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  1. We are looking at a British Isle cruise on Regal September 2020. Itinerary goes up between Ireland an England/Scotland, then up over the north end of Scotland and down the east side of England to Paris. Any thoughts on port or starboard side cabins? We are leaning toward port but figure it may not matter. Has anyone taken this cruise? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Katie. I did that and am now on the sheet. We are doing 4 days in Rome/Tuscany prior to boarding on the 15th.
  3. Katie, thanks! I believe you are on this cruise too? We are with a group from St. Joe's University Alumni in Philadelphia so maybe we shall meet! Tom
  4. For those that have sailed on Riviera before, is there a piano bar? We have enjoyed this type of place on other ships and are hoping Riviera has one. We are boarding with a small group on 5/15. Thanks.
  5. Texts and calls over WIFI
  6. Does anyone have experience using the WhatsApp app on Oceania ships. I know it is supposed to work in ports when you are connected to WIFI, but does it work onboard too? This will be our first time trying to use it. Thanks!
  7. Any further news as to upgrades/changes made to Riviera while she was in Barcelona recently. I know she is sailing again right now and we board on May 15. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for all of the replies!!
  9. We are on Riviera on May 15. Does anyone know the per person up-charge for dinner at La Reserve? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for your comments everyone! Greatly appreciated!
  11. We are on Riviera on May 15th. One of our party of 5 is not particularly fond of Asian cuisine and is concerned about the spiciness of the foods available on the menu. Does anyone have any comments or recommendations on the Red Ginger menu? We currently have a reservation there but could skip it if the food is considered spicy. thanks!
  12. Any shuttle info for Catania, Ravenna, Rejika? Thanks!
  13. First time we have an internet package. Is there any easyway that you can track minutes used. Thanks!
  14. Our Princess cruise goes to Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Dominica, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, starting 1/26. As we have never been to these islands or this far south, should we be prepared for insects on land. I know its a crazy question, but my wife made me ask! Thanks!
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