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  1. Have sailed all three and the Coral remains our favorite for Alaska. Wide promenade deck encircling the ship, fore and aft deck public viewing, terrific library with large comfy chairs in front of picture windows, with the card/game room (also with large windows) on the opposite side. We enjoy the Horizon Court location - in addition to the panoramic viewing it’s much easier to find seating when the dining area is a contiguous space. Any of these ships would offer a great experience, but we would choose the Coral.
  2. 😱. Think I’ll go double-check the window screens now.
  3. El Paso County (where we are in Colorado Springs) has received approval on plans to open restaurants on Monday, restricting them to 50% occupancy, 6 foot table spacing, no mixing between groups and I believe servers required to wear masks. No bar seating unless bartenders can be at least 6 feet from patrons. Though we miss sitting at the bar for a beer and amber ale at our favorite brew pub, we’ll stick with curbside delivery until vaccines in use. Know we are getting a bit starved for human interaction, as we’re excited when Jeff from Shoo! comes to swap out occupied raccoon traps. Both Phil and I rush out to the yard and all stand 8 feet apart (masked, as are the raccoons), chatting. I know LOTS of cool stuff about wildlife critters now.
  4. We're huge fans of single malts which is why we go wayyyy early to Heathrow Airport when we've had overseas cruises. Great duty-free opportunities (Oban is our favorite), and one of the best tastings we've had was killing time at the Harrods liquor display where they nicely dispensed a number of excellent options. Probably were overserved then, which would explain us clinking up the gangway with excess carry-on.
  5. Nice! Hopefully you purchased the Welcome Aboard photo to commemorate your cruise.
  6. Unfortunately I fear that stupid is here to stay, leaving healthcare workers and first responders there to clean up the mess.
  7. Ah - yes, I vaguely remember those old days, and often heave a sigh of relief that I successfully navigated through those waters. Whew!
  8. What great memories from your cruise last year - don't you love Alaska? We were originally scheduled to be flying out to Vancouver today for our 12-day Alaska Cruise on the Pacific Princess (2 days pre-cruise at Pan Pacific). Ah well - have booked the same itinerary for next May on the Coral and will also do the same when the 2022 Alaska cruises are available, as a backstop. Today we've finally got a cloudy, cool, moist morning promising some rain that reminds us so much of an early-season stop in Juneau. Think I'll take my coffee out on the deck and day-dream a bit. All we need are the sounds of eagles and gulls. Ahhhh, nice!
  9. Thrak - So sorry about your SILs surgery but glad they got it handled quickly. Emergency rooms can be troubling but they are probably one of the cleanest, most protected areas around these days. I spent about 3 hours at ours last weekend with my 100 y/o mom, who fell and broke her tibia and ankle. Unfortunately they had to take her to rehab because she is not ambulatory and needs fairly constant medical and therapeutic care during coming weeks. Happily it’s a great facility with no Covid, and in lockdown for the duration (all new patients are quarantined in their rooms for first 14 days, with all rooms being large, private and equipped with lift chairs and work tables). Hate that she’s going through this right now but moms a toughie and calls daily, and I bring care packages of my yummy oatmeal cookies, special notes and cards a few times a week. Well... drat. 78 deaths in our county but the numbers have slowed. Phil and I are geezers so we stick close to home and I always mask-up when at the store - senior hour grocery shopping at 6 am is great! Gov is slowly opening up some commerce with cautious restrictions to start, though Mayors can institute more stringent rules (eg, Denver retained lockdown until May 8). Take-out only for restaurants still, which is fine with us; love those left-overs! In the meantime the trees are beginning to blossom, oaks are budding out and bears are roaming the neighborhood. Got stung by a bee that slipped up my pant leg today while I was raking. Ah, Spring. Think I’ll go pour some wine now.
  10. Have successfully trapped Raccoon(s) and 3 squirrels and all have been relocated to a nicer neighborhood, but we'll wait another week or so before proceeding with attic insulation mitigation. We're feeling a bit guilty though - apparently raccoons are the mascot for fighting Covid-19 because they have masks and wash their hands frequently. Sigh, just can't win.
  11. I’d go for Ruby, as I think she is better for a Inside Passage, with good Promenade deck for viewing, and higher likelihood of sailing east of a Vancouver Island. Sounds lovely!
  12. In Colorado our governor is lifting the first level of restrictions May 1, though some Mayors and counties are implementing different rules. We’re “not in any way going back to the way things were”... instead, the analogy is that we’re moving from the Bunny ski slopes to Green, but will go back to Bunny slopes if/where necessary. For most of us, no change from how we’ve been living for the past month. On the home-front here we’re still trying to trap the trash-panda (aka raccoon), and will not proceed with attic abatement until the stinky fuzzy bestie is truly gone. Ah, Spring!
  13. Crab quiche - I may need to place an order for 2 and just skip the entree. We need calm seas before balcony dining though - didn’t bring nearly enough Bonine if we’re rocking & rolling. 😱
  14. Hope we see you down in the Enclave this cruise - warm water and tile beds feel pretty great after dinner! Not many people there tonight. 😎
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