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  1. Just to add a further complication (apologies if this has already been referenced ) - we had a FCD applied to a cruise that was cancelled. The FCD had expired by the time the cruise was cancelled but was returned to our Princess account as a FCC. When I enquired if the FCD benefits (obc) still applied, the Princess agent said they did - but there is no evidence to that effect on the account. It’s one to watch. (How many acronyms can I get into a single post?😂🤣)
  2. No, not for us. Cruising is a means to an end, not an end in itself (for us).
  3. The Greek regulation that came into effect in mid April stated that if the vouchers are not used within 18 months by customers, businesses will be required to refund the initial amount of the bookings in cash. That is obviously subject to the business still being a going concern.
  4. Thank you for your response. For clarity (and accuracy), I didn’t ask why your mind was made up, simply it seemed to be made up. With an on going investigation and enquiry, I think it is quite dangerous to draw conclusions, no matter how tentative, when only part of the evidence has been heard. The evidence should be viewed in its entirety, premature conclusions are simply that - an incomplete picture. I am not disputing what you say - I am saying you cannot possibly have a complete picture because all the evidence has not been heard. Anyway, I will watch how matters unfold, fr
  5. Sounds as though your mind’s made up. Anyway, stay safe and happy cruising, whenever that might be! ps should that be ‘unjustly accused’?
  6. I’m not a conspiracy theorist... however.... bang, another conspiracy theory!😂👏 Why not wait for the outcomes of the Commission of Enquiry and Police investigation (and subsequent court case if there is sufficient evidence)?
  7. Wow, I thought the U.K. had its fair share of conspiracy theorists, but Oz seems to have some corkers!
  8. Having just read this thread from the the start, one thing is clear - there are lots of opinions masquerading as facts.
  9. Princess should release an unequivocal statement, such as: ‘Here at Princess cruises we have been investing heavily in crystal balls. Unfortunately, we have bought a duff batch and the unknown is still the unknown. We promise to inform our loyal customers that when the unknown becomes the known, you will be the first to know. However, we do know that the unknown will be unknown for some time. We would like to thank Donald Rumsfeld in the preparation of this statement.’
  10. There is no consensus within medical circles that how the quarantine on the Diamond Princess was the most effective way of handling the situation. It is widely reported that many people became infected during quarantine. It is also interesting to read the fallout where the Japanese authorities are blaming Princess for a botched quarantine with Princess stating they were taking their instructions from the Japanese. Hopefully, the truth will out as the cruise industry needs to learn from this.
  11. Brilliant- glad it’s not just me that does stuff like that!
  12. Yes, I didn’t like to mention the name in case it wasn’t PC these days!🙄
  13. Back in the 50s, 60s, 70s popular tabloids would show a partial photo of one of their employees who would wander round a named seaside resort. Readers who recognised him and challenged him with the correct phrase won a fiver! Here endeth the history lesson. Told you I was old.😂😂
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