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  1. Not to beat a dead horse but if you "offered" to pay for my 2021 World Cruise (will ya???) and I accept - that's a gift, a present - not an offer. :-)
  2. A GIFT is NOT an OFFER, Don. It's a PRESENT. GET IT? Good. :-)
  3. Trust me - it'll be great. I've done TWO transatlantic cruises to Baltics and British Isles (with my daughter) in inside (sideways) cabins. Much quieter, etc. than balconies. Had a FAB time. Can your mom adopt me? :-)
  4. Where are you going? Are you going on a open or closed loop cruise?
  5. I heard someone tripped with one of these and it went through the person's eye.
  6. Thanks. It's my daughter and I and I can't stand a twin bed so I'll endure the wall mount rather than roll off of the twin. Thanks for the insight.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm booked in C716 on an upcoming cruise and was wondering if anyone knows whether the pullman bed pulls down from the ceiling or is attached to the wall. Would appreciate any insight!
  8. I've cruised on both - food is comparable in the main dining rooms but I prefer Princess buffet over Cunard. Cunard buffet food tasted bland. Cunard was fine and I enjoyed myself but I prefer a more relaxed, casual atmosphere on Princess.
  9. My daughter has a Cert. of Citizenship and a Cert. of Foreign Birth (looks just like a birth cert. and was approved by a family court judge in CO, etc.) and they've been fine with the Cert. of Foreign Birth (although I bring both and her passport along).
  10. I had a bogus charge on my last Princess cruise and just called them. They took care of it over the phone.
  11. Has anyone been brave enough to book a gty on a World Cruise? I'm interested in the 2021 Island World Cruise but Princess is only booking Gty. Any experiences would be appreciated!
  12. If it's a fire hazard on the outside of the door, it's a fire hazard inside also. Look - NCL is tired of having their housekeepers clean up the messes and the potential damage to the doors. That's why the company is banning it.
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