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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions I’ll give them a try. My late husband always took care of this and this will be my first cruise without him.
  2. Good idea I’ll try this Yes I have the same ones. Thanks for your help
  3. Several years ago I bought 4 plastic holders for my luggage tags. I have put the tag in the plastic holder with the long plastic piece through the hole on the holder. Now, how do I attach these to my suitcase without them falling off? Thanks for your help
  4. That’s what I would and have done, and in the past have taken my own down pillows. Don’t have to do it as they have down pillows
  5. Can’t you just change it in your personalizer
  6. Thanks for the info. We just booked with International Friends for $96 each. The van has maximum of 8 passengers and a maximum of 4 stops. They will pick us up at the pier. Our cruise ends June 30, so we'll see how it is.
  7. Thanks for your response. Sounds like it will be easy.
  8. We have the premium sipnsail for our June cruise. How does it work? Is there something on your room card or do they bill you then take off the charges?
  9. Thanks for your info. I will check them out
  10. We are staying three days after our cruise in London so need transportation from Dover cruise port to our hotel in Trinity Square near Tower of London . Does anyone know of a company that provides this transportation?
  11. Thanks for the info. I’m elite so that includes the mini bar set up but won’t need the liquor
  12. We booked two tours for our June 2019 cruise but received an email from Princess asking to give ok to bill our credit card to pay fro the tour and if not received in 24 hours our tours will be cancelled. When we sail we are getting $750 OBC from our TA and planned to use that credit to pay for our tours but guess we’ll have to cancel the tours and hope we can book them after we sail
  13. We have the premium sip and sale bonus so won’t need the liquor. How many cans of coke can we switch it out for?
  14. My final payment is due in a month. When i looked at my flight with the airline I saw I could chose my seat. If I do chose my seat can I still cancel or change my flight if is 45 days before my cruise?
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