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  1. If you have trip insurance that covers it. Otherwise, no, unless Princess agrees to a refund.
  2. Not much anyone or any company can do except prohibit anyone who's been to any part of China in the past 14-21 days and taking people's temps as they embark (and denying boarding to anyone with a fever, etc.).
  3. It's a nice area with a splash area, etc. for the kids. There's also a bar that serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Also, a lovely lounge area to sit and watch the waves.
  4. Thank you for your kind words. Was it a 26-day cruise where we met? I probably did panic and should have charged ahead on the escalator but I wasn't thinking clearly. It's unreal to me that another poster (Bruin) seems to take pleasure in deriding me and my actions. It's so unfortunate when those who sit behind computers think it's ok to harass and abuse someone who's been through a frightening episode. Thanks again for your kind words.
  5. Should have done that but he physically restrained me and extended a cord across the escalator. Your suggestion would have been a better response. I guess I was panicking and not thinking clearly.
  6. It's utterly shocking and quite sad that some people who post here think allowing a minor child to wander among thousands of strangers is utterly acceptable. Wait until it's your grandchild who is forcibly separated from you and abducted, etc. within minutes. Some of these responses are unreal!
  7. Don't think it rose to that level and didn't want to be detained by police and miss my flight by refusing to comply.
  8. I'm in contact with Princess management and am confident it will be resolved satisfactorily.
  9. This was our (daughter 10 and mom) fifth cruise on Princess (two 26-day, two 10-day, and one 7-day). Cruise took us thru partial Panama Canal transit. We opted for an inside on the Caribe deck (in the stern) with bunk beds as I refuse to sleep on a twin. Loved the location (near the aft elevators) and my daughter loved her bunk bed. Bed and pillows were the most comfortable I've ever had on Princess and I slept like a baby every night. Thought I'd hate the OceanMedallion but ended up LOVING it. Shorter lines, ease of purchase, etc. A wonderful addition to the Princess product. Bought the coffee card (15 drinks to be consumed on the cruise) and loved that, too. Had every specialty coffee drink known to man. Try the peach spice and mint apple iced teas - delicious! Had Anytime dining and only had to wait (5 minutes) one of the ten nights. Sat in Jerry's section almost every night (best waiter I've ever had on Princess) and the best meal was the PORK BELLY (best ever). Duval (Cruise Director) was hilarious and very personable (highly recommend him). Kid's club was terrific - as always. Ports (Columbia, Costa Rica, etc.) were warm and inviting. Overall - loved the ship, the crew, and the fellow passengers (I always love when paxs approach me and tell me how well-behaved my daughter is). I'd rate this cruise a 9.5 out of 10 but for the HORRIBLE AND SCARY INCIDENT at disembarkation. As daughter and I approached the escalator to descend to customs, etc., I told her I'd hold her new Stanley stuffed bear so she had a free hand to hold on to the escalator hand railing. I shoved the bear under my armpit so I also could hold on. Daughter started descending the escalator and I started to proceed when I was PHYSICALLY RESTRAINED by a Princess shore staff person (I have his name but won't publicize it here). He then draped a cord across the escalator and told me I didn't have a free hand and that I had to take the elevator. I see my 10-year-old daughter descending into a sea of thousands of strangers and I start to panic. I yelled that he was separating me from my minor daughter and placing her safety at risk. He then THREATENED TO CALL THE POLICE ON ME. I then waited for the elevator. A few minutes later, I found my daughter. A kind couple had seen the incident and waited with her until I could join her. My daughter could have been abducted, assaulted, etc in the time it took for me to take the elevator and find her. I approached a shore staff supervisor and relayed the incident indicating that the employee's conduct was outrageous and endangered my daughter's well-being. She agreed that a parent should never be separated from a minor child in this type of situation. Moreover, having this employee threaten to call the cops on me was embarrassing and humiliating. The supervisor took my info and asked me if I wanted to file a police report. I declined as I didn't think it rose to that level and that I would miss my flight. This incident left a very bad taste in my mouth. I've been a loyal Princess cruiser for several years and couldn't believe someone would physically prevent me from remaining with my child among thousands of strangers. Thank God for that kind couple. Kids have been abducted in less time. Anyway, I felt it necessary to relay this incident. I will be following up with Princess for satisfactory resolution.
  10. Not to beat a dead horse but if you "offered" to pay for my 2021 World Cruise (will ya???) and I accept - that's a gift, a present - not an offer. :-)
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