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  1. I don’t think this one is even a question. Definitely go with Crown for all the reasons already mentioned. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of that class of Princess ships but apparently you are. Holland America has cut back way too much on the big things like activities. HAL ships have become not much more than just transportation.
  2. Does it really matter? Could you please stop being so darn argumentative with everyone? It’s getting very tiresome.
  3. Nope. It’s gone. The CN is a ghost town at night.
  4. OP - Sorry for the posts who obviously didn’t understand your question. There’s a couple people on these boards who look for every opportunity to blow their own horns. Anyways, I agree with the posts who said the Grand Turk experience can be had almost anywhere. Go Royal Caribbean. Their larger and newer ships are awesome and are a huge upgrade from Carnival, especially the Sensation. Im not sure what your choices are for 4/5 day cruises. Maybe avoid the small, old ships like Majesty and Empress. Look for Voyager or Freedom Class ships.
  5. Millennium Class is going through a major refurbishment right now. They’re redesigning the interior to the modern/contemporary design of Edge. The new design is beautiful. I just returned from Millennium and it was awesome.
  6. Probably because you shouldn’t have to show up 30 minutes early just to watch a band play.
  7. In my opinion, if you’re coming from RCI, Celebrity is a better choice. HAL is too different. It can’t be emphasized enough that the activities are almost non existent. Sea days on a HAL ship are downright boring. Even the ship itself has no wow factor.
  8. That’s how most cruise lines do it now. Thing is, some people can’t differentiate between days and points. With all the extra points awarded for suites, on board spending, etc, you’ll hear people claim to have spent 1000 days at sea when it’s only around 500.
  9. Likewise, think about today's can’t-say-no parents who are raising kids, especially boys, to get everything they want. Hmmm. Wonder how that’s going to work when real world rejection from girls occurs.
  10. Wow. I pray that poor girl doesn’t find this thread. 😞
  11. What a rude and disrespectful thing to say. Seriously. Where’s the respect for lost lives nowadays? I would happily observe a moment of silence for any mass tragedy whether it’s 9/11, the tsunamis in Japan or Indonesia, or any other major event around the world. But it I guess a “moment” is far too long to sacrifice nowadays. What selfishness. 😞
  12. Pretty much everyone had better entertainment than HAL even before they cut production shows. Now, it’s just pathetic.
  13. Is this Carnival Liberty or Liberty of the Seas? If LOS, then definitely Liberty.
  14. Thank goodness for the internet so the weak can spew their senseless drivel. It takes a truly heartless horse’s behind to victim shame in these cases.
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