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  1. # one it was a guaranteed refund. # two Yes I have posted this question before thought I would ask on a different spot. Thanks for being so very helpful.
  2. Anyone else have a British Isle's cruise cancelled due to the virus, and having trouble getting a guaranteed refund from a Co. in Ireland?
  3. Where is the dining area for Club Class on the Royal? First time having Club Class is this good for breakfast and lunch also? Now after having two cruises and a two week fly in fishing trip in Canada cancelled due to virus, hope cruise at the end of Jan. is a go.
  4. Has anyone done the Princess deep sea fishing excursion from Matzatlan, looking for opinion?
  5. Doing a canal cruise in April on Holland Line. Looking at an excursion in Fuerto amador called the Best of Panama. This includes a visit to the Embera Indians, and a visit to the new locks. Has anyone done this excursion, looking for recommendations?
  6. Our Princess PCC called us on 7/21 regarding our refund of gift cards we had used on a cancelled cruise. She advised me to E-mail Gift Card Dept. to give them all info regarding cards,as I no longer had the numbers. Later that day received an automated e-mail stating that it would take some time due to conditions. Today opened e-mails and found info to print off five $1000.00 cards also for the $250.00 bonus.I will put these to use on a cruise we have booked for end of January hopefully by then things will be close to normal. As of now I have received all of my money that was due me for two cancelled cruises. Only refund I am now waiting on is a refund for three tours with Paddywagon Tours in Ireland, they are somewhat dragging their feet on refunds.
  7. Anyone else who had their 2020 British isle's cruise cancelled having trouble getting a refund from certain tour company's over there? We had three tours lined up with a private co. so far keep getting excuses as to when we may get a refund it is now possibly in early August. I am not going to mention their name, as I told them I would wait until August after that no more Mr. nice guy.
  8. Well credits finally are some what caught up from our cancelled August and Sept cruise. All I am waiting on now is the $5000.00 in Princess gift cards that I used. Seeing as how they were used some time back to make final payment on Aug. cruise and I no longer have them. Looks like I will have to contact Princess to check on this. Booked some private tours for our British Isle's trip, must say they have all been very prompt about refunds. That is one tour co. in Ireland with whom we booked tours in three different ports. First it is sorry we are shut down at this time, then it was we should be in operation by end of June. Now it is first week in August we should be able to work on refunds.My last e-mail I informed them I would wait until then, after that no more Mr. nice guy
  9. Regarding the notice from Princess awhile back about refunds being paid back piece meal, they weren't kidding. On 6/19, and 6/26 I received some of what they owe me. Since then nothing have only gotten about one third of what I am owed for an August cruise which was rebooked for late Sept. Wondering if others are getting refunds like this in bits and pieces. This was for a British Isle's cruise. We usually book our excursions through Princess this time we booked some through private tour operators. I will say all but one was very prompt in refunds. All but one in Ireland who we had three tours booked with. First it was we will start refunds in late June, now it is the first of August. Me being the nice person I am told them in last e-mail I would wait until August then all bets are off. If I sound like I am a bit perturbed I am , at this moment We should be on a fly in fishing trip in Ontario for the next two weeks. Then home for awhile and then flying to London for a twelve day cruise. I realize we are not the only ones who have had plans upset because of the virus. I will say we are healthy, safe and bored. Guess now that I have had my rant I can get on to making dill pickles.
  10. Have run into same problem with purchased seats on United. These were for a flight connected to a Princess cruise. The seats were purchased through United. After finally being told by United that refund had been made several months ago. My credit card Co. not having any record of a refund , I am now letting them handle. At least I am finally getting some of my money back from Princess from August and Sept. cruises that were cancelled.
  11. Long Beach San Pedro my mistake, I would like to thank those helpful people who answered my question even those who did not.
  12. Does Princess run a bus between LAX and Long Beach port for those doing a Princess cruise. Yes I know that other shuttles, taxis, and rental cars are available. Just need to know about Princess sponsored transportation.
  13. Which if any of the Holland ships go thru the new locks. Been thru canal twice wife wants to sail thru the new locks.
