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  1. Well then please indulge us. Explain to us how: 1 - Chinese is a race. 2 - Another race is showing a belief of superiority.
  2. People are not entitled to make up their own definitions of words.
  3. I can’t think of any scenario I would choose Glory over Oasis or Adventure.
  4. Oops. You are correct. Sorry about that.
  5. $10k is a key figure regarding monetary instruments. You might want to look at US code.
  6. You can miss the ship on ships excursions as well. But still doesn’t change the fact your info was false. Private tours do exist.
  7. Wrong. Private excursions are available.
  8. In your case, I recommend Carnival. Have you looked at Royal Caribbean? They also go to Mexico and in my opinion, they’re better than both Carnival and MSC, especially Oasis Class.
  9. Pointless thread. Wrong place, wrong time for these ships. It has nothing to do with them being Carnival Corp. it could’ve happened to any ship in the region.
  10. Stick with Princess. HAL doesn’t do deck parties so those several days at sea are going to get very boring.
  11. A Google image search of that dock shows recent pictures of Princess, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean docked there, so I don’t see why HAL couldn’t.
  12. If you can get a suite on Apex for less than a Neptune on HAL, jump on it! I agree with the last 2 posts. This isn’t even close. I’ve sailed Edge twice. The ship is amazing and the suite perks on HAL aren’t even in the same ballpark as Celebrity.
  13. It certainly was expensive but in the end, it was one of the best cruises I’ve ever taken, so very much worth it. The service, food, and attention to details surpassed that of luxury lines and for a very small ship, the on board experience was just perfect. I really wish Celebrity would expand their expeditionary cruises beyond just the Galapagos because I would be on that ship much more.
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