and digestion can take it.
  9. The side benefit of bringing one of any of these mugs is that it's a place to pack small or vulnerable items (like costume jewelry - the only jewelry I'd bring when I travel) to keep them together and un-smushed in your suitecase.
  10. woohoo - this is definitely an inviting menu! Hopefully it will be available on the Pacific Princess in May, or we'll have to wait until our Sky cruise next year. thanks for posting!
  11. There are some larger balconies in addition to the mid-ship angled balconies? That’s great!
  12. You can purchase lots of tees in port - we usually only bring one or two So we can leave room in the suite case to bring those new ones home. DH usually brings one pair of shorts and I’ll have one pair of capris.
  13. Coral is my pick - have sailed her multiple times (usually b2b Alaska) and find that her smaller passenger count, public decks, and Horizon Court buffet located at the bow rather than aft are terrific for scenic viewing. She sails the true inside passage in/out of Vancouver which is a gorgeous part of the experience for us.
  14. I think the Sky dec 2019 sailings are Sun Drenched Deal sales, and not S&S.
  15. We're taking our first cruise on Pacific Princess in May next year. It's more expensive than I'm accustomed to paying on a daily basis, but we couldn't resist the 12-day itinerary that include several smaller ports that offer us a new experience in Alaska (our favorite cruising region). Very excited to have this chance for a small-ship cruise, but bummed that we'll have fewer opportunities to sail her in future. Right now the Coral is our favorite, as we shy away from the behemoth ships (though we do have a cruise on the Sky Princess to bookend our 2020 season!).
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