  14. Others are correct TKR hurts like hell the first few weeks especially if you don't like to take painkillers. Extra strength Tylenol does help. Spent the first month sleeping in recliner as I could not manage to lay on my side, laying on back in bed also hurt. Would I have the second one done at 76 years old it will be a cold day. I will continue to get injections in my other knee these seem to last any where from four months to a year.
  15. Several years ago on a Princess cruise we put down $200.00 toward FCC. I can not find where on the Princess site to apply for a refund. Seeing as how we are waiting on refunds for two other sailings and excursions we might as well wait for some more money.
  16. Doctors will not sign off on something like this due to liability. I have already had this confirmed by two doctors.
  17. As I posted on page 11 I talked to two doctors about the form. Both said for liability reason's they would be hesitant to sign it.
  18. Have been following this post since the start, I may have missed a few posts. The one thing I have not seen is a doctors opinion on the over 70 rule proposed by RCI and Norwegian. I just returned from a doctor appointment, I showed two doctors the form. One commented on the diabetes that that would probably include half of the people that cruise over and under 70. Neither one would consent to signing something like this the way it is for fear of possible coming back on them. It was disagreed that it is poorly written, from what I have read the cruise industry was given two days to do something to protect passengers. This looks like a CYA that will probably not stand the test of time. As I stated before I am all for safety in these trying times but not really sure this is correct. Also if doctors refuse to sign this waiver well who knows. Perhaps the cruise industry is about to become extinct.
  19. Without breaking out the words very seldom used. Let me give you a scenario[ whoops big word} example. You are over 70 and have a condition that is treatable with medication. You get a fit to travel letter from your doctor. Then show up for your cruise. They deny you boarding because of a condition on their list. They have final say. even tho your condition is something that does not affect anyone else, they have final say. They offer you FCC but your condition is something you will have the rest of your life, so much for FCC. Now I realize this is pretty unlikely to ever happen. Although who thought we would ever see what is happening now.
  20. My biggest concern is that if someone over 70 has a treatable condition as many do. they could be prevented from cruising. People under that age with same problems could just as easily be susceptible to a virus. Looks to me like some of you even some older responders feel perhaps it is close to the time when our society decides seniors, lets just shut them away. Perhaps if they have a chronic illness lets just make it easy and euthanize them. This virus is tending to drive a lot of people some what over the edge, perhaps myself. All who have responded have brought up valid points in their replys. Myself I expressed my feelings on the subject and will continue to backb safety measures. Although denying a person of any age the right to cruise because of a treatable non contact medical problem is nothing short of hysteria.
  21. Let me begin with I am all for safety and taking precautions all of the time. Have been reading about the new restrictions being put on those over 70.Now granted that age puts those over 70 most at risk. This does not mean they are the only carriers. There have been much younger people affected. For one thing a trip to the doctor additional cost for people. Yes peace of mind to know you do not have the virus. They mention heart disease or diabetes which are not catching and controlled with medication , which could stop you from cruising. This to me somewhat looking like discrimination against a certain segment of the population. Many people under 70 have these conditions which from the way it reads would stop an older person from cruising. Age discrimination I foresee lawsuits and perhaps the ACLU getting involved. If they want to be safe mandate more rigorous screening of everyone boarding. Temperatures can be taken very quickly.
  22. On the lowest decks install portholes long oars to propel ship and save on fuel. Thus they could prolong days of the cruise. Passengers on low decks cold get reduced fare for rowing.
  23. Some people need to keep updated by reading and watching news reports. Just my opinion whether you agree or not. The one thing to remember tho is that the sky is not really falling. Have a good day , wash your hands, keep hands off of face and keep fingers out of mouth.
  24. Glad to see every one has an opinion as I did. Perhaps some wrong info on some of my statement, for that I stand corrected.. Although people in Ca. that came off a ship that had cases if virus were allowed to board for a B to B thus possibly spreading to another ship and causing that cruise to be returned to port. That is the reason for my remark about stupidity.
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