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  1. How do I order the flavored smoothies? Are these available on the Royal? I was bummed out because there are no shakes. I will also be ordering the mocktails you listed but there is a debate where some bar tenders only allow you to order what’s on the menu?
  2. Yes iced tea is included but I like the specialty iced teas.
  3. Please post food and drink pictures of the Royal Princess. Everything is welcomed. I will be sailing on her soon!
  4. I was going to get the soda package and add the coffee card because it’s cheaper that way, but I get an iced tea for lunch and dinner and that’s a punch on the coffee card so it’s better for me to get it combined and now everything is unlimited.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I can’t wait. Few more questions. Does this ship have a swirls or coffee and cones? I’m getting the soda card that’s combined with the coffee card. Am I able to use this card for the specialty items at the Gelato bar or only milkshakes if available? Also what’s the difference on tea time from the complementary one and the sur charge one?
  6. What’s the difference from the free one and what’s the difference from the other two?
  7. Input on Royal Princess. Pros, cons? How’s the food? I’m getting the bev/coffee card that includes all types off coffees correct? Does this ship have milk shakes? Any other info is appreciated. I’m a huge foodie so keep it coming. Also does anyone know why my picture keeps posting side ways?
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