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  1. No, you don't have to provide their information before you made the reservation. Their information just needs to be on the submitted form within 14 days of deposit.
  2. We did two Celebrity Aqua class cruises, which were enjoyable, tried Regent and never looked back. Our sixth Regent cruise is soon! As far as the excursions, we have generally found them to be fine, not great, but interesting and the guides mostly good. Regent is starting to offer small group excursions at an additional cost. If you are in a popular cruise destination you will notice that the number of passengers on Regent excursions is smaller than the much larger ships. As TC2 has often said, once you are onboard everyone is treated the same no matter which level of suite you are in. I second the recommendation for an experienced Regent travel agent. As an aside, we just did the Tauck Machu Picchu and Galapagos trip that sailed on the Silver Galapagos and it was terrific. We are all so blessed to have these choices available to us.
  3. These are good points. When Modi did the India rupee demonetization a couple of years back we had to scramble to get our rupees exchanged (I was traveling there frequently). We also have some old pound coins which we will give to some British friends in September. Once a year I do a quick look at the various currencies to see if anything is being replaced.
  4. I agree with these last few comments. In similar threads there are often Americans that say everyone takes USD. I believe it is disrespectful to not try and have some local currency and as Hambagahle said the service providers or vendors either don't have the time or place to easily convert the USD but of course they aren't going to say no. Perhaps I am one of the few that still has a small bank account at one of the large US banks. They have an excellent online foreign currency department that carries almost all currencies and I receive it in two days (they couldn't provide Cuban dollars). The exchange rate is certainly not as good as an ATM but for the small amounts I get for the one or two day stops the fee difference is negligible. As many of you do we generally go on at least two trips a year and I plan in advance for both trips.
  5. It's unfortunately within 14 days of the deposit. I'm not aware of any exceptions to this. Sorry!!
  6. Carol, I don't want to hijack this Regent thread. Since there is no PM on CC feel free to email me at taxare@ymail.com if you would like more information on our Scenic experiences. Thanks!
  7. Hi Carol, We have been on five Regent cruises so far with two more in the next six months. We do seem to be covering a lot of the same bases. It was thanks to your post that we booked the April 2021 Tokyo trip. I saw that you did Machu Picchu and the Galapagos separately. We did them together with Tauck on the the Silver Galapagos. We used Scenic for Southeast Asia and that was wonderful. We gave up on the Eclipse....I look forward to reading your review and meeting you in Tokyo on the Explorer!
  8. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. I believe many newcomers to Regent will find the detailed information you provided very helpful. My wife would say we have the two most beautiful longhair dachshunds which is why we can't travel for much more than two weeks at a time! Before some of the frequent posters chime in, I am also a control person when it comes to travel, however I do use a travel agent for our Regent cruises. In addition to potential significant rebates, a seasoned Regent agent can help with glitches along the way as they know who to speak to if there is a problem. She lets me do my thing but then she communicates with Regent. Just something to consider. We are very pleased with Regent and your review has gotten me excited for our next adventure in a couple of months!
  9. Sheila, We have friends that stay at the Danieli whenever they go, they said the service has slipped a small bit, but they love the location and property. We stayed at the JW prior to our Regent cruise. Due to our Marriott status they upgraded us to a La Maisonette suite. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful experience. The service could not have been better and the grounds beautiful. We were not impressed with the restaurant upstairs in the main building and only had one meal there. You will see a difference of opinion as to whether to stay on an island. We liked being away from the St. Marks crowds, the shuttle boat ran regularly and on time (its a 20 minute trip). We had a tour guide meet us at the dock and had a great couple of days with her. We took the personal power boat from the airport to the JW and it was a fun experience speeding to the hotel, and entering into the inside hotel dock with the bellmen there to take your bags and give you a refreshing drink. We would not hesitate to go back there.
  10. snorkle lover, welcome to the Regent boards. As you have seen from your previous posts there are a number of very seasoned Regent cruisers that want to help and discuss issues. I would suggest you do some homework yourself and then ask some specific questions when you can't find the answer. There is a lot of information on the RSSC website by looking at the deck plans. That will tell you specifically how large the cabins and balconies are for a specific category of suite. The SuiteGuru sticky put together by Bill is an amazing resource and if you look at similar cabins on the Explorer you will see very helpful reviews. There are also a number of threads comparing the level of suites on the Explorer by using the search function. I believe that will give you a great start and then ask these seasoned travelers for their expert advice.
  11. These are the amenities listed on their website: FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Hotel Package Including: - FREE Ground Transfers - FREE Breakfast - FREE Porterage FREE Unlimited WiFi includes up to four logins, four devices, per suite* FREE 15 Minutes of Ship-to-Shore Phone Time L’Occitane® Mer & Mistral Soaps, Shampoos and Lotions Welcome Bottle of Champagne with Fresh Floral Arrangement In-Suite Mini-Bar Set-Up and Refill 24-Hour Room Service Priority Online Shore Excursions and Dining Reservations 10% Discount on Premium Wine and Liquor 5% savings on Pre- or Post-Cruise Hotel or Land Programs 5% savings on Regent Choice Shore Excursions Regent Plush Bathrobes and Slippers Binoculars, illy® Espresso Maker and Cashmere Blankets Vanity and Hair Dryer Interactive Flat-Screen Television With Extensive Media Library, Complimentary Movies-on-Demand Direct Dial Satellite Phone Shoe Shine Service Complimentary Tote Bag These are the amenities listed for below concierge level: FREE Unlimited WiFi includes one log-in, one device, per suite* Welcome Bottle of Champagne with Fresh Fruit Arrangement In-Suite Mini-Bar Set-Up and Refill 24-Hour Room Service L’Occitane® Mer & Mistral Soaps, Shampoos and Lotions Regent Plush Bathrobes and Slippers Vanity and Hair Dryer Interactive Flat-Screen Television With Extensive Media Library, Complimentary Movies-on-Demand Direct Dial Satellite Phone Shoe Shine Service
  12. Through Regent Air, I had wanted to book a 12:30pm flight from LHR to the US and Regent did not want to book it that early and therefore we are on a 1:45pm. We have twice booked at the same hotel that Regent used due to a significant cost savings and high likelihood of a suite upgrade due to my status with that hotel company. We did inquire with the Regent representatives at the hotel about purchasing transfers. The first time the price for the transfer was too high, and we did our own, the second they said they could not offer us a transfer but as long as we had the Regent tags with the cabin number they were willing to take our bags to the ship. Since we are not a high enough level with Regent, we have always transferred via bus or large van.
  13. One item not mentioned is it is easier to get a reservation if you indicate you will sit at a larger table rather than a table for two. Good luck with your reservations!
  14. This fall 816 for us! Carol, with all the time you spend on this and the Scenic boards, you sure spend a lot of time taking and thinking about cruising!!! 😀
  15. Bill as usual is being quite humble here. Once you decide on a category use the sticky "suite guru" to look at particular cabins. This is a great resource that I wish more people would complete after cruising and more future cruisers would be aware of before choosing a cabin for a cruise. Thanks again Bill for your hard work on this!!!! We have personally found the suites on the Mariner below Penthouse to be too small, the "G" on the Voyager have been fine and we are looking forward to our "F" on the Explorer this fall.
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