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  1. I think $1000 obc is actually quite generous. I am sure the suite category you want would eventually open up being so far away and with so many people changing cruises right now. Be careful booking Crystal, their parent company filed for bankruptcy and the line may not survive.
  2. I know this thread hasn’t been updated in a few months but was curious about any info on the NA dry dock. it was scheduled for this year as it’s coming up on 3 years but now seems to be cancelled. The NA is now the ship that has gone the longest without a dry dock. I am looking at a longer Panama Canal transit for 2021 and was hoping it might be done by then.
  3. I’m pretty sure they won’t be selling their newest ship. I noticed all the Summer NS cruises disappeared as well as all Copenhagen departures. im guessing they are moving everyone from the cancelled cruises from the sold ships to NS before opening to everyone else, but that’s just a guess.
  4. I think for most of us the issue is that Air Canada cancelled the flight and is refusing to refund the ticket. They are only offering a future credit which is in direct violation of the DOT order. If the passenger cancelled then its a different story.
  5. YES!! That is great news that Apex is coming to Florida. I have been waiting to hear if they would sail her over for the winter or not. I wish X would have made an announcement but ill take this one 🙂
  6. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/air-canada-refunds-1.5697727?cmp=rss We are not the only ones complaining about Air Canada. I think its a very big issue and hope that the DOT takes action against them. If you dont want to click the link: "Air Canada racks up 2nd most refund complaints in US in May"
  7. We did a night time sail by of Kilauea (between Hilo and Kona) and it was amazing! A huge amount of lava flowing in to the sea. The Captain got very close to shore and then spun the ship 360 degrees. It was during late sitting and many people left the dining room to go up on deck. An experience Ill never forget. The 5 sea days back were great after visiting the islands. The weather was fantastic in May.
  8. Is there any mention of MSC’s new onboard rules? I see the 50% capacity but what about masks, dining, shows, etc? I never book cruise tours so that one would be difficult for me. Love private tours and exploring on our own.
  9. Glad you filed your complaint with the DOT. Just beware they are extremely overwhelmed and it may take a month or longer to respond to you. Air Canada then has 30 days to respond initially. Love the idea of asking them to take action against AC. I know many people that have been refused refunds blatantly violating the DOT enforcement action.
  10. Absolutely 100% incorrect. The rules apply to any flights that depart or arrive from a US city.
  11. I am waiting for Summer 2021 Europe. We were looking at a July Nieuw Statendam cruise but the ship and all departures from Copenhagen seem to have disappeared. There are no sailings listed on NS for June. July or August. I am guessing they are moving people from the cancelled cruises to NS before they publish the itineraries?
  12. Air Canada cancelled our flight from Vancouver-Las Vegas and has adamantly refused to give us a refund. I have filed a complaint with the DOT since they fall under their rules as it is to/from a US city. They responded to the complaint saying they were in compliance with the DOT enforcement letter which they clearly are not. Our complaint has been escalated to the Office of Aviation consumer protection which will tell Air Canada they are violating the US order and will take enforcement action if the refund is not issued. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE DOT AGAINST AIR CANADA IF YOU ARE REFUSED A REFUND: https://airconsumer.dot.gov/escomplaint/ConsumerForm.cfm
  13. Look at how much has changed in the last 5 months. You are talking a year away. Personally I am optimistic even for a March/April start date but thats just my opinion. Of course it would be a Caribbean or Mexican Riviera. I sincerely hope a year from now we will be back to cruising from most international ports. Under what circumstances? Who knows (sorry, i quoted the wrong person)
  14. It was mentioned in another thread that during Wednesdays cruise line panel a Celebrity rep stated they were not sending any ships to Asia in 2021. I can't confirm that information but it would make sense with both ships Transpacific crossings cancelled.
  15. I have read that there will be seperate "isolation cabins" for any passenger or crew that has tested positive or is showing symptoms of COVID. Of course the next question is how long are you quarantined in there? Until the next port of call where you are disembarked? Until your symptoms are gone?
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