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  1. Connie has Luminae like every Celebrity ship. Ocean liners is now Qsine. Luminae was built out of part of the MDR
  2. I hope they don't lock this thread, because it is WAY off topic. We were discussing if/when the Constellation will be revolutionized. There are plenty of other threads to discuss COVID-19.
  3. As I said earlier, I wish they would be a little more upfront and aggressive with future cancellations. They know full well there will not be any Alaska cruises this season, and probably no European or TA's. Why make people wait and pay final payment? Why only cancel up to July 31st? Giving customers notice and being forthcoming will definitely keep me as an X customer. Being deceitful will not.
  4. A 25% FCC is not worth having thousands of dollars tied up for months. You can beat their game by NOT paying your final payment. We booked our air separately. If we aren’t 100% sure the cruise will go before final we will cancel. We only book fully refundable deposits and can always rebook the cruise closer to sail date (which we will now make a habit of).
  5. I hope it’s a lot more specific than that. Obviously there won’t be any Alaska cruises this year. Princess was pretty aggressive with cancelling most cruises through 2020 but at least people don’t have to keep wondering if their cruises will go or not and be strung along month by month.
  6. Another week and another Monday passed and still no announcement. We are less than 3 weeks from the supposed restart date of June 11th which everyone knows won’t happen. Our cruise isn’t until October so we can wait but I feel for those of you with cruises this summer. Come on Celebrity, we are waiting!!
  7. I am really surprised there hasn't been an announcement yet. I thought for sure we would have seen an extension of cancellations by yesterday or today. RCI/X have been a little behind Carnival/Princess who made their announcement last week.
  8. Hopefully this helps. If anyone else has any supporting documentation for those filing disputes I am sure it would be appreciated!
  9. Absolutely incorrect. I disputed my cruise fare, got my money back (Approved by Princess) and have my FCC. You are only losing time and money by not filing a dispute.
  10. YES! I am ready as soon the the ships are 🙂. I can’t wait to have a martini at the martini bar, a glass of wine on the balcony and dinner in Murano.
  11. The only issue is they do not mention any time line at all. We are over 7 weeks and not one single person has received a refund from the March 12th date. They are NOT doing everything in their power.
  12. Very easy to dispute with Chase. Just log in to your account and go to transactions. Once you find the Princess charge just click dispute and answer 3 questions. You’ll have your money In 2 days 🙂
  13. Yes, seriously. I don't understand your comment. Celebrity IT issues are widely known and discussed here on Cruise Critic.
  14. This was just announced today. It will probably take a while to update celebrity’s website...you know how their IT is.
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