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  1. I will not book another Carnival Corp cruise until they get their act together. I am not a blind fan boy who gives a pass to corporations for intentional acts like this.
  2. Yep. It’s like shopping at Wal Mart or Nike. People choose to ignore their terrible labor practices because they enjoy the product. Yes, we all pollute but I for one will not ignore these intentional acts.
  3. Well, you would lose that bet. People really need need to stop posting false information like this. If you think it’s best to have the original bottles, fine. Your opinion, like everyone else, is valid. However, it is a fact that the bottles are not required by law.
  4. My worst was a Costa cruise out of Italy. The passengers were mostly Neapolitan. The behavior and overall rudeness was so bad, I disembarked the cruise early. From the States, the worst behavior I’ve seen were on short Carnival cruises. Short cruises tend to attract rambunctious folks anyways but it’s magnified on Carnival. Short Carnival cruises are followed closely by any cruise out of NY/NJ.
  5. It would have been easier and much more admirable had you just admitted you were wrong when you posted this rather than digging your hole deeper.
  6. I’m confused now. If it happened between Mallorca and Valencia, which is all within Spain’s waters, how did Spain not have jurisdiction? Would they also have not had jurisdiction if it happened on land in a hotel?
  7. I’ll ask the same question Paul did because your posts don’t make sense. What law wasn’t applied?
  8. “With guns.” Oh, please. Stop with the melodramatics. That’s a classic exaggeration line for those who have nothing substantial to say.
  9. Because you were there and know exactly what happened, apparently. I mean, that’s gotta be it because there’s no way anyone still believes everything they read in the media. No way.
  10. Very true but people believe what they want to believe as shown by recent comments. Truth and objectivity are almost extinct today.
  11. Great point. These are regular people who, because of their profession, are constantly falsely accused of framing people, violating rights, and a slew of other nasty allegations seen right here in this thread. No wonder they sometimes develop unfriendly attitudes.
  12. Um, it wasn’t me you quoted earlier so once again, you’ve got your facts messed up.
  13. And as usual, your post makes no sense whatsoever.
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