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  1. I totally agree with the person who can’t watch CNN.
  2. Having cruised both Princess and NCL numerous times, I generally prefer Princess. However, for a mid 30s single, Princess is one of the last lines I would recommend, and NCL is one of the first. The atmosphere is more vibrant and social on NCL, especially during the evening parties. Not saying you wouldn’t enjoy Princess but I would do NCL in this case.
  3. Wrong. I’m not even German and I know this is fake news. Of course it was illegal.
  4. I can see both sides. I still love to cruise more than any other vacation but over the years I’ve noticed passenger behavior and selfish attitudes get significantly worse. As much as I love the amenities of the mega ships, I’ve been mostly cruising small ships just to lesson the likelihood of encountering crowds of obnoxious people.
  5. I’ve been there at high water and saw the displaced water come over the sea walls when a ship passed. I’m surprised to read larger ships aren’t already banned.
  6. Been on both. Reflection by a mile. Better ship, better accommodations, better specialty restaurants, less crowding, and you don’t have to pay to use the adults only Solarium (unlike having to pay to use the adults only Sanctuary on Princess).
  7. The last thing I want to see Carnival Corp do is buy or create another cruise line. They’re too big as is. The more competition there is, the better off we are as consumers.
  8. I’m confused by some of the recent posts. Do some of you think this was just one incident?
  9. Chengkp75 and Aquahound are our resident experts in this industry. One is a Chief Engineer and the other is a criminal investigator who works for the agency that busted Princess. I’d tread lightly when wanting to argue facts with them. Just sayn’.
  10. I’ve cruised both ships and this one isn’t even close. Definitely Mariner.
  11. This is very irritating. I thought it was my browser but I thought I’d check here first. Good to see it’s not only me. Well, not really.
  12. Throw in the towel now Paul. You’re trying to reason with CC’s biggest elitist and he won’t quit.
  13. I cruised Edge and I LOVED it. Very modern, contemporary and adult. I also cruised all of Encore’s sisters. They are a lot of fun, but very crowded, chaotic and have a lot of kids. Based on your preferences, I recommend Edge.
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