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  1. I apologize if this was brought up before, but I couldn't find it. Regent changed their final payment date for cruises booked July 1, 2019 or after. It used to be cruises of 14 days or less, final payment was due 90 days in advance, it is now 120 days. I noticed because we only take cruises 14 days or less and I am used to making final payment the same day I can make my restaurant reservations. When my TA told me it is due next month, I was confused, but of course she was right!
  2. I have a few points to consider. I believe I was one of the first to receive notice of this (below) and posted it in a separate thread. This information was provided to me by my TA, but I believe the same note should be included in the precruise packet so everyone has an opportunity to download the app at home. On that other thread there was a lot of discussion about security and to the best of my ability I provided the information that I received on the ship. In my opinion the responsibility for educating and ensuring that the Regent guests know that this is a test and they are looking for feedback is with the Destinations Services director. On my cruise last month (prior to Deep Freeze) the Destinations director did training on the APP but didn't want to be involved after that. When I went to him to get information on the security aspects he wouldn't come out of his office to speak to me about it, I had to leave him two notes. When we got to two days before the end of the cruise I went to the Executive Concierge and magically the information from Miami arrived in my suite that afternoon. He/she also has to work directly with the tour guides explaining why it's important that they try using the system. The Destinations director should have responsibility for getting feedback, either through a survey directly to guests that were on excursions that included the TEST or have a session like they did at the beginning of the cruise to receive live feedback. Unless the Destinations director takes an interest in the guests views it cannot be a valid nor successful test. I do believe we are sometimes too critical of Regent to try new things, and they did this in response to guest complaints about not hearing the guide during excursions. I believe we should give them the benefit of the doubt to give this a try, but they have to keep their end of the bargain and get honest feedback during the test.
  3. Sorry SWFLAOK, I don't use local branches for this due to the points you have raised. I go to NY or SF every other month and when I have an upcoming trip and need foreign currency not readily available I stop into one of the larger bank branches with foreign currency exchange. When I went on our Baltic cruise I was able to get all the currencies we wanted in generally small bills and was ready to go. When we do land trips we almost always use local ATMS and then exchange for smaller bills at the hotel desk. Keith1010 has a good point as well. When we were in India after their demonetization the ATMs had a significant restriction on daily withdrawal from the ATMs. This was well below our banks normal withdrawal restrictions. We always bring at least two different ATM cards for these situations or in case one doesn't work for some reason. Sorry I can't be more helpful here in SW Florida.
  4. jhenry, you may want to do a quick search as there are several threads on foreign currency. I don't think you can rely on the ship to have Australian and New Zealand currency although they will exchange larger US bills for smaller US denominations. I think that most would agree that a legitimate bank ATM is your best bet. This will be easy to find in Sydney and I assume in Dunedin as well. I use my bank which happens to have a good foreign currency department that has reasonable exchange rates (not as good as credit card or ATM) when I will be in countries where I am not sure I will have easy access to an ATM.
  5. Can you give us a bit more context. Is she afraid she will get seasick? Is she concerned that she will feel claustrophobic? Does she think she won't like the demographics. Please give us more so we can provide pacification!!
  6. Everyone has responded to your main question re: St. Petersburg. In other ports you may be delayed getting off the ship until some of the Regent excursions go first. On our British Isles cruise last month they gave different types of group numbers to get off the ship in several of the ports. It was never more than a half hour or so after the first excursions went, but it is possible that you may not be able to disembark as soon as it is cleared in every port. By the way, we loved St. Petersburg and we had a great time on that cruise!
  7. I'm sorry Marc, can you clarify? Are you saying you get double the stated booking discount only if you purchase on the Voyager or Mariner or can you still get the double discount within the 30 days before you board those ships? Thanks.
  8. Sorry Poss, I don't remember what they were wearing, the porters are hired by the port and it should be pretty clear who they are. They are waiting for taxis, busses, etc to get all of the luggage. There are generally police or other port officials nearby that you could ask if you are concerned. You will see the porters take the luggage and put it in big bins that will be loaded on the ship.
  9. Poss, when you enter the garage, they will confirm you are going on the Regent XXX cruise. They have already calculated the amount for the entire cruise and you prepay with a credit card and they give you a card to put on your dash showing you have been prepaid. If needed, there is handicapped parking. I believe you could pull up to the porters before parking, let them take the bags from the car and then park the car. We have just taken the elevator down, its 2-3 lanes of a small road in front of the terminal where people get dropped off and the porters are right there. We have used it three times and as Anchorbuoy said we have found it very easy and convenient.
  10. Lindsay, Bill is very modest, that is a great sticky that he put together and if you see comparable suites, the reviews will be very helpful. Also if you paid your deposit within 14 days you might want to check the member referral credit thread which will help a little bit with the cruise cost. My email is in that thread and I would be pleased to help you wish.
  11. DeepFreeze, thanks much for your report. You were on the cruise after us. We fortunately did not have any of the restaurant misses. In my September 26 review I had said "I do know that she is going in for a softgoods refurbish late next month, but I was a bit surprised that the carpet on the main stairway was threadbare on the edge of the steps. If indeed they want to be called the "most luxurious ship", I believe they should consider replacing the stair carpet in the most visible part of the ship earlier than three years." It is obvious that more than a few of us have noticed this. They either need stronger carpet or a more frequent replacing as it is the Grand Staircase!! I commented on this, the timing of the reviews, and a few other items on my cruise evaluation.
  12. I have been in communication with Jason O'Keefe who spoke to leadership at RSSC. They would support the idea of having another CC Q&A but due to the timing of the Splendor launch and the changeover in Spa operation they are asking that it be delayed until late second quarter of 2020. As usual Jason was very responsive and I will follow up with him around June of next year.
  13. Swansong, one minor point, we have been able to preorder our meals online on BA and they have always had it onboard for us.
  14. Just a minor correction to eliana's post so there isn't confusion for our new guests. The referral credit will be applied directly to your cruise invoice, it is not an onboard credit. All of us welcome you to Regent!
  15. Caution: I have no expertise in this, I just did a little research online and this is what I found. If there is an expert that has better information please provide. The purpose of the At-Berth Regulation is to reduce emissions from diesel auxiliary engines on container ships, passenger ships, and refrigerated-cargo ships while berthing at a California Port. The At-Berth Regulation defines a California Port as the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Hueneme. The At-Berth Regulation provides vessel fleet operators visiting these ports two options to reduce at-berth emissions from auxiliary engines: 1) turn off auxiliary engines and connect the vessel to some other source of power, most likely grid-based shore power; or 2) use alternative control technology that achieve equivalent emission reductions.
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