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  1. Sovereign was our very first cruise, June 1994, 7-night eastern Caribbean. Wonderful memories......
  2. We already started traveling more here in the U.S. Once we started going to the National Parks a few years ago, we were hooked. We'll keep exploring our beautiful country. If cruising no longer feels like a viable option for us, we're ok with that.
  3. Yes, I agree. There are other posters on these boards who are very knowledgeable, and I appreciate the information they provide. My original post was not intended to lessen their contributions, but was just trying to learn what happened to Clarea. He was a very special presence here, and he will be missed.
  4. Oh good for him! I hope he and his wife enjoy a long and happy life in Florida! He did a phenomenal job for the Cruise Critic community, always clear and concise with his information, and always kind.
  5. I was off these boards for a few months, and have been reading them again the past month. I noticed that Host Clarea hasn't been posting. Did he give up that position? Hoping all is well with him. I hope it's okay that I posted this question.
  6. I love all the sea views from so many of the common areas. The size and layout of the ship is easy to get around. It feels like a cruise ship rather than an indoor mall.
  7. We live in South Florida, and most men, my husband included, almost always wear shorts in restaurants. The only exception would be a special occasion. That said, we have seen shorts in the MDR for years, and I've never seen anyone turned away.
  8. I lived in Maryland for 45 years, and weather is usually cold in February. But weather is fickle in the mid-Atlantic region, and it can be very changeable. The key is to pack for a little of both, and think in terms of layers.
  9. You will have to be ok with whatever cabin you get assigned, and you might not have your preference for dining times. We did a last minute (about a month out, which is last minute for an over-planner like myself,) and it all worked out great. Cabin was actually fine, and the maitre 'd worked with us once we were on board the ship to rearrange our dining time. I say go for it. Flexibility is key in this situation.
  10. We had a great dinner at Jamie's on Anthem. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
  11. There are so few opportunities to see the ocean on Oasis-class ships. For me, it must be an ocean view balcony. That said if the choice were between a standard inside cabin or the CP balcony cabin, the CP cabin would win out.
  12. Love the Radiance-class! We've been on all 4 of them many times, and I chose the Serenade for my birthday cruise this winter. We love the size, it's easy to get around, and we prefer the Centrum, to a Royal Promenade. There are gorgeous ocean views from so many areas.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate the fast response. Have a wonderful holiday.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving! I haven't done a future booking while on a cruise in several years. I'm thinking about booking our Alaska cruise for 2021 while we're on the Serenade this winter, Jan/Feb. Other than a possible reduced deposit (which is not an issue either way,) what additional benefits can we expect? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to wait two months to book it or not. TIA.
  15. Based on information provided in this thread, I booked Hotel Traghetto for one night pre-cruise for next October. Emailed the hotel for clarification about the shuttle to the cruise terminal, and had a response with full explanation within minutes. Excellent customer service.
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