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  1. I’m on the boat leaving when they get back. We’re to be told Tue night what’s going to happen for us. I’ve heard it’ll be shorter as this boat had to leave late. It was a 7 so best guess is a 5 day. I’ve not had a cruise changed or canceled so I’m unsure what to expect them to offer? Anyone else have ideas?
  2. If memory serves from several ships in the past it's good for kids but if your trying to outfit adults I'd just look on amazon and pick up something there. I like the snorkel packs that come in a bag. You can find sets that have the fins, mask and snorkel plus a bacf on amazon for $30-50 and it's perfectly fine for a trip out. For the bag if you get one large enough you can normally just take that off the ship and it'll hold a water bottle and towel plus a couple items so if your not a pack rat you might get away with only taking that bag :-) I'm sure it'd cost more on the ship. I think more than that I plan space in my bags for bringing things back and snorkel gear can take up a good amount of space, so if you buy it on board you might run into space issues later. Anyway don't over think snorkel gear too much, every mask will fog and ever snorkel will get water in it some less than others but not so much less that you should spend twice as much or anything 🙂
  3. I’m on the Vista leaving when you guys get back. Was susposed to leave on the 22nd but the email today said you guys might not get back till the 23rd? Here’s my email: June 15, 2019 Dear Carnival Vista Guest, Carnival Vista is experiencing an issue affecting its maximum cruising speed. Our technical team completed their full assessment of the necessary work once the ship arrived in Galveston today. Unfortunately, due to the reduced cruising speed, it was necessary to extend the cruise departing on June 15 to an 8 day sailing, returning June 23. We apologize for the impact this will have on your vacation plans. Our team is in the process of assessing the status of your cruise and we will get back to you with an update no later than 6:00 PM (EST) Tuesday, June 18, 2019. If you have air travel plans, please do not reschedule your flights until you receive our update. In the event you have any air related change fees, Carnival will provide reimbursement. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
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