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  1. Exactly. I seem to remember early in this thread when someone said Rotterdam would be taking the healthy passengers, others jumped on him saying no way that would happen. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Other much more knowledgeable people are making the decisions here.
  2. As a South Floridian, I have no problem welcoming Zaandam to my state. We fully support the cruise industry here and we are very sympathetic to what these passengers are going through. I would very much appreciate it if those on the other side of the country didn’t pretend to know how we view this.
  3. Where is everyone getting this idea that the Rotterdam crew had no knowledge of this? I find it very hard to believe that a ship took on a bunch of passengers without the crew knowing in advance.
  4. There seems to be a lot of negative sentiment on this board toward HAL’s plan to transfer the healthy to Rotterdam. From what I’ve read from HAL, the media, and knowledgeable insiders on this board, this wasn’t just some rash decision made by HAL. Government agencies like CDC and USCG were also involved in the planning. I guarantee they know much more about this situation than the rest of us. I’m thankful for these men and women who make decisions based on known facts rather than anonymous internet opinions.
  5. Looks like you’re wrong, according to the flu thread.
  6. This is just a guess on my part, but I think it’s because they plan to transfer some passengers and they want to stay hush about it.
  7. Exactly. When people die on cruise ships, it is not announced to the rest of the passengers, so reports from current passengers saying they heard nothing are totally irrelevant. In fact, the crew is probably under orders not to say anything. Same goes for numbers of sick. Why would the ship create more panic by announcing a steady increase in the numbers?
  8. If it was a government vessel, it probably wouldn’t use AIS. I wonder if they were removing the deceased.
  9. This couldn’t have been added to another thread as the orange banner suggests?
  10. This is getting dumb. It can’t be changed. Period. Get over it.
  11. Considering the accuracy of many of your posts, I would seriously have to question that claim.
  12. Celebrity Edge. Absolutely beautiful, modern, and with great food and entertainment.
  13. Not true. I can’t think of a single line where I didn’t have to acknowledge the contract during the online check in. Acknowledging it is the the same as pen-and-ink signature.
  14. With this attitude, it’s best that you just heed the advice to cancel your cruise. Muster is part of the cruise. If it worries you, don’t go.
  15. Interesting question, but Im pretty sure muster drills can’t be altered. They’re required by law, which includes mustering at your station. Muster stations can’t simply be changed on a cruise ship.
  16. No, they are not. There is a lot at stake in the maritime industry. Zero tolerance means ZERO tolerance. If it is not allowed on board and they know you have it, they will not let it slide.
  17. Gotta say - I agree with everything, including the corporate culture piece.
  18. What are the 2 ships, and what kind of suite on NCL? In general, I think RCI is a much better cruise line, but suite vs interior is a different story. Forget negotiating. Won’t happen.
  19. Medical screening?! LOL! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on CC in a long time.
  20. If that’s the case, why in their blog does HAL report one female passenger did have it? Did it later come out that the test was a false positive? I ask in all sincerity. I haven’t been following the lengthy Westy threads.
  21. That’s one of those things that really gets to me. I find rude cell phone users extremely irritating. I’d have to say something. I like the blow dryer idea.
  22. It’s not just Carnival. Some Caribbean ports are turning away cruise ships, regardless of the brand. If I was on an upcoming HAL cruise to the Caribbean, I would want to be aware of this.
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